How to deal with anxiety: 7 ways

7 useful ways that can help deal with anxiety! Save.


«What will happen to me?», «I can`t cope with it», «I worry he won`t ever love me because..»

Anxiety is what often prevents us from living in peace.

«How to deal with anxiety? Is it possible?»

Experts give an answer: «It is!»

Anxious people can rarely be disciplined – they undertake duties and are often not able to manage before deadline.

Such people avoid public speaking, corporate parties, and dinners with colleagues.

Anxiety always goes in pair with having complexes.

The normal anxiety is a characteristics of a person to be worried about someone’s criticism or to be afraid of future events.

If a person does not get stuck with this kind of anxiety, then this behavior is a characteristic of almost all the people.

But if such reactions occur frequently, you should work on them to change some of your views.

In comparison with a chronic anxiety, to eliminate which you need the help of the therapist in addition to independent work, the usual anxiety can be self-corrected.

You need to learn to control yourself — this is the main motto.

7 ways to deal with anxiety

Way to deal with anxiety No. 1:

If you feel the temptation to run away and to leave your job, resist it!

Moreover, you need to set a goal for yourself and make steps to achieve this goal.

Career achievements are extremely important for improving your self-esteem.

Way to deal with anxiety No. 2:

If you have a friend, a person whom you trust, tell him/her about your worries.

The realization that, despite your problems, this person accepts you, will help in dealing with anxiety. You may also need to consult a psychotherapist or a psychologist.

Way to deal with anxiety No. 3:

Learn to notice the pleasant moments of your life — even like putting things right on your own desktop.

Change anxious thoughts into calm and pleasant ones.

Also, don’t let other people’s victories pass unnoticed to you. Congratulate everybody, be sincerely happy for them.

This effort will enliven you, will give you strength, and will help you gain people`s respect.

Way to deal with anxiety No. 4:

Choose two activities except work for yourself.

Determine special days for physical activity, and leave the other ones for relaxation.

For example, start going to the pool, take up dancing, aerobics or gym.

Try to go to the country sometimes or at least go to a park or forest for a walk.

One condition: you should deliberately avoid thinking about your worries.

A person can be positive-minded, see the world clearly and make the right decisions only being more or less calm and relaxed.

Way to deal with anxiety No. 5:

Say no to alcohol, at least temporarily.

Or take only minimal doses.

It just seems that it helps to deal with anxiety.

It may temporarily be so. But later it is going to get only worse from the realization that you are back to reality.

This is why most alcoholics and drug addicts are very anxious people as usual.

So don’t play with fire.

Way to deal with anxiety No. 6:

Try to smile at strangers in public transport, shops, on the street.

This exercise helps to realize that even such a little thing as a smile may make people feel better and respond sympathetically.

It proves that the world is not such a terrible place to live and that there is no need to worry much.

Way to deal with anxiety No. 7:

If there is some alarming situation in your personal life or at work, the one that exhausts you and takes away your strength, try to switch to something else and spend a certain time and energy on your new activity.

For example, take care of health and beauty.

Surely you’ve been longing to visit a dentist or a hairdresser. Make a schedule, take the necessary amount from your budget and go ahead!

By the way… 😯

ACCORDING to studies conducted in the United States, nearly half of working Americans feel the constant stress and anxiety.

A quarter of them took medication to deal with anxiety, nervousness, and insomnia.

Despite this, only 9% of working Americans were officially diagnosed with anxiety disorder.

In the U.S. anxiety disorder is the most common psychiatric illness.

7 ways, how to overcome fear

A question on the subject: «SHOULD I DIVORCE?»

«We`ve been married for two years, and I do not remember a single week that had passed without a quarrel.

My husband always grumbles without any reason, and I get provoked and start a conflict.

I can`t stand it anymore! It is the same for him, too. The feeling’s gone; we rarely even give each other a hug.

I don’t know what to do. Should I divorce? Or it is possible to change the situation?»

Oksana, 30 years old.

Psychologist`s reply:

«The FIRST thing I would like to understand is the nature of your husband`s grumbling.

From my experience I know that a person doesn`t get dissatisfied for nothing.

After all, if your spouse behaves this way since the first days of your marriage, it is most logical that he had to show these features of his character before marriage.

So here is a question for you: why didn’t you want to notice that before marriage?

But let`s get back to your husband.

Apparently, there aren`t any warm relationships or close emotional contact and trust among you two, which are always present in a happy family.

But it is in your power to create them.

But you need to realize that it cannot be achieved in a day or even a month. Good relationships do not get out of nothing.

You need to build and grow them as a beautiful tree, starting from the moment of putting seed into the ground.

And it is not easy.

You and your husband expect a certain ideal behavior from each other.

Each of you has invented the model of this behavior, but it is not relevant to real life.

Forget the insults, sit down and talk with your spouse confidentially.

Learn what he wants from your relationship and why he is unhappy.

Tell him how you feel when you hear his criticism or severe remarks.

He may need more love and understanding from your side.

It may also be necessary to improve an intimate side of your relationship.

Don’t be afraid to take responsibility!

And only if you say to yourself honestly: «I did everything I could, but nothing changed», you’ll have nothing better than to file for divorce.

But, judging by the letter, you are not ready for it yet, so get to know your husband.»

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