How to Make your Singing Voice Better?

How to make your singing voice better learning 4 exercises + 8 recommendations +3 forbidden habits + 4 useful habits + 5 useful and 4 harmful products.


Many people like singing and wish to learn how to sing professionally.

Moreover, there are many people with hidden talents, people who have a wonderful voice and an excellent hearing!

However, far from all have financial possibilities and time to turn to a private teacher and improve the singing.

Read our article on how to make your singing voice better.

How to make your voice better making simple training exercises

  1. Exercise 1

    You should begin with the main singing warm-up – do re mi fa sol la si do.

    Accompany every sound you produce with a button on the piano and try to imitate the note in a right way.

    When you are done, you can repeat them in the opposite direction starting from the final “do”.

    Gradually you’ll be able to repeat this singing warm-up a few times in both directions without pauses and breaks.

  2. Exercise 2

    The next one sounds like this – do re mi fa sol fa mi re do.

    Finish the note with “a” so that the transaction was smooth.

    Besides, smooth transactions, which are called legato by the professionals, must become your rule in the proper training of your vocal.

  3. Exercise 3

    Sing the standard combination do re mi fa sol la si do with tightly closed lips.

    When the mouth is closed, you strengthen the vocal cords and improve articulation.

  4. Exercise 4

    Now try to open your mouth wide and sing the combination with long sounds “aaa”.

    Pronounce the sounds which are mentioned before.

    Open the mouth as wide as possible but you must be comfortable to sing.

    This rule concerns singing vowels in the ready composition, too.

    Watch the manner of singing of your favorite singers and make sure this is true!

Advice: when you pronounce the notes, you can help yourself with a hand. Simply put it in and move up or down depending on the pitch of the sound you sing.

How to make your singing voice sound better using the recommendations for the beginners

How to train singing voice in a proper way:

  1. Always set a little higher and round the roof of the mouth to add volume to your voice.
  2. Use the even amount of air for loud and quiet sounds.
  3. Prefer those songs which correspond to your natural diapason.

    If you have the initial training program, you should not begin with opera.

  4. The songs you use to set and train your voice must be comfortable.

    Choose another composition if you are not good at your favorite one or if you pour or lose your voice.

  5. Do not forget to reflect the emotional side of the composition on your face and do not stand like a statue.
  6. When you do your performance, you should never inhale through the nose!

    Imagine how it will sound if you have a microphone near your mouth!

  7. Pronounce all consonants and vowels clearly.

    You can emphasize certain words.

  8. When you do singing, you should try to drink more water.

How to Become a Better Singer?

How to make your singing better using the proper breathing

One of the important factors which develop vocal is the proper breathing.

Here are the most popular techniques for development of singing:

  1. Stand up and put one hand on the chest and the other one on the belly.

    Make the inhale through the nose in order to increase the size of the chest.

    Exhale through the mouth.

  2. Inhale through the nose and hold your breath for 5 seconds.

    Exhale through the nose as long as possible.

  3. Inhale through the mouth and when breathing out you need to sing all vowels.
  4. Inhale through the nose.

    When exhaling, you need to pronounce the numbers from 1 to 5.

    Gradually add one number every time you repeat the exercise.

How to make your singing voice better using the good pronunciation

Not less important for the development of the voice power is the ability to articulate properly, i.e. to pronounce all sounds correctly.

Here are the most popular exercises to make the pronunciation clear.

  1. Gymnastics:
    • Reach your chin and then your nose with your tongue.

      Repeat the exercise 5-6 times.

    • Chew the lower and upper lip for 30 seconds.
    • “Gargle” your cheeks, i.e. blow them out in turns.
  2. Reading tongue twisters.
  3. Pronounce the sound “m”.

    Firstly, you should pronounce it in a quiet voice and then gradually increase its loudness and add sound.

  4. Inhale the air through the nose and sharply pronounce “Ha!”.

    Do this exercise for 1 minute.

How to make your voice better getting to know the forbidden habits

Always keep in mind that there are some habits which negatively influence your voice:

  1. Give up smoking if you smoke.

    It will not only be good for your health in general but will save your lungs and larynx from cancer-causing cigarette smoke.

  2. Try to talk as little as possible when you are outside and the weather is frosty.

    The cold is dreadful for your vocal cords.

  3. Do not drink cold water and do not eat too cold food.

    You do not need to refuse eating ice cream at all but you should eat when it melts a little bit.

How to make your singing voice sound better using some useful habits

  1. Learn how to swim and go to the swimming pool regularly.

    Swimming allows keeping in tone all the muscles and develops your lungs.

  2. Eat warm food.
  3. Develop your hearing all the time turning on classical or instrumental music during your leisure hours.
  4. Read aloud to your relatives or to yourself. It will let you set your diction.

How to make your singing better using 5 most useful products

They will not only help you sing better but will also help to restore your voice in certain cases.

The products which are said to be useful for your voice include the following food and drinks:

  1. Warm sweet black tea.

    A wonderful remedy to restore the flexibility of the mucous coat and to treat the vocal cords.

    In order to achieve a better effect, it must not be hot, only warm.

  2. Low-fat milk of the room temperature.

    You should drink it with small sips, slowly in order to restore the voice.

    It softly covers the throat and makes it stronger.

  3. The raw eggs.

    Regularly eat them because they make your voice juicy and soft.

    This product is wonderful for the restoration of the voice power.

    In addition, it makes the throat softer, makes your singing soft and beautiful.

    It’s quite enough to drink eggs once a week to have a beautiful and clear voice.

  4. Butter.

    The butter of high quality should be added to milk or simply eaten to make the singing more comfortable.

    It is usually done one hour before singing and then a person drinks some still water.

  5. The usual water of the room temperature.

    Sometimes, this is the best option of how to restore the voice.

    You should drink it slowly, with small sips.

How to make your singing voice better avoiding 4 most harmful products

First of all, you need to eliminate:

  1. Peanuts and salty nuts.

    If you eat them regularly, your mucous coat can lose its flexibility.

    The voice becomes hoarse and its coloring is lowered, too.

  2. Spicy ketchup, mustard, and other spices.

    All of them do not only irritate your throat but make the organism manufacture more mucus.

    In its turn, mucus makes singing harder and can even provoke a cough.

  3. Fat fried meat, potatoes and chips and spicy fast-food.

    Fat deprives the vocal cords of their flexibility and it leads to a cough and hardships in singing.

  4. Cold drinks like Cola, Fanta, and Sprite.

    They may cause a shocking reaction of the mucous coat and make your voice hoarse.

    Sometimes it might even disappear for some time.

As you have probably understood, one can train his singing voice on his own.

Good luck in the chosen field and let the creative desire complete your qualitative technical characteristics.

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