How to Get Rid of Anxiety Attacks: 9 Best Ways

You cannot hold yourself and do not know how to get rid of anxiety attacks, do you? Read about 9 ways how to cope with anxiety attacks.


Sometimes you feel you are going crazy and lose control.

Or maybe someone from your close people said that you probably started to have a psychical disorder.

Relax and do not worry because our article will teach you how to get rid of anxiety attacks.

How to get rid of anxiety attacks discovering what they are?

They may be defined as the episodes of a sudden intense fear the hardest period of which lasts for about a minute.

The fits of attacks can last from several seconds to a half an hour.

Sometimes there is a sequence of attacks which can last for several hours in total.

The fear is accompanied by the unpleasant physical feelings, troubles of thinking and the feeling of the catastrophe coming.

Very often the expectation of these attacks may be torturing if a person experienced them earlier.

Some anxiety attacks may be completely unexpected; others happen regularly and are triggered by their expectation.

How to get rid of anxiety attacks discovering their symptoms?

People who suffer from such problem very often complain of having a terrible fear, the feeling they are going to die or become crazy or the feeling of something like a heart attack.

They feel very weak and have nausea, troubles with breathing, lose control over themselves.

All these feelings can cause a great desire to run away and leave the place where the attack began as if it could set them free from the danger.

There can be plenty of factors which cause panic but every time they start suddenly.

No one can say beforehand that a person is going to panic.

The disorder itself may be of two types: spontaneous and situational

  1. Spontaneous anxiety attacks are not usually connected to a certain irritator and can start even during sleep or calm, relaxed rest.
  2. The situational ones are provoked, as you can understand from the title, by certain things and situations where a person already faced great fear.

There are general symptoms which a person experiences in this or that combination during the anxiety attack:

  • Strong and frequent heart beating;
  • Sweating;
  • Shivering;
  • Fits of hot and chill;
  • Respite or feeling lack of air;
  • Pain or discomfort in the chest;
  • Nausea;
  • Upset stomach;
  • Dizziness;
  • Itching or feeling of sleep arms and legs;
  • Dryness of the mouth;
  • Headache;
  • Feeling the things around are unreal or do not actually happen.

The symptoms, which people experience, trigger the corresponding fears.

They do not understand what the reason for the anxiety attack is.

Some of them get scared they’d lose control over themselves; others seem they’d lose consciousness and stop orienting in time and space or die from a heart attack.

How to get rid of anxiety attacks discovering why they appear?

Before we answer the question of how to get rid of anxiety attacks we’d better study the reason of their appearance.

Reasons why panic attacks occur:

  1. A predisposing factor is heredity. It was discovered that such disorders are also observed in the relatives.

    It means that hereditary factor plays an important part in being inclined to having anxiety attacks.

  2. Biological reasons such as obsessive compulsory disorder, posttraumatic stress, low blood sugar, hyperthyroidism, Wilson’s disease, mitral valve prolapse, pheochromocytoma, and labyrinthitis.

    These are the illnesses which can provoke the development of the anxiety disorders as well as the lack of vitamin B.

  3. Phobias can cause the fit of panic because people are influenced by the phobic objects or situations.
  4. Short-term reasons like a huge personal loss including the breakup of emotional romantic attachment between the partners or serious changes in life as well as overusing such stimulants as caffeine and nicotine.
  5. Lack of self-confidence is proved to be a reason because the growing number of proofs confirms that these people mostly prefer a passive style of communication and interaction with other people.
  6. Medical drugs such as methylphenidate or the group of fluoroquinolones are able to cause anxiety attacks.

    It may be just a temporal side effect at the beginning of treatment or after becoming addicted to the product.

  7. Alcohol or the withdrawal symptom of the definite products.

    Various products are able to cause anxiety attacks and the abstinence syndrome (or the so-called hangover) which is often accompanied by the increased anxiety.

  8. The syndrome of hyperventilation disturbs the correlation of oxygen and carbon in the human blood.

    The syndrome of hyperventilation may cause frequent heart beating and dizziness.

  9. Situational anxiety attacks concern definite situations and fits of panic.
  10. Pharmaceutical factors concern certain chemical substances which can either interact with other medicine or provoke the fit of anxiety or even the panic disorder.
  11. Chronic and serious diseases, which especially include some heart diseases that are able to lead to a sudden death.

    The realization of the threat can easily trigger the anxiety attack.

4 ways how to get rid of an anxiety attack

We suggest you making 4 steps on the way to eliminating this problem:

  1. Relaxation means using certain respiratory techniques to help yourself relax as much as possible.
  2. Using affirmations and positive statements means to begin and finish each day with the words “I’m strong, I can handle anxiety!”.

    Any positive statement, which will gradually end up in your consciousness, will significantly improve your condition.

  3. Accepting the emotions is one of the most effective ways to get rid of the problem.

    You must acknowledge all your fears and worries and as soon as you do it, you must look deeper and try to figure out what exactly became the reason of the existing state of things.

    If you find the answers to your questions, you’ll be able to find the ways how to control your fears or completely get rid of them.

  4. Blocking the negative thoughts means that you must clear your consciousness of all negative thoughts.

    Try to think only positively!

    Try to turn to the therapy using hypnosis or neuro-linguistic programming.

Psychotherapeutic methods of how to get rid of the anxiety attack

How to get rid of the anxiety attack using 5 main psychotherapeutic methods:

  1. Cognitive behavioral therapy is focused on eliminating the phobias.

    It is based on the study of the principles how anxiety attacks occur and then on the meditation, visualization, and respiratory techniques.

  2. Body-oriented therapy is usually used to fix the fears.

    Various techniques of relaxation and respiratory exercises are used to lessen the feeling of anxiety.

  3. Hypnosis helps a patient to feel safe during the panic attack.
  4. Family therapy is focused on the work with all family members to lower the negative atmosphere in the relative circle.

    This method provides with the opportunity to learn how to support and help a close person to cope with this problem.

  5. Psychoanalysis reveals the main possible reasons for the appearance of an anxiety attack.

An anxiety attack will never become a customary thing because they deprive you of the possibility to live the normal life.

Mind that they can be defeated if you know how to get rid of anxiety attacks.

Be focused, decisive and work hard on this problem.

Your persistence will be rewarded with the long-expected freedom from fear!

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