How to improve memory: 18 tips

These 18 ways for improving memory are yours. Start using them!


Did you ever notice that various pieces of information – phone numbers, names of new acquaintances, and your relatives’ birthdays – easily dropped out of your memory?

Did your database lose its bytes at the most inappropriate moments?

If yes, then the question “How to improve memory?” is very timely!

Let me share a little secret with you: if you want to improve your memory, don’t forget to train it!

Our memory is limitless – it is full of cells ready for numerous bytes of information. We just need to know how to use them.

Here, I would like to offer you effective tips for making your brain a perfect storage for all the information you need!

18 ways to improve memory

  1. Sleep well to improve your memory.

    Keep in mind that an 8-hour sleep is essential for the healthy functioning of your brain.

    Remember that during the day your head works ceaselessly solving tons of different problems.

    Night is like a remedy for it, a time for having a good rest and restoring your mental power before the next day.

  2. Improve your memory by reading.

    When you read, your brain automatically remembers information, especially if it’s vital and positive.

    It intensifies your imagination and evokes bright pictures in it.

    Reading is an exceptional training for your brain: it also enriches your vocabulary and improves your IQ.

  3. Still not sure how to improve your memory? Learn poetry!

    Just stop and think: how many poems do you know by heart?

    And your child, unlike some adults J, can recite a lot!

    Memorize poetry together – it will not only train your memory, but will also fill you with beauty and enjoyment.

  4. Computer games are beneficial for memory.

    Computer games fans will be glad to know that they don’t simply kill their time at laptops – they are improving their memory.

    A short note: 30 minutes of games a day are absolutely sufficient. When you do a logical riddle, your brain remembers certain actions, selects a strategy, and plans future actions.

    But a whole day of games will make your brain boil, so you’d better stop before the steam comes out of your ears!

  5. To improve your memory, work with numbers.

    Well, guys, let’s be frank.

    Do you know the multiplication table really well? Nowadays people simply can’t count without calculators!

    Be different: sum up your shopping expenses mentally or on a piece of paper, like in school, without peeping into your check.

    It will not only make your brain work, but will also train your memory!

  6. To improve your memory, get rid of routine.

    Give your memory some fresh air!

    Try to act spontaneously and do something out-of-the-box.

    For example, change your well-trodden route to work, have a glass of freshly-squeezed juice instead of your morning coffee, and practice blind typing instead of addictively using the keys.

    These easy ways can free you from daily routine and also diminish your stress.

  7. Keep learning. Novelty will improve your memory!

    Have you been dreaming of something you never had time for?

    Today is the best day for trying your wings at a new height! Try something new and different, probably, learn the mysteries of pharaohs or take your first diving class.

    Do whatever you wish! Novelty always attracts and motivates adding fire to your emotions!

    Do what you were always afraid to do or avoided with an excuse of being too busy. Let your brain and memory actively work!

  8. Recall your yesterday.

    Try to recall your yesterday to a friend, but please, start from the end!

    Yes, it will be harder, but most beneficial.

    When you recall your past, your memory recharges and can’t erase any previous information it considered useless.

  9. Learn foreign languages: Spanish, Chinese, Portuguese, Russian and so on.

    Learning foreign languages is the best method for training your memory, besides, you’ll be able to use your knowledge in real life.

    Try to memorize 6–7 new words a day and you will see: just in a couple of weeks your memory will be working like a Swiss watch!

  10. Soya beans are the best means for improving memory.

    This fact is scientifically proved: people with a soya diet have a great memory!

    Try add soya curds, milk, and meat to your menu twice a week.

  11. Have more sex.

    Scientists have proved that people with an active sexual life hardly ever suffer from dementia.

    As well as sports, sex provides our bodies with oxygen and also helps our brain cells grow faster.

    This, in its turn, activates hypothalamus responsible for our memory!

  12. Don’t exhaust yourself with severe diets.

    My dear female readers, remember, when you keep to a very strict, almost calorie-free diet, you lose your memory along with your weight!

    Scientists have proved that supporters of such restrictions turn into slow thinkers.

    Shift to a well-balanced nutrition and everything will be fine!

  13. Female birth control pills help improve memory.

    Sounds ridiculous, but scientists have proved an interesting fact: oral contraceptives facilitate memorizing process.

    The longer a woman takes them, the better the effect is.

    And what’s most interesting, the effect remains even after a woman stops taking her pills.

  14. Don’t skip breakfast.

    Get a good habit of having breakfast EVERY day!

    Your brain burns a good deal of calories while you sleep, so eat well in the morning and forget about forgetting for the whole day.

  15. No idleness.

    Remember, idle people can never boast of a good memory. Fight laziness!

  16. Improve your memory with sports.

    Wise people say, “A sound mind in a sound body”.

    And it is true!

    When you keep fit, your brain improves its capacity for storing and processing information.

    Thus, your self-esteem grows, too.

    Sport saturates your brain with oxygen and lowers the risk of such illnesses as cardio-vascular diseases and diabetes.

    They, as is known, worsen the ability to memorize and learn.

  17. Listen to music.

    Any piece of music causes sound waves that, in their turn, cause brain waves.

    The latter help us remember information faster.

    By the way, classical music is your top trainer for audio-mental results.

  18. Always think positively.

    Annoyance and negativity are the worst foes of your memory.

    Bad thoughts and apathy make us absent-minded and forgetful.

    Positive people, optimism, and smiles, however, help our memory work to its fullest.

    May your positive memories always brighten up your mind!

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