How to Become an Interesting Person?

8 pieces of advice on how to become an interesting person. Let’s learn how to interest others!


Every one of us has his own concept and definition of the term “an interesting person” or “an interesting personality”.

They differ somehow, but still different people have a common definition to some length.

An interesting personality is a person, who knows how to keep the conversation rolling (notwithstanding the topic).

It’s a pleasure to listen to him because he is an optimistic, cheerful, charismatic, self-confident person, who, in addition, has a good sense of humour.

Such person is respected; people reach for him and wish to have such a friend.

Are you still thinking how to become an interesting person?

Do you want others to pay you attention and listen to your opinion?

Do you feel people are bored in your company?

It’s high time you worked just a little bit on yourself.

8 different ways to become a more interesting person

  1. Learn and discover something new all the time.

    It’s not difficult at all to become an interesting person, if only you have a lively interest in something:

    • change scenery more often;
    • discover new places and get new impressions;
    • travel;
    • broaden your mind;
    • study the new trends, ideas and thoughts;
    • enrich your intellect.

    If you really want to become a person, who is interesting to people, you must find your hobbies and figure out what interests you most, whatever it may be.

    Actually, it doesn’t matter which hobby you’ll choose – painting, embroidery, tomato growing or collecting coins.

    A person interested in anything is almost always an interesting personality.

    Such people are devoted to their hobby, which usually develops from a simple hobby to the lifework.

    They live right with themselves and are recognized and respected in the society, regardless of the sphere of self-realization: in science or sports, politics or art, pedagogics or entrepreneurship.

    Being involved in a new hobby, a person shouldn’t focus on one thing but broaden his sphere of interests.

    It’s really great if you studied the subject from three different sides and know everything about it, but the possibility to make a person interested and become an interesting person to communicate with will be much higher in case your knowledge isn’t limited by one particular thing.

  2. Share the received knowledge.

    It’s one thing to learn plenty of new things for yourself, to enrich your cognition and broaden your mind.

    Quite the different one is to communicate – it’s the way how the formation of an interesting personality happens.

    All people are characterized by the overwhelming desire to learn something new.

    That’s why the possibility of getting new useful information always arouses interest.

    The abilities to deliver the information in an amusing and correct way, demonstrating good communication skills, will double the interest to the information.

    Having learnt how to deliver your thoughts and share knowledge you’ll secure yourself with the large audience, who’ll listen with open mouth to the every word you say and are sure to consider you an interesting person to communicate with.

  3. Try to notice the best in you.

    Many people find themselves ordinary and boring and don’t believe in their own possibilities.

    To such words as “There is a whole universe hidden in every person” and “Every person is unique” they turn a deaf ear or believe they can concern anyone but them.

    Remember, there is no enemy worse than a self-destruction.

    Look at you from the third hand, emphasize your strong traits of character and focus on the best sides of your nature.

    Fight lack of will-power and weaknesses, do not hide your talents and skills, but right on the contrary, demonstrate them.

    After you found your positive qualities (it can’t be you have none), try to multiply them.

    Some drawbacks can be turned in advantages by making them the part of your image and a unique style.

    People maintaining funny habits and principles may be interesting as well.

  4. Learn to listen.

    To become an interesting person and an interlocutor you must learn to listen to others. Your ability to listen to the interlocutor (as well as asking questions) will play a huge part in taking you as an interesting person.

    Let others express themselves and speak about themselves.

    This way you’ll demonstrate your attention and interest in the person and will become an interesting person in his eyes.

    How can one possibly consider a person interesting, if he is focused only on himself and rapture at his personality?

    Quite on the contrary, someone, who is talking only about himself, thinking about himself and is interested in nothing but himself, is a boring person.

  5. Accept your oddities.

    Everybody has his rats in the attic.

    They are the individual qualities and oddities. You shouldn’t hide them from others, as they make you unique and interesting.

    If you differ from most people and can say “I’m not like everyone else”, you mustn’t be shy about it, but make it your merit and zest.

    However, there is one big NO – your oddity mustn’t be too weird.

    The interest is aroused by something new, which differs from trivial but is understandable.

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  6. Be yourself and don’t follow the crowd.


    Surrounding people are interested in independent people, who have the feeling of dignity and are not submissive to the things they don’t like or are strange at all.

    Be independent in making the decisions and don’t become similar to others.

    Do the things you like and resist outside influence.

    While some people adjust to others, you must demonstrate your individuality:

    • buy clothes, which isn’t fashionable, but which you like and feel comfortable and cosy;
    • go in for favourite kind of sports, but not along for the ride;
    • listen to the music your heart want, but not songs that are popular and so on.

    Do as you think is right and don’t pay attention to the gossip and envious people.

    Your true friends will respect you for this.

    Remember that it’s easier to become an interesting person to the surrounding people, if you create something own by following your path.

  7. Moderate your fears.

    To remain the person you are, have your own point of view and persist in your opinion a person needs to be brave.

    Don’t be afraid of others’ views, which may be expressed in case you don’t go with the times.

    Bravery is needed to go by the unexpected and unknown path in any moment.

    Some people are seriously dependent and are afraid of everything. They fear so much that they don’t dare to do something out of comfort zone.

    One should be braver, try, dare, risk, and decide to do something, fall and get up with the broken knees.

    A person with a huge life experience is more interesting than a person, in whose life nothing is going on.

    To make this experience rich, one should be brave from time to time.

  8. If you have a good sense of humour, use it.

    Witty, cheerful and people, who can raise your mood, are usually considered to be interesting people, but not those, who know how Newton laws work and can bore to death telling them.

    Very often, when it’s interesting to spend time with a person, people say “I enjoyed spending time with him”, “it’s always fun with him” and so on.

    People, who make you smile and can make others laugh, are always wanted.

    People wish to be with them and invite to all companies.

    The easiest and most reliable way to be interesting in communication (easy for a person with sense of humour) is to make a joke, tell an anecdote or funny story in time and to clear the air.

It’s not difficult at all to become an interesting person, if you show your intellect, mother wit, originality and the most important – if you stay yourself!

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