How to Increase Intelligence?

In this article you are going to find a few techniques and some advice how to increase intelligence.

People, who are not indifferent to becoming perfect, always wonder how to increase intelligence.

Brains demand exercises just as much as the muscles.

If you use the brain often and properly, you’ll think more effectively and it will be much easier to focus on something.

If you don’t use your brains, soon the abilities to learn and think will fade.

However, you can’t become smarter in one single moment.

Being smart is a lifestyle, the constant search and overcoming yourself.

This is a pretty complicated, but at the same time pleasant way. You can pick out a way, how to start it.

What intelligence is and the most widespread myths about it

Firstly, it would be nice to learn what intelligence is and only then get to know how to increase it.

Intelligence is in the first place the human ability of a personality, which allows thinking, analyzing, remembering and reproducing information from memory.

As you see, from such definition one can come to the conclusion that intelligence covers few sections of human brains at the same time.

  • It stands to believe that intellectual abilities and type of thinking (mathematic-analytical mental structure, humanities mindset) are given by the nature and are later defined by the upbringing and development in the childhood that becomes the ground for the type of thinking and the level of development of the intelligence in the mature age.

    It is not completely true, but partially it is.

    This leads to the false conviction that if the formation of mind and abilities of the brains have happened, the intelligence is not the thing which must be taken care of, developed or trained.

    Every one of us can achieve acceptable level of intellectual qualities, if the necessary efforts are made and you won’t give up.

    Inside every person there is a potential and one must show the strength of willpower and consciousness discovering how to open it.

  • The next myth concerns those, who succeed in development of the certain qualities of intelligence, smart people and/or gifted ones and those, who consider themselves the same.

    For them it’s the fact of recognition of their outstanding abilities that bears some danger.

    It may seem that as they possess definite qualities of intelligence, the rest of the thinking parameters do not need to be developed, because these people, according to their point of view, has already reached the climax of their intellectual establishment.

    However, one must learn how to develop the mind in harmony!

    The unbalanced development of intellect is like the unbalanced muscles training. It is the same as to go to the gym and work only on the arms’ muscles and, as a result, turn in a kind of orangutan!

Techniques and exercises that will teach you how to increase intelligence

  1. Start playing logical and intellectual games.

    These are chess, backgammon, poker, preference, logical puzzles, developing computer games of different genres, etc.

    Intellectual games train mind, concentration and memory perfectly well. In addition, they bring joy of competition (if the game is against an opponent) and pleasure of increasing mastery.

    A board game is the oldest way how to compete with the minds, where the best minds show themselves.

  2. Start reading belletristic literature.

    Good books widen your world view, assist in emotional formation, teach how to develop a good taste and increase certain qualities of the intelligence.

    The books must be read by adults and children, but literature increases only some definite mind qualities.

    In order to have a balanced intelligence the books are not enough (as, however, only Math or logical games), one must do everything at once: exact sciences, literature and so on.

    Otherwise, some of your capabilities will be increased and some will stay in germ.

  3. In order to increase intelligence, learn Math and other exact sciences.

    Exact sciences increase the whole spectrum of mind possibilities.

    These are logical and abstract thinking, critical, analytic, deduction, predictive capabilities, memory and speed of thinking. It is, one may say, an exercise for many groups of muscles.

    Exact sciences do not only increase your intelligence, but also organize and structure the way of thinking, clear the head and thoughts.

    Math is extremely important in the context of intellectual development of an individual for both a child and an adult.

  4. Learn something new to increase the intelligence.

    Our brain has a unique capability – it’s an ability to acquire new skills, getting new information and discovering how to implement it in the everyday experience.

    Learning is the eye of the mind!

    Learning assists not only in getting knowledge, which may be useful for us, but in things completely unnecessary.

    The value is not only in knowledge, but in the learning things itself!

    We learn how to work with information, how to process it and then find in the structure of our knowledge the place for it.

    Even if this knowledge is never implemented in life, learning it, we train our intelligence and memory, and learn how to concentrate.

    Besides, learning widens the world view and the more we learn, the easier we get the new information!

    In this process we learn to learn!

    How to become smarter: effective tips

  5. Study the foreign languages.

    Foreign languages’ learning also develops certain areas of our thinking.

    Many good mathematicians and “technicians” find it difficult to learn language at first.

    On the contrary, those, who know languages well, as a rule, are bad at exact sciences.

    It’s not true, but don’t come to the wrong conclusions! It doesn’t say about the presence of the renowned dichotomy “technicians – humanists” that the first are made for one thing and the second are for another.

Additional pieces of advice how to increase intelligence

  • Minimize the time spent on watching TV.

    Watching TV is sure not to increase your intelligence, but the brain drain is guaranteed.

    Do you know that TV has a hypnotizing effect and it means you are becoming a controllable zombie?

    We strongly suggest you staying after work alone in the room with the lights turned off.

    In the darkness and silence we are able to generate stroke of genius ideas and find the real solutions to the problems.

    Silence and calmness help you to increase intelligence – remember it.

  • Sleep well.

    It’s extremely hard to increase intelligence, if you want to sleep all the time.

    You must have noticed that it’s difficult to focus on something, when your attention is absent or turned inside.

    Some researches were held and they proved tiredness to decrease the level of the IQ on few points.

    That’s why in order to have 100% active mind abilities, we suggest you sleeping well.

    So that you succeed in it, go to sleep in time.

    Signs of High Intelligence

  • Communicate with different people.

    Communication will not only broaden your worldview, eliminate the inferiority complex, raise self-esteem and self-confidence, but increases intelligence as well.

    For the successful development of intellectual capabilities one must communicate a lot.

    If you are not so good at some topics, listen attentively what you are told at least.

    Listen to the points of view of the strangers and learn how to drive to your own conclusions.

  • Do physical exercises.

    It seems a man can learn much more, if he reads books, but not goes in for sports.

    Actually, after the physical activity the effectiveness of the brain work gets much higher.

    The head is so clear and the flow of energy is enormous.

    You feel inspiration, and it’s easier to focus on something.

  • Take some time to think.

    Our life is often so fussy, that we don’t have time even to think things over.

    It gets difficult to focus on something, because the head is full of other thoughts.

    Lest this happens again, devote some time to sit alone and think how to organize the thoughts and define the priorities.

    You’ll be able to understand, what is really important and what is not.

    Unnecessary information will never bother you again.

  • Eat healthy food and stick to a healthy diet.

    Your brain needs a definite amount of the nutrients for the optimal work.

    Diversify your usual meals in order to get enough vitamins, amino acids and carbohydrates.

    However, you don’t have to buy food additives to do it!

  • Do the usual things differently.

    A human is a programmed limited creature.

    All of us do the same things every day the same way.

    It doesn’t do to our intelligence any good, because it doesn’t even strain itself.

    That’s why you should do routine things quite differently.

    In this case the brains are sure to strain themselves.

Every person under certain efforts can master anything and, this way, understand how to increase intelligence.

Mind that knowledge is power!

Plenty of wonderful things happen in the world.

The entire universe is a one big wonder!

Aim to learn about it as much as possible!

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