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How to Remove Oil from Hair: 9 Methods

How to remove oil from hair: general recommendations on how to apply it + the instruction on how to use shampoo, eggs, soda, mustard + 5 other methods.


Oils are rich in unsaturated fat acids, sterols, waxes, and wax-like substances, vitamins, especially vitamin E, which has the antioxidant effect and is often called the vitamin of beauty.

Due to the useful substances the oils have a favorable effect on the hair and significantly improve its condition: fill with nutritive substances, increase the speed of growth, remove dandruff, prevent the loss of humid, restore the flexibility and natural shine.

That’s why they became the components of many hair care products.

One can apply them in pure form and as components for masks.

However, many women cannot do not dare to try these masks because they are afraid they won’t be able to remove them.

So, the question of how to remove oil from hair is extremely topical.

In today’s article, we are going to discuss how to do it lest the hairdo looked oily and untidy.

How to apply oils in a proper way?

Before you learn how to remove oil from hair, you must find out how to apply it properly.

The process seems simple but it has certain peculiarities.

So that the oil is easier removed, everybody should stick to the following rules:

  • Before you apply the mixture of the basic and essential oil, you should heat it in the water bath.

    This will make it easier to put the mask on the hair, including the roots and the ends.

  • Oil must be rationally applied.

    The locks of the medium length require 5 ml.

  • You rub it into the head by the rounding movements.

    Do it gradually and not just pour it on the head.

    Otherwise, you won’t see any result.

  • The mask is mixed with another essential oil so that its composition was not very hard.

    Rosemary, almond, grape oils will go for such purpose because the composition is easily applied to the roots and ends.

  • It is useful to process the locks with egg yolk or honey before the procedure.
  • If you add to the oil alcohol or lemon juice (in the small amount), it will be easily removed.
  • The mask should be removed not less than 2 hours after you process the locks and never earlier.
  • The effect is sure to be better when you cover the head with overwrap and towel.
  • Do not pick soap to cope with oil as it causes the effect of very dry hair.

How to remove oil from hair using shampoo?

Take simple shampoo for everyday care in order to remove oil from the whole length.

At first, apply one part of the washing product on the hair, thoroughly blend it into the foam and wash it away.

Then repeat the procedure.

Do not wash it more than two times because you’ll get the dry effect.

The win-win algorithm of cleaning the locks looks like this:

  • Do not wet your hair and apply much shampoo;
  • Foam it without water;
  • Wash the foam away with water and wash the head again using shampoo.

The second option of how to remove such mask is to use shampoo and baking soda.

Mix the shampoo with soda in proportion 1:3 – 1 part of soda and 3 parts of shampoo.

Baking soda absorbs the excess fat and eliminates it during the procedure.

If you have oily hair type and you need to wash your head every day, you should add some soda.

A couple of weeks later the number of the hygienic procedures is sure to decrease.

How to remove oil from hair using eggs?

Egg yolk has the ability to absorb fats.

That’s why if you rub it into the roots and scalp after the mask and then wash your head, there will be no trace of oil.

Besides, the yolk itself cleans not worse than shampoo; it makes your hairdo soft and shiny.

Method 1 on how to get rid of oil from hair using egg yolk:

  1. Take a basin with warm water.

    Warm, not hot!

    The egg will simply clot in hot water and you won’t achieve success.

  2. Pour into the basin 2 eggs and foam them well because you’ll wash your head in this foam.

    You may foam the eggs in a separate bowl adding a little water.

    The hair, as it goes without saying, is wet with water and washed with the foam till the oil dissolves.

    Let’s just say at once that it’s rather time-consuming to do this procedure.

    That’s why the second method requires only the yolk.

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Method 2 on how to eliminate oil using egg yolk:

  1. Take 1 – 3 egg yolks depending on the length (in this case, you are able to use egg white on the tasty kiss, cream or just on the toasts).
  2. The egg yolk is put in the bowl for mixing and using a fork or a beater is turned into foam.

    Do not make too thick mass because it’ll be difficult to spread it.

  3. While you beat it up, you may add a little water or any herbal infusion.
  4. The received mousse is spread along the length of the wet locks.

    Most of the yolk mass remains on the roots and rubbed into them.

    In case you apply a clean egg yolk without infusion or do it on the dry locks, the egg yolk will dry fast and make a crust.

  5. The next step is either to remove everything at once or to cover with the food wrap (lest the mass turned into a crust) and a towel.
  6. Let it stay for 10-15 minutes and wash away in much water which is only a little warm. In case it is not completely removed, you may additionally use shampoo.

How to remove oil from hair using soda or mustard?

When you think how to remove oil from hair, soda or dry mustard are sure to be helpful.

They can be easily found at any kitchen just like eggs.

  1. Baking soda

    You should use it extremely carefully because it is alkali and it can also damage the locks (just like any soap).

    • Take a plastic bottle to wash your head (1,5 l).

      Instead of a usual plastic top, you should use a “sport” top because the water will pour slower.

    • Put in the bottle 1-2 tablespoons of soda and dissolve it in warm water.
    • Blend everything thoroughly and wait till soda dissolves.

      Rinse the hair with it.

    • Usually, one portion is not enough that’s why you need to prepare one more bottle beforehand.
    • After you wash your head with soda, rinse it with clean water or in the vinegar or lemon solution.
  2. Mustard shampoo

    • This is the analog of the soda shampoo but you may choose mustard and do the following: mix 1 tablespoon of mustard with 1,5-2 l of warm water.
    • Rinse the wet locks with this mixture, wash the roots and massage the scalp.
    • It’s rather difficult to clean the usual hair with this solution, needless to say, the oily one.

      That’s why you must repeat the procedure 2 or 3 times.

    • You should also notice one more thing – mustard has the drying effect.

      If your locks are dry, you’d better decrease the amount of mustard.

5 other ways how to get rid of oil

  • Lemon and vinegar

    Dissolve in warm water some vinegar (it’s better to take apple cider vinegar) and lemon acid or lemon juice.

    After the procedure, the hair is sure to become soft, beautiful and naturally shiny.

    It’ll be easy to comb it and make different hairdos.

    However, do not choose this remedy if you have scratches or injuries on the scalp.

  • Salt

    Pour in the basin warm water and dissolve some salt in it.

    The received solution is used to wash the locks.

    Use a conditioner after it.

    Salt is a natural scrub which effectively removes dirt and fat from hair.

    Besides, it restores the work of the oily bags and eliminates the excess oil.

    It stimulates the “sleeping” follicles and hair growth, removes dandruff and bacteria, makes it stronger, more flexible and prevents the early grayness of the hair.

  • Honey and cognac

    Dissolve honey in cognac and spread it along the hair.

    Remove with usual shampoo.

    Honey is sure to saturate the hair with useful substances, make it stronger, prevent the alopecia and make them shiny and soft, add volume and flexibility.

    Nevertheless, if you have an allergy to these ingredients, you’d better refuse using it.

  • Milk

    Milk will help you to remove oil, too.

    It is added to the shampoo before washing.

    Due to the high concentration of protein and fats, milk will secure the locks with nutritive substances, improve its structure, make flexible, soft, silky and shiny, stop the alopecia, eliminate dryness and split ends.

  • Aspirin

    One pill of aspirin must be dissolved in shampoo.

    Then you wash your head as usual.

    Aspirin has a drying effect and easily copes with oil.

So, you can notice that there are plenty of ways how to remove oil from hair at home.

Choose from the suggested options the one you like the most and test it.

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