How Much Does It Cost to Rent a Bus?

How much does it cost to rent a party bus: 6 holidays for which you can choose it + 5 reasons to pick it + its inner design.


A party bus has become extremely popular lately among young generation who wish to celebrate holidays and various events.

It can have many guests and this fact is especially important for a good party.

It is suitable if you are tired of everything usual, banal and standard.

This is a real disco on the wheels.

Relax and have much fun in any place you wish without being tight to a certain area.

Read our article on how much does it cost to rent a party bus?

How much does a party bus cost to rent and what is so special about it?

Are you choosing a place where to celebrate your birthday?

Are you interested in the unusual approaches to the celebration of the corporate party?

Do you have to plan a bachelor party or a bridal shower?

Actually, it does not matter what event you expect, such option is sure to make it perfect!

This wonderful option is sure to impress with its originality and make the event really unforgettable.

Such way of celebration is:

  • very creative;
  • absolutely rocking;
  • extremely fun;
  • entirely original;
  • very comfortable.

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When such holiday as a bridal shower, a bachelor party, a corporate party or a birthday is coming, regardless of its importance and scale, there is always a question of where to spend it.

Only a client decides whether the holiday will be merry and noisy, original and unusual, bright and memorable.

If you wish to avoid the banal stereotypes and seek a modern option of celebration, you should definitely pay attention to this option.

How does a party bus look from the inside?

A night club on the wheels has a complete independence.

You are sure to find there all essentials for the unforgettable and joyful pastime.

The moment you enter a party bus you see:

  • A big dancefloor;
  • A bar counter;
  • A lounge zone;
  • Rhythmical music;
  • Pleasant atmosphere;
  • Original and bright interior which makes people at ease and encourages them to communicate;
  • A light chaser and sound;
  • Smoke machines.

A disco-bus is a place for those who is good at wonderful rest and values his leisure hours high.

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How much does a party bus cost to rent and why should you choose it?

Certainly, it may be called an essential element for any occasion.

6 holidays for which you may organize a party bus:

  1. The large-scale party.
  2. The senior prom.
  3. The pompous wedding ceremony which is organized out of town.
  4. The corporate celebration.
  5. The reunion.
  6. Business meetings, etc.

The sum of money depends on the city where you plan to celebrate the event and the number of guests you are going to invite.

You should also pay attention to the type of the bus.

This way, the average cost of the rent is about 100 dollars per hour.

In some cases, the cost may be 300 – 400 dollars.

How much does it cost to rent a bus?

The popularity of renting the vehicles has increased lately because there is not always enough money to buy an expensive car.

Nowadays, the buses are especially popular.

There are some situations when a person plans a business meeting or a corporate gathering which concerns many participants.

It is known that in business the time is precious and it is often calculated with precise certainty.

So that everybody came in time, the rented bus is quite suitable.

It will take all people from the set location and take them to their destination.

Another case when such vehicle is essential is excursions.

Surely, tourists won’t be able to feel comfortable in the cars which are not designed for this purpose.

Tourists need big windows which are near the individual seats to observe everything well.

A tourists’ bus must definitely have a toilet and luggage space.

How to pick a bus for rent?

It depends on why you need it.

If you plan a long-distance tourist trip, you’d better prefer the seats which can change the position and the falling tables.

Surely, the obligatory element is the conditioner and, if possible, a fridge.

You should also pay attention to the year of release and the date of the last tech inspection, technical characteristics and the presence of insurance.

You must define the precise time when you will use it and all details concerning the prepaid rent. It is desirable to choose the well-known make.

A rented vehicle must not have a huge term of useful life because this influences on the possibility of having technical problems on the way.

You must pay attention to the make and the size, too.

The average cost of the rent is going to be $1000-$1800 per day.

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How much does it cost to rent a school bus?

The goal of the vehicle is to deliver children to school and perform several other functions.

Firstly, this is the transportation of children, of course.

The advantages of renting a school bus:

  • Parents do not need to think how to take a child to school;
  • A child is not late for classes because the bus leaves in time;
  • Parents can control whether a child went to school;
  • Children find it more interesting to get to school with their classmates than with parents.

This bus definitely makes the lives of the parents easier…

Secondly, another function is the possibility to use it for other purposes such as to travel on various excursions with the whole class.

Renting a bus is known to be very expensive.

However, if you have “your own”, you can go on the excursions much more often.

Should we even mention that children like such pastime?

The more excursions they have the more knowledge and interest to the educational process they develop.

Firstly, to rent a school bus means to care about your children.

This service worries much not teachers and organizers but parents.

The caring mothers and fathers completely understand that the traffic on the road, especially in a big city, is rather dangerous.

Parents prefer to entrust the safety of their children to the real professional.

Moreover, people may need it if they do not have enough money to afford the usual one but they’ve already planned the event and invited a crowd of people.

In case you wish to rent a school bus, take into account that the cost depends on the distance of the trip and the duration of the rent.

In average, the trip which lasts 8 hours is likely to cost you 200 – 500 dollars.

Any holiday requires financial expenses.

The party on the wheels or an excursion requires them even more.

As soon as you have an idea on how to spend time and money, you should choose one of the following vehicles: a party, a usual or a school bus.

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