How to Save a Marriage When He Wants Out?

How to save a marriage when he wants out: 8 reasons for divorce + 5 pieces of advice for wives + the recommendations from a psychologist.


Divorce is the easiest way to solve interpersonal problems which have been gathering for many years of living together.

However, what if the situation is on the way to divorce but you are eager to save your marriage?

Read our article on how to save a marriage when he wants out.

How to save a marriage when he wants out discovering the reasons for divorce?

When a woman finds out her husband is going to ask her to divorce, she usually starts to panic. In case the news appears unexpectedly, it can even cause the deep shock.

8 reasons why he might want to divorce you:

  1. Almost half of all marriages break because the spouses are not ready for the family life.

    Marriage and family are the constant searches of compromises.

  2. The next one, but very common too, is the habit of having too much alcohol or what’s worse – drug addiction which one of the spouses has.
  3. Unfortunately, cheating also takes place in the family life, too.

    It may happen with one or the other party and almost always the story ends with the divorce.

  4. Spouses do not always reach harmony in such thing as intimate life.

    If you do not want to divorce, you should look for the solution of the question.

  5. Very often after young people get married, they discover they have completely different views on life and family values.
  6. Not all couples can handle the examination by the household chores.

    The constant interference of parents in the life of the young family, no possibility to find a suitable apartment – all of it are said to be serious obstacles for the common life.

  7. The complete absence of secrets and personal space lead to the gradual weakening of the interest to the partner.
  8. You demand too much from the partner. He must constantly solve all your problems.

How to save a marriage when he wants out?

Firstly, you must define what you really want. Either you would like to change the relationship and transfer them to the new level or to make “as it was earlier”.

If you find the first option more appealing, you should be ready to work alone a lot and do not expect that a husband will meet you on the half way.

This is a slow and difficult process but is always productive.

If you like the second option more, you should seriously think why do you need “as it was”? Such relationships have brought you to divorce once. To make it “as it was” means to secure the life from one quarrel to another.

We suggest you concentrating all efforts on the first option and getting the best possible result. While “as usual” can happen easily and without efforts.

In case you are ready for the recovery, we are glad to offer you several steps which are sure to improve your relationships.

How to save a marriage using 5 tips for wives


Often wives do not know what to do when the marriage is breaking.

How to save a marriage when he wants out? This is the frequent question of all unhappy women who faced misunderstanding of their husbands.

What you need to do if he wants out:

  1. Make a conscious decision that you’ll save the family.

    Create the positive motivation and say it to yourself.

    May it become your mental setting – you wish to save the family and you know why.

    A lot of things depend on it. In the moments when you would think of leaving for all, your setting will remind you of the desire to save a marriage.

  2. Talk to your husband.

    Speak frank and sincere about the things you are not satisfied with and what kind of family you would like to see.

    You can even write notes lest you lose your thought in the conversation. Make each other a promise to work on what your partner tells you.

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  4. Try again to find your fault in things that happened.

    Many people consider it radical but if you wish to learn how to save a marriage when he wants out, you definitely need these methods.

    If you personally try to change, you’ll see that your husband will start to change as soon as he realizes your ambitions to save the family and desire to give him love regardless of everything that’s going on.

    In case all your attempts are not heard, you’ll be able to leave with a clear conscience, without the feeling of guilt and burden on your soul.

    You’ll learn your lessons in this relationship.

  5. Define your responsibilities.

    For example, if you are responsible for cleaning, it only means that you must secure the tidiness: you can clean on your own or ask your husband or a child.

    However, you should not think that someone will figure out to clean without your reminding or will read your thoughts.

    This rule works the same way in the opposite direction – with the husband.

    Otherwise, there will be some tension in the family, the mutual reproaches and as a rule – a huge scandal.

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  7. Always treat each other with respect.

    Crisis in relationships causes long conversations about the partner’s drawbacks with the close friends and relatives.

    As a result, all your and his surrounding will know how imperfect you both are.

    This way you insult your husband and yourself.

How to save a marriage when he wants out: using the recommendations of a family psychologist?

The recommendations of a psychologist on how to save a marriage when he wants out:

  1. Learn how to listen to your spouse.

    Your husband decided to divorce because of the things with which you hurt him. Now you must remember and analyze what he tried to tell you all this time.

    Which changes did he want to get?

    Even if after the scandal you stopped talking to each other, you must definitely have ways how to understand what your spouse wanted.

    That’s why, if you wish to save the relationship, you need to learn how to listen to your spouse attentively.

  2. Focus on yourself and not on the spouse.

    In the family conflicts, everybody usually wants the other party to admit the guilt. We expect that the spouse begins to act differently and we emphasize all his drawbacks.

    Now it’s time to change the way of thinking if you really want to save a marriage. Think about the opposite key. When every partner behaves this way, you’ll definitely have fewer conflicts.

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  4. Get rid of the negative emotions.

    When you refuse to experience negative emotions, you won’t have critics, reproaches, accusations, anger, sarcasm, and pointed remarks.

    The psychologists have discovered that the couples survive when the correlation of good relations to bad is in proportion 5 to 1.

  5. Learn how to come to a compromise.

    It’s like a barter deal: you –me, I – you! You give the spouse what he wants and take the things you need.

    It’s reasonable to use the system of compromises because both parties have a possibility to preserve the marriage and enjoy the things they really wished.

How to save a marriage when he wants out: conclusion

In case you failed to save your marriage and your husband decided to divorce, you should never panic or be swallowed by depression. This life experience will be a good lesson for the future relationships.

You should not hide contradictions and dissatisfactions. If you lack love, attention, surprises, traveling, sex, you should definitely tell your beloved person about it.

In most cases, men have no idea what a woman wants. You should not blame husbands that he did not forgive your unfaithfulness or made such thing himself.

Every person acts judging by his inner convictions. These convictions are not necessarily the same as yours. Let go the situation, make a deep breath, and start living your new life.

If you fail, there is no necessity to save such marriage. Your right, fair and wise behavior will quicker bring you the things which you will really value.

How to save a marriage when he wants out? Surely, both partners must work on preserving the marriage.

However, you should keep in mind that even if the husband is reluctant to cooperate in order to save the marriage, you can try to change the situation with your behavior and inspire the husband.

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