How to Make Soy Candles with Essential Oils: 6 Stages

How to make soy candles with essential oils: 6 stages of making it + 9 essential oils for flavoring + 4 kinds of soy wax.


Soy candles are the relatively new invention.

People in Europe and the USA massively pass not only to the soy milk but to such candles as well.

One may say that this is the continuation of the tendency on the fashionable ecology: while the candles from beeswax are useful but not very attractive, soy candles are harmless and very stylish.

How to make soy candles with essential oils – here is the topic we are going to discuss in today’s article.

Why do people make soy candles?

Soy is a natural herbal preparation which is made from the oil of soybeans.

Nowadays, this is one of the newest, ecologically clean types which have been invented for candles’ manufacturing.

Candles which are made of soy are 100% natural as they do not contain herbicides, pesticides and do not produce CO2 when burning.

They do not contain any products of the petrochemicals or paraffin.

It is a completely herbal preparation which becomes more and more popular with the manufacturers and the customers.

The advantages of using soy candles

6 reasons why you need to use soy candles with essential oils:

  1. If you compare how soy candles differ from the paraffin ones, you are sure to find out that soy wax burns clearer, more even and without sage.

    They are less dangerous for people who are allergic, safe for children and pregnant women.

  2. Unlike paraffin, soy almost does not smoke and does not bring any harm to health.
  3. The remains of the melted pieces are easily removed.

    If the paraffin is mostly hard to take off the walls of the container which contained it or from the table’s surface, soy wax can be easily cleaned with warm water and soap.

  4. They burn 35-50% longer than paraffin.
  5. Unlike paraffin, they contain natural oil which goes well with the essential oils.

    As a result, there appear wonderful aroma candles from natural ingredients.

  6. The aroma soy candles do not only produce the clean smell, they make more of it.

    It is conditioned by the flowing temperature which is 50-55 degrees.

    As a result, soy oils decrease the flowing temperature and do not ruin the essential oils.

How to choose wax to make soy candles?

Kinds of soy wax which may be used to manufacture candles:

  1. CB-135.

    The flowing temperature is 50 degrees.

    This soy wax is suitable for container candles – 100% natural; it has more than 90% of soybeans oil and less than 10% of other botanical elements.

    The recommended maximum aroma load is within the range of 10-12%.

  2. CB-Advanced.

    The improved formula of CB-135 is also made for container candles.

    The flowing temperature is 43,9 degrees.

    It secures the perfect adhesion with the glass, gives the excellent persistent smell, is good for creating a beautiful color and makes the round pool when burning.

    The recommended maximum aroma load is within the range of 6-10%.

  3. CB-Xcel.

    It is made from 100% clean soy wax without the addition of any botanical elements.

    Moreover, it is very resistant to fading and wonderfully interacts with various flavors.

    It has excellent adhesion to the containers and the new technology allows remelting the upper part.

    The recommended maximum aroma load is within the range of 10-12%.

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  4. PB.

    It was invented specially for silicone containers and “columns”, which melts at 54,4 °C.

    It is 100% herbal and has more than 90% of soybeans oil and less than 10% of other botanical elements.

    It makes the surface smooth, does not crack or flake off.

It easily leaves the container and goes well with various essential oils.

How to make soy candles with essential oils?

One can easily make them at home, spending less time on learning how to make it than on looking for in it the specialized stores.

So, how to make soy candles with essential oils?

  1. Get ready with all needed things.

    All you need to start working are the wax flakes, water bath (2 pots), a wick with load at the end, a pencil, essential oils, waxed paper and a glass which will serve as a holder.

  2. Fix the wick.

    Before you start melting flakes, you should find out how to prepare the holder.

    Fix the wick at the bottom of the glass container.

    One can do it using glue or tape.

    As soon as you are ready with this task, you should think how to put the other side of the wick on the pencil so that it was strained and then put the pencil on the glass.

    You need it to set the wick straight in the middle when you pour the liquid.

  3. Melt the flakes.

    Set a water bath on the cooker and boil the water.

    In order to take the precise amount of flakes, you should take twice the size of the holder.

    It means that when you want to use a glass as a container, you’ll have to take 2 glasses of flakes.

    Pour them into the water bath and stir slowly to avoid the appearance of the clumps.

    At the end, you may add a couple of drops of any essential oil.

  4. Put the wax in the holder.

    Carefully pour it and try not to move the wick when doing it.

    Come up with a way how to pour it with a thin flow.

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  5. Wait.

    The substance is likely to begin to stiffen right in front of your eyes.

    Until it completely stiffens, do not move the glass or change its position.

    Only 3 hours later you can remove the pencil and cut the wick.

    As a rule, the wick is not longer than 1 cm.

    So that the wax is completely ready, much time has to pass.

    The candle must stand for the night so that the next morning you could see and evaluate the results of your work.

  6. Enjoy.

    Now you can fully enjoy the work you’ve been doing.

    Inhale the clean smell of the candle and think how much money you’ve saved.

    Several tricks:

    • So that it does not gather dust, you can pour it in the can with the top (like from the face cream).
    • When you put it out, you should not blow but cover it with something flat like a saucer.

      It will blow out sooner if you deprive it of the air.

    • If the surface is not even, you can melt a little more wax and cover the top.

      It is likely to become even after it.

How to pick essential oils to make soy candles?

Now we’ll reveal some secrets of the main essential oils you may use to make candles.

9 essential oils which are suitable for soy candles:

  1. The aroma of orange bloom calms down as well as has the relaxing effect and improves the sleep.

    Besides, this is the oil of happiness and working efficiency.

  2. Ilang-ilang is considered to be an aphrodisiac.

    It improves the mood, relieves the stress, and stimulates the sexual attraction.

    Moreover, it boosts self-confidence and decreases the irritability.

  3. Jasmine relaxes, balances, destroys unpleasant smells.

    It is used for meditations because it helps to relax completely.

    Besides, it increases sexual desire.

  4. Lavender is said to help with a headache.

    The lavender oil stimulates good mood, helps to fall asleep faster and to forget all sadness.

  5. Rosemary is the natural energizer because it stimulates the protective forces of the organism, relaxes the muscles and helps with digestion.

    The smell is bitter-spicy.

  6. Eucalyptus has the healing effect.

    This smell relieves the breathing and cleans the air.

    It improves the working efficiency and eliminates sleepiness.

  7. Lemon refreshes and tones.

    Moreover, it helps with a headache, makes a person full of energy and positive emotions.

  8. Mint tones and improves the nervous system.

    Mint restores the strength, decreases the nervous agitation.

    In addition, it deals with exhaustion and headache.

    It also fights nausea, lightheadedness, and sea sickness.

  9. Neroli is considered to be feminine oil and aphrodisiac.

    It stimulates sexual desire in men and women.

    Moreover, it fights insomnia and nervous agitation.

Soy candles are considered to be the most ecological because they can be biologically decomposed and they burn longer than the rest of types.

We hope that our article helped you to study how to make soy candles with essential oils.

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