How to find yourself: 5 best tips

5 useful tips from a psychologist, who will tell you how to find yourself and where you need to start!

finding yourself

To find an answer to a question “how to find yourself”, you`d better begin by doing things you love, because that`s a way to success.

Go this way and the answer to this question will make itself clear.

Here are many tips on how to find yourself in life and where you should start! Go for it!

Keep in mind that everybody has his preferences and talents, you only need to find out what you really like, what your idea of fun is, what brings you pleasure.

«Either I will find a way, or I will make one.»

1. How to find yourself? What do you do in your free time?

In most cases, things that people do in their free time help them to identify their life purpose.

For example, you love drawing.

You need to understand that drawing is the key point, which suggests a direction for your future searching.

The same can be said about your hobbies, let it be cooking, business negotiations or singing.

The most important thing is that you should not miss these key points.

Don`t be indifferent!

Stop telling: “I`ll never make a career on drawing anyway… I won`t be able to earn enough money… I`d better live a normal life and stop asking this question about finding yourself”.

These are the words of loser, not the winner…

How shall we find and analyze these key points?

Somebody likes studying, learning new and interesting things, suppose his aim in life is teaching?

Think of what you do in your free time and what you`d like to do.

2. How to find yourself? Think of what activity you like best.

Your life goals are very closely related to your hobbies, things you like and things that make you pleased. Most wealthy, determined people do only what they enjoy, what they want to do.

For example, Oprah Winfrey likes helping people, listening to them and giving valuable tips; Bill Gates is a fan of computers and he has earned his billions on that.

And what do you like?

You may probably enjoy writing interesting and emotional stories, or taking exercise, or creating masterpieces with your brush, or cooking all sorts of goodies.

Or maybe you cannot imagine yourself without interacting with people? Are you good at listening and watching?

Or maybe you prefer sales and small business?

Whatever your choice is, your aim in life will be closely connected with your hobbies and your ideas, which will help you to open your eyes and answer the question: “How to find yourself?”

3. How to find yourself or Why do people like me?

You may have admirers who just can’t live without your baked duck with garlic sauce.

In fact, judge for yourself: if no one is crazy about your cooking, you can hardly become a chef 🙂

Or maybe somebody gets mad seeing you dance or sing?

You see, EVERY person has his own unique ability, which is appreciated by other people!

The main thing is to find and improve this ability!

4. How to find yourself: what would you like to learn?

What books, magazines, and newspapers do you like to read? Do you get pleasure from reading about business, fishing, cooking?

You should always consider your preferences as a hint of what problem you have to solve in your life.

Suppose you want to create your library, what books will you buy, what subjects will you choose? You may probably like books on self-knowledge and self-development.

5. How to find yourself or what awakens your desire to be creative?

What makes you move forward, what stimulates you?

Can any situation in your life be a powerful incentive to create an original painting?

Do you run to the kitchen to make a cooking experiment every time you see a new recipe of something delicious?

What makes you move forward?

Think carefully!

5 tips, how to love yourself

6. How to find yourself: what do you pay attention to?

For example, a hairdresser always pays attention to the hairstyles of everybody; the seller can easily tell whether the goods would be in demand; the mechanic can identify the problem with a car hearing the slightest sound from it.

And what do you pay attention to?


All your answers are the key signs that will help you to answer your disturbing question: «How to find yourself

7. If you knew you were going to be successful, what would you do in the future?

Someone would create his own SPA (relaxation of body and soul), another would like to try his hand in various TV shows, and somebody else has a dream to open his own auto park.

Any of your replies or ideas can be a key sign that will help you to find your aim in life!

Never give up your self-development! Take care of yourself! 🙂

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