How to Build Character?

Do you want to become a strong and firm person, but you are not aware how to build character? Then this article is going to teach you 8 ways how do it.


It’s not a secret that the quality of person’s life, his success and even happiness in life depend a lot on the character. Most people have practically the same “initial” possibilities (in the career, education and business), but very often the results turn out to be so different and sometimes even opposite.

People often want to change their character, because it bothers a lot in communication with other people and ruins the relationships.

It will never be too late to change character: a change may be done in any age. In order to build a strong character you must work hard, because this is a volitional quality, and not everybody can develop it, even if he knows how to do it.

So, let’s try to figure out how to build character and finally start feeling strong-willed and firm.

How can a strong character be explained?

Character in its narrow meaning (and in everyday usage) unites the natural peculiarities of how a person behaves, making it situationally easy or difficult for others.

In case somebody warns you: This man has a character!, you must be ready to face some difficulties in communication with him. Character often includes sharp angles of a person.

Strong character is a person’s ability to show how powerful he is: he stands his ground, has his own point of view, interests and stands up for them.

In a wider meaning the word “character” is used as a synonym of the term “psychological type”. In this case character is the sum of stable ways of behavior and natural reactions in a certain situation.

How to become a better person?

In accordance to the traits of character, people say there are people who have calm and nervous, reasonable and impulsive, brave and doubting characters (psychological types). There are people-sprinters, stayers and plenty of other variants.

Character can be defined also as a unity of behavior traits and peculiarities, which allow foreseeing how the person will behave.

Where does character come from?

Character develops (or is built consciously) in the process of personal life from four sources: genetics, upbringing, influence of the surroundings and the personal choice.

Speaking about genetics and the rest, which is called inborn, character can actually have genetic background and be inherited.

Though, it’s important to remember: genes define only disposition of a person towards things, but doesn’t predetermine how he’ll behave.

Character is not only inborn, but acquired as well.

The most important factor in the process of character building is upbringing, and a man starts to acquire different traits of character, while he is still a child, though unconsciously at first.

Children build character and choose the ways how to influence their parents. Parents build children’s characters, supporting definite ways of behavior. As a rule, they do in subconsciously.

An older person builds or renews some traits of character either consciously or not. It is right to believe that character is, in the first place, our habits. Then, an adult can and must be responsible for his character.

There is a nice saying: “After 30 everyone is responsible for his face”. It’s true and even more responsible he is for his character.

There is a myth no one can change the character.

Character is not a strict system; it defines only tendencies to certain actions.

One can build the character, change and correct it. It can be controlled and sometimes even simply chosen according to this or that situation.

How to build character: few steps, which must be done

  1. Find what interests you.

    First of all, if you want to become a strong-willed man, you must find an area, which will be interesting for you.

    Your enthusiasm must be constant and you must know what you want and how to get it. In order to build strong character and be successful in any sphere, you are to focus on one thing and do only it.

    Here we may speak about hobby and job. You are to do only things you actually like.

    Do not forget about self-improvement, which also builds strong character.

  2. Start going in for sports.

    In order to develop strong traits of character, you are to keep fit and go in for sport regularly. You must only choose one thing – which kind of sport you prefer.

    Regular lessons’ attendance in a certain period of time will build your discipline.

    Take the following tip as a rule: you’d better attend lessons every time, even if you are in bad mood or feel not well.

    In case you don’t like heavy loads, you may go jogging or just walk in the park. Do not allow even rain stopping you.

    If you decided to become a sporty person, nothing should be able to stop you.

  3. Keep everything in order to build character.

    In order to build strong character, you must keep everything in order and it concerns any business, starting from the order on the dinner table and up to the order in the whole house.

    Besides, don’t forget that the thoughts must also be in order; otherwise you won’t achieve simply anything.

    You need to understand that you must devote some definite amount of time to every business and due to the order you’ll learn how to save not only time, but nerves as well.

    If a person learns how to plan everything, he will definitely do everything in time and know what and where his things are.

    Everything must be in its place.

  4. So that you built character, think positively.

    Person’s thinking may influence character as well.

    Think positively and you’ll build strong character.

    Experience proves one may build character any time. If he is strong, he will change his approach and himself.

    It should be noted that the things, a man is constantly thinking about and imagining in his mind, are sure to come to life some time later.

    How the man thinks, this way he lives.

    Any wise and smart person thinks positively and is confident that he will succeed.

    If you want to attract success, you are to think that you’ll make it and there is enough power to do it. People say that thoughts are material and they do it not for nothing.

    Speaking about women, they believe that the beloved man is near, and he is the best, even if it’s not so. Only with such thoughts women may be happy and be in a good mood.

  5. Get rid of the old things.

    You are to throw away all old things that are pulling you down.

    Those things, which haven’t been used for several months, must be given to somebody or thrown out.

    The same rule concerns also people. If you don’t communicate with somebody and he, possibly, won’t be useful to you anymore, you must bravely say goodbye to him.

    Do not worry about things and people you left behind. Remember that your life will be filled with useful and needed acquaintances. Just wait a bit.

    You must also leave those people or things, which make you sad or remind of something unpleasant. If you get rid of the negative things in time, you’ll find the harmony and focus on things you actually need.

    Get rid of everything you don’t need. Don’t think how to throw out this or that thing.

    It’s necessary to be understood that you must leave in the present and make some free space in your life for the present, by getting rid of the old and unnecessary things.

  6. Learn how to avoid complaints about trifles.

    Such habit does not adorn anybody.

    A person, who is constantly complaining, cannot be considered a strong personality.

    Pity is a habit to see everything in negative light and indulge your weaknesses.

    Everybody can complain, but to take yourself in your hands and start solving problems is a destiny of a strong-willed man.

  7. In order to build character, say “no” to laziness.

    A person must cope with his laziness to build strong character, because a lazy person will never know how inspiration and creativity feel like.

    It’s one thing, when a person doesn’t do anything and quite another one, when he doesn’t even try to do at least something.

    Even if something doesn’t come out, you must go ahead to your target, conquering the heights.

  8. Look for people with the same views, who will help you.

    You need to find people with the same views and communicate only with strong people.

    Weak people are known to be capable to drag down even the strongest person.

    That’s why if you want to become a strong-willed man and build your character, you must communicate with the same people you want to become.

    When failures come to you, a strong person will support you, direct on the right path and, maybe, help in something.

    If you find people with the same views, they will share your happiness after victories and your sadness in cases of failures. Even if they fail in something, you may become useful for them.

    It’s definitely better to stick to someone than to be alone.

    One head is good and two are better. Without support people feel bad, that’s why mind this tip all the time.

Work on self-improvement is not an easy target. It is sure to bring fruits if you want to change something in your life, achieve more, become a person, who doesn’t grumble about destiny and never complains about trifles.

Everybody has some difficulties. Only some people face them with dignity and know how to build character and others just look for the guilty parties.

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