How to Become More Handsome: 20 tips

Useful tips and pieces of advice on how to become more handsome are gathered in this article. Start working on your appearance right now!


It’s not a secret that not only representatives of the fair sex think about their attraction.

Men also think how handsome they look.

Specialists, who know all modern ways how to become more handsome, assure that in the first turn men must look at themselves attentively in the mirror and point out all drawbacks they have.

Moreover, it’s very important to be objective; otherwise you won’t achieve positive results.

Only then you are able to start working on your appearance and improving the qualities of character, because being handsome means not only being a nice image.

Recommendations to the young guys on how to become more handsome

  • Find your own style

    Young age is often associated with constant searching and experiments.

    Do not be afraid of anything new, lest it may bring harm to your health.

    Looking for the optimal image, you can find out a lot about yourself and your possibilities.

    The most important is that it does not contradict your preferences.

    Do not go too far with the novelties, the result of which will be impossible to remove.

    If tattoos and piercing can be rather easily removed, scarification and gauged ears will leave traces, which you won’t be able to eliminate very quickly, cheaply and easily.

    You are sure to need much money and efforts.

    How to be More Attractive Men?

  • Go in for sports

    Strong musclemen with good figure have turned the heads of many girls.

    Easy and light movements, strength and endurance will bring you self-composed confidence in yourself and your powers.

  • Quit dreadful habits

    Alcohol and cigarettes’ manufacturers have invested millions of dollars to create the image of a smoking and drinking man, who seems mature, independent and self-sufficient.

    Nevertheless, there is nothing heroic in poisoning your body with toxins from alcohol and tobacco.

    In the world, where many people smoke, you’ll differ greatly from the rest of people by your originality.

  • Define in which direction you’d like to work and study this profession

    Determination and clear plans for the future will complete your image as of a smart and confident person.

    The prestige of your profession will secure high income in the future.

    Girls value guys for their reliability and confidence in tomorrow’s day.

  • Take care of your appearance

    Haircut made by your mother at home seems nice and touching only in childhood.

    You still must go to the barber’s regularly.

    Your hair must be well done and clean regardless of its length.

    Moreover, you should regularly take shower and watch your nails.

    A great decision will also be, if you decided to use cologne.

    Nevertheless, you should not prefer heavy aromas, which are likely to suit older men.

    It will ruin the harmony of your image.

    You should choose fruity and sporty perfumes.

  • Pick the clothes, which fit your style

    This component of your image must take most part of your attention.

    The negligence of your attire will only push away the girls.

    However, accurateness and style will become reliable baits for female.

    Do not overuse accessories.

    Plenty of rings, chains, handbags and hats are sure to signal how tasteless you are and how much you want people to pay attention to you.

    You should not attract by the screaming bad taste, but you’d better use a nice handsome image, and it does not matter which one.

    Real handsomeness is unpretentious.

  • Watch your language

    Communicating with girls and women you should be educated and reserved.

    Be calm and patient even if some outrageous things happen.

    Firm calmness and cold-bloodedness will turn you into a tower of strength and a lifeboat for every woman.

  • Do not try to assert yourself at expense of others

    Demonstration of superiority by humiliating other people have never added scores to the rating and the girl will probably be on the side of the person you humiliated and offended.

  • Find yourself an original hobby

    Women are extremely attracted to everything unusual.

    If you draw on the sand in the morning or jump with a parachute from the bridge, or in case you help senior citizens and sick people as a volunteer – it will surely become your advantage and a reason for a woman to develop your relationships.

    Be funny and smart, learn how to become an interesting interlocutor and how to listen attentively.

    You’ll be surprised how much women value an interesting interlocutor.

Pieces of advice on how to become more handsome for mature men

In the more mature age every man must have his own “zests”, which are able to attract women’s attention.

  • Take good care of yourself

    Women like handsome men.

    Everything must be tidy and neat.

    Your hair must be clean and cut in a stylish and nice way.

  • Do not neglect using cosmetics

    A false belief that cosmetics are the women’s things should never confuse you.

    Chapped lips; skin which is rough because of the cuts; hardened horny hands with dirty and jagged nails; legs with old warts and clavuses and nails, which even an eagle would envy – all these things will attract only gorilla.

    That’s why make it a rule to visit beauty salon and SPA regularly.

    At home you should use shaving cream, lip care stick, eye cream, deodorants and colognes.

  • Choose stylish clothes

    Women love men in formal business suits with ties (or bows).

    Try to wear the minimum of accessories.

    A small ring, French cuffs, a tie and a case or clip for your tie – this is all you need and you should not add anything else.

  • Go in for sports

    A handsome man with defined prelum and biceps, tight buttocks will definitely attract many women on the beach or in the swimming pool.

  • Read more

    A well-read man with broad mind is always an interesting and pleasant interlocutor.

    Besides, the ears are said to be women’s love organ.

  • Try to stick to the golden mine when communicating with women

    Too shy interlocutors, which are afraid of every sharp movement of a woman, do not evoke passion in them.

    However, being too aggressive and bold is not a very appropriate strategy.

    Be witty, cheerful, rather brave but do not let yourself too much, especially in a big company.

    Even if a girl feels sympathy towards you, she may not want show her feelings in front of everyone.

5 tips on how to become more handsome

  1. Believe in yourself

    The first way to become a handsome guy is to believe in yourself.

    There are plenty of attractive guys, which are as handsome as models, but girls do not pay attention to them for some reason.

    That’s because these guys do not believe in themselves and girls, accordingly, cannot believe in them either.

    Women’s instincts differ a lot.

    However, it was also noticed that guys pay great attention to girls’ confidence, even more than to their appearance, which is hidden by the mask of the high self-esteem.

  2. Love yourself

    The second step to become more handsome and become popular with the ladies is to love and accept yourself as you are.

    Failures in acquaintances and seductions are connected to the fact that men try to pretend someone they are not.

    If you cannot love and accept yourself as you are, ladies will never be able to love you and become interested in you.

  3. Develop your confidence

    A girl is more likely to choose a strong and confident man to become her husband than an unconfident guy.

    It’s not so difficult to improve your confidence, you simply need regular efforts.

    You can start a journal of success and every day write there at least 10-20 things you successfully did.

    This is the best way to improve your self-esteem and gradually you’ll find it easier to meet with the ladies.

  4. Boost your self-esteem

    If you really want to become a more confident man in the women’s eyes, you should learn how to improve your self-esteem.

    It’s so silly to overestimate yourself as well as to underestimate.

    That’s why you should find a golden mine, lest you seem a loser or a selfish man.

  5. You must care about your appearance

    Surely, in order to become more handsome, you must always remember about personal hygiene.

    Go to the barber’s once a month; shave every day or, at least, once in two days.

    Every day take a shower and watch your fresh breathing and the condition of your skin, nails, teeth and so on.

    Girls see how much you love yourself and how much you care about your appearance, and only then they test how good you are during the conversation.

    Speaking about how to become more handsome, we can’t fail to mention the smile.

    Girls like it when guys have wonderful smile, but, unfortunately, not all representatives of the strong sex can boast of it.

    You should not become too disappointed, because in order to have a Hollywood smile you simply need to clean your teeth regularly and twice a year see your dentist.

Do not forget that men’s handsomeness is often understood differently than women’s.

Appearance is important for men, but it’s still more important to have the following qualities: manliness, responsibility and charisma.

Due to this, you need to pay enough attention to your inner qualities’ improvement.

So, before thinking how to become more handsome, you’d better work with your inner world first as it requires more time.

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