How to overcome fear: 7 ways

We recommend 7 effective tips from a psychologist that will help to overcome fear once and for all! Dare!


Fear is a natural body reaction that occurs under the influence of environmental factors and events.

It gets stronger if a person believes that some situation is impossible to cope with, and that there is no way out of the vicious circle.

Fears make people lose confidence in their own abilities and prevent them from succeeding or achieving anything at least a little significant.

People can even realize this and have a great desire to start overcoming fear somehow, but, unfortunately, many of us simply do not know how to do it…

7 ways, how to overcome fear

No. 1: Reconsidering your values when dealing with fear

Areas which have a particular value for a person are most often haunted by fear.

The businessman-newcomer is very afraid to go bust and therefore refuses to take risks!

Certainly!…it is much better to go with the stream and attempt nothing…isn’t it, dear readers?

But no one knows what may lie ahead.

And if you don’t try, you will certainly get nothing!

To make progress in a particular field, you mustn`t get stuck on it, you need to understand that there are many equally important things in life.

No. 2: Overcoming fear gradually

People who are afraid to do anything often get advices like: «Just do it!» Of course, it seems easy, but in reality…

Emotions are going through the roof and that makes it difficult to overcome your phobias.

It is not necessary to plunge into the activity at once — you can always enter it step by step.

If a person is afraid of heights, let him try to use the three-meter ladder first.

Offer him to look out of the window from the fifth floor.

And after a little while he will not be afraid of flying (right about me… 🙂

No. 3: Spontaneity will help to overcome fear

Try to suddenly make something you couldn`t even think of without a shiver.

For example, a person who is afraid to date, and therefore doesn`t have relationships, may pay a compliment or arrange a small talk at work or among acquaintances of the opposite sex.

The condition is that it should not be planned in advance; otherwise a rehearsed speech may look dry and unnatural. The sudden announcement of thoughts can have more sincerity and positive impact on the growth of self-confidence.

No. 4: Observation of others is a good method to overcome fear!

Try to observe what other people attempt in difficult situations.

This will serve as a good example to focus on.

Take a person with the courage and confidence in her/his actions as a model and proceed the same way. This method doesn’t always work, but is useful in some cases.

For example, it is good to analyze how your colleagues achieve results, and to try to go their way.

No. 5: Thorough study of the object will help to overcome fear

It’s very natural to be afraid of everything that is new or unknown.

In order to deal with fear, we need to know more about it.

For example, if a primitive man could appear in our time, he would have certainly been frightened by modern technical achievements.

They would have seemed to him quite mystical because of his being ignorant of the principles of operation of modern devices.

The same principle can be applied not only to objects but also to people and situations.

Having learned more about them, you can understand how to act, and the fear disappears by itself.

No. 6: Make a sober estimate of yourself and deal with fear

People often form their opinions of themselves basing on other people`s evaluations, which are quite subjective.

Therefore one should not take other people`s words to heart, one should try to understand himself, to identify his positive and negative features.

Sometimes it is difficult to perform. In this case, a great help can be given by a specialist, for example, a psychologist.

He will provide you with an objective estimation of personality and will tell you which way to move in order to develop your best qualities.

No. 7: Relax for overcoming fear

The fears we don’t face become our limits.
Robin Sharma

In a state of anxiety or mental stress you can feel the tightness in the body and stiffness in the movements.

Mind and body are interrelated. Not only the state of the body depends on mood and mental performance, but vice versa, too.

That is why having given relax to the body, you can set your mind at rest. The most common ways to achieve it is using breathing or relaxation techniques.

Moreover, it is easier to keep relaxed than to try to calm down in a stressful situation.

Therefore, you need to have this feeling in advance, trying not to be influenced by the environment.

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Realizing and trying to overcome fears make a person stronger.

Feeling sorry for oneself and allowing others to do it make a person fall into the depths which are difficult to get out from.

Even small, insignificant fear is able to drag in a hundred of others, which will weaken a body and mind. It is therefore necessary to destroy your fears from the very beginning.

If a fear has no power over a person, he becomes free and successful!

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