How to increase intelligence: effective methods

I’d like to offer you 5 simple ways how to increase intelligence. To improve your intellectual skills is much easier than you could have ever imagined!


There are many smart people around. However, it’s not so easy to meet intellectuals in your everyday life.

Nevertheless, I’m sure that once you eventually meet them, you recognize their essence at a first glance.

I guess all of you can name at least one person who knows the answers to practically all possible questions and always impresses everybody else by his/her intellectual abilities.

Have you ever thought in his/her presence with a feeling of disappointment: “How to increase intelligence in order to be like him/her?”

If you give a positive answer to this question, you have to read the article below in order to find the answer.

Smart, wise, intellectual – do all these words express the same meaning?

I don’t think so.

Despite the fact that these attributes all involve some mental activity, they have a number of differences.

To my mind, wit comes with our birth. I think that each person receives a certain amount of convolutions and cells (I hope that you understand the figurativeness of my words, right?).

That’s why while some people easily become excellent students, other spend a lot of time and efforts in order to catch up with their mates.

However, you shouldn’t think that being born smart will guarantee your success. Wit can be very easily wasted if you don’t nourish it with useful information, or kill it with alcohol and nicotine, or lead it into degradation by watching dull TV-series and reading pulp novels.

Wisdom consists in the ability to comprehend the essence of things, to find the way out of the situation, to make a compromise with other people, etc.

Being wise doesn’t necessarily presuppose acquiring higher education or winning an academic degree.

Many old ladies possess worldly wisdom despite the fact that their education leaves much to be desired. Wisdom is more typical for older people, though a few people can be wise since their childhood.

Once I met a wonderful 6-year-old girl whose conclusions and attitude towards life would impress every single adult.

On the contrary, intellect is a broader notion, which describes the ability of a person to use the acquired knowledge and his/her own skills in order to learn something new.

How to train your brain: a set of guidelines

People used to think that different methods aimed at the development of the intellect, are useless, because people are either born already smart, or not. 

However, intellectuals (people who made a lot of efforts in order to develop their intellect) proved the opposite.

How to increase intelligence? Get rid of its main enemies!

«Thinking is the hardest work there is, which is probably the reason why so few engage in it.»
Henry Ford

We may often witness a situation when a person is really willing to work, he/she reads useful books, increases his/her vocabulary of scientific terms in order to show off in front of the others, wears prestigious glasses, but for some reason doesn’t succeed.

This unaccomplished intellectual has even used all recommendations from the articles on topic “How to increase intelligence”, but nothing has changed.

Sometimes people don’t understand that they need to exclude all distracting things when they start working.

This reminds me of the situation when a person buys a gym membership in order to lose some weight, but continues to eat sweets and doughnuts at night.

The same goes with your intellect training.

The main enemies of intellect are:

  1. Television.

    TV is the biggest enemy of progress, because a few normal channels and a small number of useful programs get lost in the tons of trash.

    I’d recommend you to exclude television from your life; you can always watch TV-programs and films on the Internet.

  2. Lack of sleep.

    Our brain needs to sleep not less than 8 hours, and nobody has ever tried to doubt that fact.

    Moreover, healthy sleep is when a person goes to bed early at night and wakes up early in the morning.

    Don’t try to fool yourself with illusions that you can catch up with your sleep on the weekends when you don’t get enough sleep during the rest of the week.

    In this way you slowly destroy your grey matter, and there are no chances for you to become an intellectual.

  3. Poor diet.

    Yes, your food ration also matters!

    Plenty of animal fats, sugar, pastry, desserts, smoked foods, forget even such vile as crisps and toxic soda in cans, which are completely useless for your brain! What you should eat, is healthy food, like fat fish, cereals, many fruits and vegetables, nuts, dried fruit and greenery.

  4. Physical passiveness.

    First of all, physical exercises increase mental activity, and this fact has been numerously proved by the scientists.

    Secondly, aren’t you sick and tired of seeing swollen flabby intellectual men or pale shapeless intellectual women?

    Then don’t be one of them!

  5. Laziness.

    I think this point doesn’t even have to be explained further.

    People, who want to increase their intelligence, must forget such phrases, as “I don’t want to do it now, I’ll do it tomorrow”, “I’m not in the mood for reading, I’d better watch TV”, “I’m too lazy to go the foreign language courses, I’d rather have some sleep”, etc.

How to increase intelligence: 5 simple ways

This process is actually not as difficult, as you might think.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money, take special medicine or exhaust yourself with long-lasting trainings.

You can increase intelligence with the help of:

  • Books.

    Read as much as possible: specialized literature, scientific works, memoirs, real life stories, or even fiction.

    This will help you to accumulate enough knowledge in order to feel comfortable in any company and during any event.

    And don’t forget to throw away romance novels and primitive detective stories.

  • Courses of foreign languages.

    First of all, the knowledge of foreign languages will come handy when you travel abroad.

    Secondly, if you study foreign languages, it trains your brain and improves your mental activity. Besides, such knowledge can help you to find a good job with a high salary.

  • Brain-twisters, chess, solitaire and other useful games.

    They train logical thinking, bring your convolutions into action, improve your memory and concentration.

    The sooner a child starts playing such games, the better it will do for him/her in the future. However, adults also can check the effectiveness of such method.

  • Studying exact sciences.

    Alas and alack, my dear humanists, I will have to disappoint you, but mathematics, physics and other exact sciences are more likely to increase intelligence than the humanities.

    If you don’t feel like acquiring second education or you like your profession, start studying mathematics on the amateur level: solve tasks or apply for math study group. By the way, if you learn the essence of this science, you will never get fooled by a salesperson.

  • Big amount of useful information every day.

    Your brain has to be constantly working and stay active.

    Don’t let it atrophy and become overgrown with weeds. Otherwise, you might be having problems with uprooting them later.

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