8 tips, how to become famous

You don’t know how to become famous? We offer you 8 tips, that will help you to reach the peak of popularity. Enjoy!


My dear readers of motivational-tips! Have you ever thought why do some people who don’t possess any unique talents or knowledge reach the peak of popularity and fame, while other people always stay aside and pass away inconspicuously?

Why is this happening? Why do some people have everything while others get nothing from life?

Finally, is there a certain way how to become famous?

How to Become Famous: and Why You Are Not Famous Yet?

The notion of fame implies the possession of a certain quality that distinguishes a person among others and makes him unique. Famous people always expose their talent in a special way that is different from usual.

If you want to become famous, the desire itself is not enough. First of all, you will need to develop a great will-power, patience and faith in your future success.

Many people think that fame and popularity are very easy to reach, e.g. one day you wake up and feel famous.

Of course, this can also take place, but usually such instant fame is preceded by many years of hard work that are not noticed by anyone!

Fame can be compared to mountain climbing.

Imagine that you decided to reach the top of the mountain that has never been conquered before.

You bought necessary equipment and came to the foot of the mountain.

At once people try to talk you out of this idea, telling that you can get hurt or even die of hunger. Nevertheless, you made your mind to start climbing.

People watch you making your way up for several days, but when you disappear from their sight, they simply forget about you.

You are climbing up for one month, a year or even two.

One day you finally reach the top. People at the foot of the mountain see you on top and start talking about you.

The whole world gets to know about your deed because you’ve done impossible!

Yesterday nobody knew you but today you’ve become a star!

Popular magazines want to arrange an interview with you, film-makers want to star you in their next movie, and the best restaurants invite you to become their guest.

However, nobody guesses that you’ve spent 2 years in order to reach the top.

All this time you might have suffered from severe weather conditions and hunger, but nobody is interested in your struggles. Everybody thinks only about facts and results, not about the process of action.

How to Become Famous – the Guide for Action!

«People are famous for being famous and for nothing else. And good luck to them, because it lasts about a year and then they’re nothing again.»
Brian Johnson.

If you really want to become famous, then the following instructions will help you to achieve your aim.

Before you start reading, I would like to remind you that reading this guide will not help you if you don’t develop will-power, patience and self-confidence!

If you are ready, let’s go!

Recommendation # 1. Set a goal and the term of its fulfillment.

In order to achieve something in your life, you have to set a goal and make your way to its realization.

You should also motivate yourself by setting certain terms of its fulfillment.

If you keep in mind that you are limited by a deadline, you will make great efforts to achieve your aim in time.

You can ask me, why do I need to complicate everything so much?

Read such situations:

  1. I want to finish acting classes in a year
  2. I want to finish acting classes one day

Now tell me, which of these goals is more likely to be achieved?

This is what I am talking about!

Recommendation # 2. Work on your charisma and charm.

Take a look on famous people.

They all have something in common.

They all possess a certain charisma and use it to influence other people.

This influence is so strong that people are ready to follow a famous person and take him as an example.

Besides, many famous people feel compassion for somebody’s problems; they are sincere and responsive.

You also should work on your charisma and try to be open to the world.

Recommendation # 3. If you want to be famous, you have to work hard.

Usually nobody is born already famous, as well as nobody is born already a genius.

Every person possesses approximately 3% of talent and 97% of persistence, but not everybody is ready to use this persistence properly.

If you really want to become famous, you have to work hard every day and then you will reach success!

Recommendation # 4. Be a party animal.

If you behave bitchy, mass media will do all work for you!

Once you’ve become famous, you can start writing vulgar books, create unreadable websites or sing horrible songs.

Nobody will ever doubt your talent if you are a woman with a positive self-esteem!

Recommendation # 5. Concentrate on your education.

Famous people have always been highly-educated.

If you are going to say that many of them have never studied at the universities, I will agree with that, but does education consist only in the piece of plastic, called a diploma?

I don’t think so.

You can become an educated person without graduating from the university.

All you need is to concentrate on self-improvement, read corresponding literature and attend trainings.

There are some cases when even foolish girls become famous and popular, but can you tell me how does their life turn out?

Yesterday they were popular, and today they are mopping the floors somewhere.

Unlike them, people who pay much attention to their education remain on the peak of popularity.

We all know Cleopatra as the most beautiful woman in the history of mankind.

However, there are some facts which state that the only things she possessed were the knowledge how to use her body and wit.

Cleopatra realized the power of knowledge.

She knew how to seduce men; she could maintain conversation with them and keep them interested in her.

Men went crazy about her only because she knew how to use the knowledge she had.

Recommendation # 6. Discover something.

Keep in mind that this recommendation will work out only if you are good at sciences.

You can discover something unknown before, and then fame is guaranteed (as well as the Nobel Prize)! 🙂

Recommendation # 7. Do something heroic and become famous.

If you are not a Batman or a Superman, you will have to take some thought how to become a hero.

You will have to do something extraordinary, something that everybody will talk about.

You can save a person from drowning in front of others or you can save the house from burning down.

Recommendation # 8. Don’t be a blind follower.

Everybody knows a popular game called “Angry Birds”.

Apart from game itself, the birds have been placed on T-shirts, notebooks, postcards etc.

However, when a group of students created this game and wanted to sell it, everybody laughed at them and many companies refused to invest their money in these “stupid birds”.

This is the reason why you also shouldn’t be a blind follower of a common view point.

Display your personality. There were times when people laughed at the idea that Earth is round.

This is not the full list of recommendations how to become famous.

You should search for new methods of achieving your aim, improve yourself and believe in your success.

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If you want to become famous, you should always move forward, be kind and sincere.

You should master your skills and talents every day, and if you do this success will come into your life!

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