How to Fix a Broken Car Key: 3 Ways

How to fix a broken car key – the description of 3 ways + how to extract it from the ignition lock + the process of the key’s restoration.


It’s always unpleasant when something gets broken in a car.

As soon as you imagine that your key is broken, especially if it is from the ignition lock, you would definitely want to scream.

However, such situations are not rare and if you are reluctant to be at a loss, we can figure out together how to fix a broken car key.

What can happen to a car key?

Aside from the main problem – its loss, there can happen a million of various misfortunes. Very often the plastic case wears out with time or the metal part falls apart from the case.

The main problems of car keys which require the repair can be united in the following groups:

  • The buttons have worn out, are damaged, lost or simply stopped working.
  • The mechanism of the switchblade works badly or does not work at all.
  • The working part has worn out, is bent or has some damages.
  • Its case has mechanic damages or is very old.
  • The car stopped reacting to its commands and the lamp does not work.
  • It was dropped, exposed to water, temperature, radiation, etc.

How to fix a broken car key which is stuck in the ignition lock?

First of all, you need to avoid panic and remember that you are not the first one who is in such trouble.

All people somehow find the solution and you are sure to find it, too.

Now, let’s discuss the most widespread ways how to solve the problem:

  1. Do not waste time trying to get the broken pieces even if you see it sticks out – there is no sense doing it.

    Instead, you should try to push the piece you have in your hands and combining the two pieces you may try turning the cylinder and get access to the steering wheel.

    In case you succeed in it, you should quickly take down the cover and the lock itself until the steering wheel is blocked again.

    If you fail, you should go on and try the second option.

  2. You still need to take off the cover in order to examine everything underneath.

    After it, some cars let extracting the cylinder and removing the blockage this way.

    Then you can take down the rest.

    If it does not help, you should not fall in despair and simply try the third option.

  3. After you remove the cover, you may try to take down the lock even when the steering wheel is blocked.

    Such option will also give a possibility to access the steering wheel.

    Sometimes, this method may seem the least effective.

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The only way out of the difficult situation is the sharp turn of the wheel to the left and then to the right. Such actions allow taking down the blockage.

Nevertheless, after it, you’ll have to take down the old cylinder and install a new one.

In the most cases, you’ll still have to change the lock that’s why you should not be afraid of breaking the remains of the old one.

Remember that now you do not need to start a car with the old ignition lock, you need to make the ground for the installment of the new one.

It’ll be impossible until you extract the broken parts.

The key can be broken any moment. However, it’s up to you to be ready for such an unpleasant event.

Perhaps, you need to make its copy. In case you need to repair your key, you can always use the additional one to open or close the car door.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION! On the Internet, you may find some websites with the tips on how to extract the broken pieces using CA glue.

They say you have a chance to glue two parts applying the glue to the lock and sticking the second part to it.

This is the most stupid piece of advice. If you do it, you will not only fail to get the key, but you’ll destroy both elements, too.

The glued elements cannot be restored.

How to get a broken key from the ignition lock?

In case you have a possibility to extract a broken car key, you should definitely use this chance.

The instruction on how to get a broken car key:

  1. Wipe the lock with the oiling, preferably WD-40. You should not take the graphite oil.
  2. Place the handle in the right spot to find out the location of the broken pieces.
  3. Put into it a thin, hard wire from each side of a broken piece.
  4. Tightly fix those parts with the wire and pull them from the cylinder.
  5. In order to secure the tight connection, you should turn the wire a little.
  6. Shake them up and down in order to extract.
  7. In case a broken piece is stuck a little, you may use the long nose pliers.

How to fix a broken car key using the specialists’ help?

Aside from the dealer’s centers, one can solve the problem in the car service centers of multiple types, the specialized companies, and most big repair shops which sell and fix usual door keys.

What you need to do to fix a car key:

  1. First of all, you need to turn to one of the upper mentioned places and have all required documents so that the repairman was sure you make it for your own car.
  2. Then a specialist will evaluate the cost of work and define how long it will take him to fix it.

    The term and cost depend on a number of factors.

    They include the make of the vehicle, the complexity of the workpiece, and how many functions it had.

  3. The fastest way to cope with the situation is to have its copy – in this case, a professional will simply make another copy.

    In case you do not have it, he’ll have to do it according to your cylinder – such service is also available.

How to Borrow Money?

How to fix a broken car key using the help of the specialists?

One can fix a simple car key fast and cheap. The workpiece has almost no differences from the one for a usual door.

The price can also vary depending on the complexity of the teeth and the number of lobes.

If you have not lost it but only broke it, it will cost you a little more because a master will include in the price the service of extracting the remains.

Technically, it’s not difficult to make a key using two halves because they fix them with a special machine which can fix both parts and make them united again.

The most complicated and expensive way is to restore the key using only the ignition lock. There is such service, too.

The professionals from the repair center can do it but it is sure to cost more because you’ll have to take the cylinder from the car.

It will also take much time to do it this way because the process of this kind of work is very slow and painstaking. In this case, you should be ready to pay much money if you want to get it in two-three days.

The reasonability of making the key according to the cylinder must be defined by the economic reasons and the time you need to install a new lock at the dealer’s center.

If a car is relatively new and the locks of this type are still manufactured, it’s easier to buy a new cylinder with the suitable key.

If it takes a month to install it and costs more than to restore a key, you should better prefer the latter.

We wish you not to find yourself in such situations ever or have the need to use the upper described methods of how to fix a broken car key.

Even if it happens, we wish you to find the way out in a couple of minutes.

Regardless of the fact that there are plenty of ways how to solve the problem which is connected to fixing the key, you should ask professionals to do it.

Especially in case you are not good at cars. This way you are sure to save your precious time.

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