How to become smarter: effective tips

How to become smarter? Start with useful recommendations on “Motivational tips”!


It’s cool to be genius, it’s nice to be smart, but it sucks to be a dull person, and I can clearly see why!

A narrow-minded person is a bad interlocutor, doesn’t know the names of most prominent historical characters and is usually mocked by the others.

Many people naively think that a person cannot become smart; he/she has to be born this way.

They think that if a person is silly since his/her childhood, he/she doesn’t have a slightest chance to become smarter further in life.

However, such opinion is the craziest delusion that has settled in the minds of narrow-minded bimbos and losers.

A newborn doesn’t have any inborn knowledge, and it’s only up to him/her to choose what kind of life he/she will live. This means that every single person can become smarter at any age.

Thus, if you start thinking how to become smarter, you are definitely moving in the right direction. You will need only two things for achieving your aims:

  1. Proper motivation
  2. Brain training

If you think about increasing your IQ level as soon as possible, you’ve already got a proper motivation. There’s only one little thing to be done: start training your brain!

How to become smarter: useful guideline

1. Take care of your health.

The first and the most important factor for the improvement of your brain functioning is to start taking good care of your health.

If you’re an experienced drug addict and cannot imagine your life without smoking a pot, you can forget about an effective brain functioning.

Why am I saying this?

The thing is that drugs kill all brain cells, which cannot be restored.

The more a person is taking drugs, the dumber he/she becomes.

Even if you like to treat yourself to a glass of beer after work, it will not do you any good!

This is the reason why you should get rid of these bad habits and acquire a few useful ones: buy a gym membership, jog in the park or ride a bicycle. 

Any kind of sport will contribute to the improvement of your brain functioning!

2. How to be smarter? Read useful literature!

«A smart man makes a mistake, learns from it, and never makes that mistake again. But a wise man finds a smart man and learns from him how to avoid the mistake altogether.»
Roy H. Williams

Keep in mind that you should read only informative and thought-provoking books!

I doubt that you’ll benefit from reading a story about Bella and Edward (from our favorite “Twilight”), but if you read “Les Misérables”, you’ll get a chance to re-evaluate your life, improve your vocabulary and even change yourself and your mental outlook.

Apart from such type of books, you can also read philosophical works. These books will motivate you to improve further!

Give it some thought, and you’ll see that reading useful literature is the first step to becoming smarter!

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3. Smart person is always confident in his/her decisions.

Despite the banality of this advice, I can assure you in its effectiveness!

When we make our own important decisions, we consider possible outcomes, analyze different variants and take responsibility for our actions.

Obviously, it is always easier to make somebody else responsible for your decisions and then blame him/her for the failure.

However, do you really think that this will help you to become smarter?

4. You’ll become smarter as soon as you get rid of the Zombie-set!

Most people like watching TV with a bucket of ice-cream, glass of beer or a piece of cake.

However, next time when you get cozy on the sofa in front of the TV-set, keep in mind that this modern wonder has a very negative effect on our subconsciousness!

One famous person has once said that every person is going to believe in whatever he/she hears for a thousand times. Modern television is also based on this theory.

If you have some doubts about that, pay attention to the things which are shown on TV nowadays.

The majority of TV programs are stupid talk-shows telling you how cool it is to be a bimbo with pumped lips and gigantic silicone boobs! Now, take a look around! Every girl is dreaming about such pumped lips and silicone boobs which will be seen from another city!

The actual purpose of such TV shows is to distract the audience from real problems. And this audience is really distracted!

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Stop wasting your life, it’s about time to live your life to the fullest and enjoy it!

5. Surround yourself with smart people, and you’ll become one of them!

Think about this for a minute: will you become a smarter person if you hang out with dumb blondes and discuss the latest collection by Vasya Pupkin, facelift and your neighbor’s dog?

I don’t think so!

If you want to become smarter, surround yourself with smart people, learn from them and follow their example!

Don’t give up if you consider yourself to be the idiot among geniuses at first! You’ll not even notice how quickly you’ll become a genius as well!

6. How to become more intelligent: find a unique approach!

Keep in mind that standard decisions and actions affect our brain badly.

That’s why you shouldn’t follow the crowd and let somebody else decide for yourself.

Try to find a unique and non-standard solution to every single task, add some bright colors to your life, and your brain will never bring you down!

However, you should remember that not only books and hanging out with smart people will make you smarter. We become smarter when we widen our outlook.

Start traveling; discover the world around you; always search for the truth and you’ll soon become a smart and interesting person!

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