How to be More Attractive Men?

In this article you are going to uncover 12 useful pieces of advice on how to be a more attractive man. Fix your private life.


Men’s beauty is something different from women’s.

It concerns not so much the men’s appearance, but more his character and behavior.

Many people write articles about how to take care of oneself, what a person must wear and describe ways how to train the body, but do you know how to develop the inner world?

Be a man, whom a woman needs, but not the person, who needs a woman.

That’s why let’s try to figure out how to be a more attractive man.

How to become a more attractive man if you think that girls like bad boys?

Firstly, this remark is completely wrong.

Girls tend to choose confident guys:

  • It simply happens that a brave guy does some deeds, which other boys will never dare to do.
  • He is more impudent and is not afraid to speak.

    He does not stumble when meeting a girl and does not blush or pale.

  • Such men are eager to face adventures and are not afraid of various sports activities.
  • A confident man attracts much more than a shy one, who is standing in the corner and nobody notices his presence.

    Do not think if you believe in yourself only a little now, you’ll stay like this forever.

  • It’s quite possible to improve your resolution.

    If you really want it, you’ll definitely succeed.

    Do not be afraid to show your initiative and do not take every denial personal.

How to be a more attractive man using the power of clothes?

In the modern world, men probably spend much more time in front of the mirror than ladies do.

It’s at least silly to pay so much attention to how you look, and not to take care at all about your content.

You can look perfectly well, but be completely empty inside.

Only shallow communication awaits you then.

Remember that every lady feels nice to be with a man, who is clean and neat.

You should not have dirty nails or hair.

Never bite your nails or cuticles and always watch your clothes and shoes – it must be clean.

That’s all and you should not go too far in this matter and spend two hours getting ready to go out.

12 tips on how to be a more attractive man

  1. Notice the universal flirting signs.

    You will never be denied in continuing communication, if you learn how to see the signs of women flirting.

    The psychologists prove that women express their interest the same way in both Parisian café and deep in the Amazonian region.

    Girls do not learn the flirting signals; because they get these skills from their mother’s milk.

    If a lady smiles to the admirer and then quickly raises her eyebrows and opens the eyes wide, she is definitely expressing true sexual interest.

    Then the plan of actions is like this: a girl closes her eyes and bends her head down and to the side a bit.

    Such behavior is very often accompanied by the nervous giggling and the hands may hide her face from embarrassment.

  2. Train your body to become a more attractive man.

    In order to have a productive meeting, you’ll need to sweat a lot in the gym.

    Muscles are on the priority lists of most ladies.

    It’s established on their genetic level – they desire to have healthy off-springs.

    However, you should mind that women prefer taut and sporty men to roided out ones.

  3. Be kind to be more attractive.

    You should not take kindness as a weakness and rudeness as power. When a man is rude and gross-out, it’s noticed at once.

    Such men know how to hide their aggression in front of the fair sex, but communicating with other people it instantly appears. It may be a waiter in café, a shop-assistant or a passer-by.

    Ladies find kind men more attractive, because they definitely love their children and are proud of having a family.

    However, it does not necessarily mean they cannot stand up for themselves.

    Moreover, kindness has much power.

    A man can momentarily show his fangs and claws as soon as he needs it.

    Nevertheless, the people around should not wake his aggressive side up, because it will cost them more.

  4. Train your speech in order to be a more attractive man.

    The skill of speaking impressively is definitely one of the best men’s qualities.

    Beautiful, confident and well-bred speech attracts women.

    Highly developed oratory skills will let you easily express your emotions, intentions and thoughts.

    Besides, you should learn how to have “quick tongue” – it’s an ability to score off somebody and to keep any conversation rolling by telling people stories and jokes.

  5. Be an expert in women.

    An attractive man is not proud of his success among women and is decently keeping silent about his victories.

    It instigates and attracts the fair sex.

    A man knows when to give his hand, call, hug, kiss, give a present or put the girl on her back.

    No one should teach him these things, and he does not force the events. Such man is definitely an expert in women.

  6. Be attractive being yourself.

    Be yourself, be real.

    Most people take great pains to produce good impression on people they like.

    It’s very good, but you should not be the person you are not.

    Moreover, people will eventually discover you cheated them in this matter.

    The ability to stay yourself is a very attractive quality. It means you must have your own point of view on different things, your own preferences, ideas and interests.

  7. Be funny to be more attractive.

    A man is considered nice, if he has a good sense of humor, which everybody understands.

    First of all, it concerns the collective (where you have a risk to fail and raise laughter).

    That’s why you should be careful: men prefer women, who laugh at their jokes and rarely laugh at women’s jokes.

    Actually, it is proved that men do not like girls, who tell jokes more often than they do!

    Nevertheless, girls tend to consider all funny men attractive.

  8. Build strong character.

    A man has a strong point of view, which does not depend on the situation and wishes of people around.

    It is especially topical in communication with ladies: either we do as I said… or what I said we’ll do.

    Clunkers, wafflers and men with weak character sleep alone in the bed, while men with strong characters are very attractive to the fair sex, to trembling in the chest and knees.

  9. Be purposeful to be attractive to women.

    Adult people realize how important it is for a man to have goals and plans.

    A person, who wants and has clear ambitions, will always seem more attractive than the one, who goes with the stream.

    Do not be the average person.

    A man, who has impressive plans and dreams, will always be attractive to many lonely women’s hearts.

  10. Pay attention to your appearance and work on it.

    Even, a bit tangled skin without acne and other drawbacks, shiny hair and white smile will make attractive even the most ordinary guy.

    If you can’t boast of these things, you should turn to specialists.

    A dermatologist will bring your skin to order, a good dentist and the system of teeth whitening at home are sure to make your teeth more beautiful.

    If you are losing your hair, you should simply get shaved – many women find it very sexy.

  11. Find your cologne in order to be more attractive.

    Pick suitable cologne with discreet odor.

    According to the most psychologists, ladies prefer aromas with mild woody notes and light shades of musk.

    Stock up on gums, take showers more often and change your clothes.

    A girl must be pleased to spend time with you.

    Do not go too far – too much attention to your appearance will probably push away more than attract.

  12. Become an interesting person.

    You must have your favorite places for rest, an original hobby, companies, where you can invite your new girl-friend.

    Do not hurry to show her all your strong sides at the first meeting.

    Light understatements, mysterious, interesting or even romantic past – such things often attract girls.

Mind that men’s attraction is hidden not so much in the physical parameters, but in his moral qualities.

Everybody can change them.

That’s why we hope our article on how to be a more attractive man is going to help you.

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