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You know, some of my friends, acquaintances and colleagues often ask me the same question: «How to love yourself? I don`t look fit, I have freckles on my face, I don’t know how to cook, I cannot manage anything, I’m lazy and hysterical…»

Today, I want to share my thoughts with you. I will do my best to give valuable ideas regarding a very important topic: «How to learn to love yourself

Feelings are something that gives you an opportunity to feel alive.

They help us explore the world around and get the variety of information about it, but most importantly, they give us the opportunity to find our place in the world.

And probably no one would argue with the fact that one of the main feelings that define our lives is love.

It is able to direct our thoughts and actions, it can cause a whole range of different emotions and move us to great deeds.

But love can be different.

Its appearance has different reasons, love can be directed at a variety of objects and have incredible forms.

Much has been said about love for another people, such as parents, children or partners in life. But love for yourself was first mentioned not a long ago.

And that circumstance is grounded on the sad fact.

In the modern world, which has such priorities as a cosmetic beauty and success-orientation, it is getting more and more difficult to answer the question «How to love yourself?».

How can we find and keep this wonderful feeling, which allows us to feel important and needed?

Most people think that to love yourself is easier than a finger snap!

But it`s more difficult than it seems to be… Don’t think that love to yourself means looking in a mirror saying something like «Oh, what a cool girl (guy) I am! The one who gets me must be pretty lucky»

It’s all very well, but you need to work in another direction.

Love yourself,  because if you don’t love yourself nobody else will ever be able to love you.

To truly love yourself, you have to accept all of your merits and demerits.

This means being pleased with yourself.

Only few of us can say that they accept all their thoughts and actions without regret or shame and enjoy the way they look and behave.

This happens because we live in a society that creates limits, standards and rules for us.

And if we do not always follow these rules (which is inevitable), it`s getting more and more difficult for us to accept ourselves and our achievements without regret and criticism.

5 tips on how to love yourself:

Fortunately, to understand the problem of not loving yourself is already the first achievement.

Moreover, to regain the lost ability is not so difficult.

The most important thing is that you should sincerely desire to do so and be ready that it takes some time.

The result is worth it!

  1. How to learn to love yourself? At first, try to understand yourself!

    People often wander through life without thinking of who they are or what they want from life.

    But the answers to these questions give an opportunity to realize the main goals, identify ways of their achievement, thereby creating sense of life and bringing satisfaction.

  2. How to learn to love yourself? Stop setting high standards and criticizing yourself for small mistakes!

    Of course, each of us would like to achieve great results in everything we undertake.

    However, no living man all things can. What is more, we tend to make mistakes.

    But all people are talented in something, that`s without doubt, and it is important to find what it is. And each of us, as a rule, has time and opportunity to correct his mistakes with minimal loss.

    That`s why criticizing yourself doesn`t make sense. What does make sense is self-improvement!

    How to become confident?

  3. How to learn to love yourself? Stop deceiving yourself!

    If you really happened to have something you must be ashamed of or some mistake that cannot be corrected, you need to admit and accept it.

    Denial gives only a temporary relief, but deep inside you have a dissatisfaction, which destroys love.

    Be honest, realize your mistakes and weaknesses and learn to live with them, to accept them as an experience or as your own peculiarities that you are not able to change.

  4. How to learn to love yourself? As soon as you manage to accept your abilities and mistakes, move on to the conscious acts of kindness!

    And this kindness must be directed both to the world and yourself.

    In the modern world, there is so little space for kindness, that even one person who is trying to act well is already an incredible force that can make the world better.

    Isn`t it a reason to be proud of yourself and to love yourself?

    Self-esteem. How to improve your self-esteem?

  5. How to love yourself more? Respect yourself!

    Only a full understanding of your own capabilities, peculiarities and needs gives you a possibility to control yourself, to control your thoughts and feelings, to respect your choice and accept the consequences.

    Isn`t that what love is about?

And how is your love for yourself expressed? Share with us, please! 😉

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