Sad Love Letters for Him: 10 Pieces

Sad love letters for him: 10 pieces of advice on how to write it + 5 stages of writing + 3 components of a letter + the rules of how to make it.


A love letter is a wonderful way to express one’s feelings, emotions and share the worries, opinions and the most sacred thoughts.

The traditions of expressing love in writing originated in the Middle Ages but even nowadays we sometimes want to send a letter to a boyfriend in order to show your love.

Read our article on how to write sad love letters for him.

Why do you need to write sad love letters for him?

Let’s discuss the cases when it’s better to create a sad love letter to a boyfriend than to call him or send a couple of short texts.

3 reasons to make a sad love letter:

  1. If you are dying from the flamed feelings, all your thoughts are taken only by him but you cannot find strength to admit it.

    Perhaps, it’ll be easier to do it electronically or even on real paper.

  2. You have had an argument and you realize you were wrong about many things.

    Nevertheless, you do not know how to tell him this and renew your relationships again.

    It’s easier to express everything in written form because no one will interfere you or stare with a judging look.

  3. You have been together for some time, your relationshipis stable and you start to notice that the feelings are not so bright anymore.

    In order to add something new to your lives and refresh the feelings, you may send sad love letters for him, which will be nice, sweet, touching or funny.

Another good idea is to start exchanging these letters. Let a guy answer your letter.

When he, trying not to fall behind you, will compose beautiful phrases and describe why he loves you so much, his feelings will become even stronger.

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How to write sad love letters for him properly?

In case you decided to make a sad love letter in prose, you must firstly make a plan of actions.

In order to make a sad love letter, you need to follow 5 stages:

  1. Describe in details all those points you are going to express.
  2. Create the layout or the future message and set the precise place for text and possible images.
  3. Think about the style you’ll write in, the text and its length.

    Decide for yourself how long it will be.

    For example, it might be 10 pages or only 3 sentences.

  4. In order to relax and set yourself in the right mood, you need to turn on romantic music, fire the aroma sticks with a drop of lavender oil.
  5. Take pens, mouse or keyboard in your hands and let your hand write either on paper or electronic gadget all your feelings and anxieties.

What are the elements of a love letter?

A love letter, just like any other kind of writing, consists of the following parts:

  • Introduction,
  • Main part,
  • Conclusion.

The introductory part, as a rule, begins with the greeting and short pre-story.

The main part tells the reader the essence and expresses the main thought.

The final part summarizes everything and comes to one main conclusion, in a perfect case.

In the end of a sad love letter for him, you sign it in a standard or an unusual way. For example, instead of a signature, you can decorate it with a kiss.

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Which details should you pay attention to in a sad love letter?

So that the message looked beautiful, complete and pleasant, you need to prepare it thoroughly.

You note for several days everything you feel to your boyfriend and then spend a day or two to gather these pieces together in one sense unity.

Moreover, you need to pay attention to the number of peculiarities:

  1. Sad love letters for him must not contain clichés (I can’t live without you, etc.) because the message to the beloved man must make him cry.

    The clichés will immediately set him in the ironical mood.

  2. Watch your literacy.

    This is the way our conscious works: the form is important just as much as the content.

    Moreover, if it concerns the expression of the feelings.

  3. Think what you write.

    It mostly concerns the messages to the beloved ones who are on the long journeys.

    The letter will not send your mimics and gestures.

    That’s why the moments which require non-verbal accompaniment should better be left out.

  4. File your message properly.

    The aesthetic side is also very important.

    Take a pen with dark ink and the paper of high quality.

    The last demand is important not only to be comfortable to handle and read.

Which mistakes should you avoid in sad love letters for him?


Aside from the grammar mistakes, you should also avoid the following things:

  • Constant repetition of the gentle words (beloved, dear);
  • You must not mention “I” too often, otherwise, the boyfriend will be reluctant to build relations with you, being afraid to be swallowed by the egocentric partner;
  • Long letters on several sheets of paper;
  • Declaration of love which are accompanied by the phrases “don’t want to live without you”, “I’ll die without you” because they kill all desire to continue the communication with a lady who has the suicidal predispositions.

What content should be in your love letter?

10 tips on how to compose sad love letters for him:

  1. Be sincere but do not go too far.

    Especially, if you are not sure if the feelings are mutual. Let the letter has the feeling of personal dignity.

    You declare your love but you neither ask for anything nor beg for the return.

  2. If you address your boyfriend in order to fix the ruined relationship or to refresh the feelings, it won’t be excess to remind how you first met, what you felt then, how you first kissed or some other moments which are important for both of you.
  3. If you do it for a guy for the first time and you just admired him before, you should be rather reserved.

    Mention that you like him and find him interesting, different from the rest and that you would like to get to know him better.

  4. If you have something in common – tastes, interests – you’d better tell him about it.
  5. If you address the boyfriend, you know him very well, and you trust him a lot, you should not be embarrassed to express the feelings.

    Describe in details how much you love him, think and dream about him during sleepless nights.

  6. If your relationships have some problems, you should express them.

    Write what worries you and why.

    If you are ready to change something from your side – make sure you tell him this.

  7. If you what him to change somehow – you’d better describe in details what things you do not like and why, what you expect from him and how great it would be when he does them.
  8. If you wish to apologize for something – do it. If you start with the excuses, he might think you find him guilty and he won’t even continue reading. In case he will, the impression would still be spoiled.
  9. Do not use the ready-made examples you found on the internet or in books. The unnatural constructions and false intention are sure to be noticed.

    You’d better create sincere works with your own words.

  10. Write about him.

    How great, handsome and wonderful he is.

    Tell what precisely you like about his appearance, which traits of character you admire and which actions you remember with a smile and proud.

How to decorate the letter?

When you begin writing it, you should definitely know beforehand how you are going to decorate it. Show that you spent much time decorating and coloring the message.

If you are good at drawing, you should definitely leave some place for a funny picture from your life.

What should you do if you are not talented in it?

Make a collage from the magazine pages. Just be creative!

You may also create a poem or send the one that belongs to someone else but seems suitable for your couple.

Write with a beautiful handwriting on a beautiful piece of paper. You may even pick colorful paper. The most important thing is that it’s comfortable to read!

In case you wish to make the letter more lyric, you can spread your favorite perfumes over the letter. Let this aroma agitate your boyfriend’s feelings.

Remember that the most important in sad love letters for him is the sincerity of your words, their uniqueness, and frankness. That’s why you should not waste time looking for a beautiful word combination.

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