How to Find Direction in Life: 5 Rules from a Psychologist

How to find direction in life: 3 reasons why you need to do it + 5 rules from a psychologist on how to achieve it + 5 steps on how to get it.


In case a person wishes to live an interesting life, full of events and sense, he definitely needs to know why he is living on this planet.

It’s not very difficult to do it if you simply apply several helpful tips. After it, you are sure to know how to find direction in life.

Why do you need to find direction in life?

3 reasons why you need to find it:

  1. Direction gives sense to everything you do.

    Firstly, because it gives you a sense of life.

    You have things you wish to reach.

    You may look happy from the side but when you do not have direction, you’ll always feel the emptiness inside.

  2. Direction guides you

    It does not only provide you with the sense of life, it also helps you to make the right, reasonable decisions.

    It’s much easier to make a choice if you have a precisely settled goal.

  3. Direction motivates you

    Even when it’s tough, one needs to go to the end.

    There may be some obstacles and misfortunes.

    In these cases, the ambitions which motivate you are extremely significant.

    Moreover, direction helps you to look at the life in perspective.

Nevertheless, it’s not as easy as it seems to find direction in life because of the following reasons:

  1. There is no universal formula

    Life direction is a strictly personal term.

    Everyone is sure to have his own one, just like the methods of its achievement.

  2. The search of direction requires time

    This is probably the main reason why many people find it difficult to find it.

    They need the momentary result while this search is the long journey.

What should I do if I cannot find direction in life?

Let’s look at the certain situation when you cannot define what you want from life.

The problem might have such sources as:

  1. Firstly, the medical problems (regular psycho-neurological stresses for many years, the duality of the choice, depressive conditions when you lost close people).
  2. The second source may be the difficulties in the process of making the decisions.

Anyway, the right direction requires the activation of the inner strength and clear mind. In this way, you won’t need any additional consideration.

That’s why we suggest you start working with your inner state first of all. Eliminate depressions (using medicine), stresses, etc.

After you normalize your inner condition, you may pass over to self-defining. It’s very important not to depress yourself paying much attention to the failures.

Your life path is in your hands:

  1. Set a goal and never quit it.
  2. Be the example for many people and forget your past (which was neither confident not definite).
  3. Do the things you love.
  4. Regularly experience new feelings.

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How to find direction in life using 3 ways?


The first option is:

  1. Stay alone, turn off your cell phone and try to eliminate from your mind all thoughts.
  2. Write on a piece of paper the title “my direction in life” and start writing everything that crosses your mind.
  3. When the real goal of your direction is fixed, you’ll feel the bright reply from the organism.
    You might even burst into tears.

    Watch your reaction because there may be several and all of them will be parts of one global idea.

The second option is:

  1. Pull yourself together and give the complete analyses of your life.
  2. Answer honestly to the questions of why you are working at that post and what you have from communicating with those people.
  3. Everything you do for your soul is your direction.
  4. The answers like you need to feed the family, or you do not want to lose face are the signs that you need to change something.

  5. Let not all future changes worry you.

    The most important thing that a person must do is to be happy.

    All the rest is secondary.

The third option is:

  1. Ask yourself “What would I do if I did not have to make money?”
  2. Analyze your interests and what you enjoy doing in your free time.
  3. Ask yourself what you like most of all.

    People who reach fame and acknowledgment were body and soul absorbed in the favorite business.

    It was their direction and they went there all life long, without making any turns.

  4. In case you have no interests, you should think of the things that make you happy.

    If you do not feel excited, you won’t solve the question of how to find the goal in life.

    When the emptiness inside you is filled, it is turned into the most powerful motivation.

How to find direction in life using a step-by-step instruction?

5 steps on how to find your own path:

Step 1.

How to find direction in life?

You should be in harmony with yourself. If you are free from prejudice, you’ll better understand what you need from life and from yourself.

Moreover, the people around will not feel the falseness and will become more open to you.

Step 2.

Dream because doing it you do not only statistically imagine the object of your desire, but you imagine the possibilities how to get it.

The methods you choose may become the reflection of your life goal.

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Step 3.

Make sure you let go all your former fears because they will move you from achieving the goal.

You must believe in your dream and it is sure to come true one day.

Step 4.

Give all your free time to your hobby.

If you are keen on cooking, it might grow into a restaurant once, or karaoke will make you a world-known singer.

Step 5.

Start acting and do not be afraid of the changes as they are required the most right now.

If you do not leave your comfort zone, you won’t succeed.

How to find direction in life using the tips from a psychologist?


5 rules from a psychologist on how to do it:

  1. Love yourself because every person is unique and you are not an exception.

    Tell this to yourself every day in front of the mirror.

  2. Everyone has problems.

    Look around – tens of sick people on the last stages, injured or invalids.

    Your problems may even seem insignificant.

  3. Refuse all misfortunes.

    Now if you find yourself in a difficult situation, you should treat it as a possibility to get the new experience.

  4. Favorite pastime.

    Remember that the way to self-actualization comes within the process of living.

    If you do the things you like, it is sure to come to you.

  5. Development and hobby.

    Pay attention to yourself and your own skills.

    If you do not have a hobby yet, get it.

Useful pieces of advice on how to find direction in life

8 tips for those who want to learn their direction:

  1. Do not expect to get the results momentarily.

    Have patience.

  2. Define your strong sides.

    In order to find direction, you firstly need to define which traits of character are the strongest in you.

  3. Define your passions.

    When you are interested in something, you’ll do it not because of the reward, money or acknowledgment but because you want to do it.

    This is very important. Your passions should be tightly connected to your direction.

  4. Define your motives.

    Only you can define your motives.

    Think if there are factors that make you feel dissatisfied.

    Which factors make you feel the need to do something?

  5. Discover the place where all your strong sides, passions and motives cross paths

    Now, when you have defined your strong sides, passions, and motives, you may look for the interconnection between them.

    Pick from the list of your motives at least one which you are able to fulfill using your talents.

    The main thing is that you also have the passion for doing it.

    The eventual outcome will be your direction.

  6. Create the personal expression

    Based on what you’ve found due to the previous step, you must create your personal expression of direction in life.

    Just write it down and always lean on it.

  7. Act

    Your expression is the guide in the search of your own direction.

    It’s not enough just to discover it.

    You need to take great pains to stick to it.

  8. Be attentive

    If you are attentive, you’ll stick to your direction.

    Moreover, you are sure to find the hints and evidence that you’ve chosen the right path.

How to find direction in life? This is the question which is asked by many people.

There is nothing more important than the knowledge why you live and how to reach your goals. A person is happy only when he knows what he is living for.

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