How to Become More Attractive to Women?

Some tips and recommendations on how to become more attractive to women. Devote some time to them and you are sure to win women’s hearts over.


There is simply no definition of an ideal man – because all girls are illogical in their wishes.

Nevertheless, there are several facts proved by science, which improve men’s attraction in women’s eyes.

So, how to become more attractive to women?

Let’s try to uncover how to become such person.

How to become more attractive to women: 8 Important Tips

  • Get rid of the bad breath.

    Actually, one of the best ways to learn more about the person is to talk to him.

    If during the conversation it turns out an interlocutor smells with onions, there is not much desire to continue the conversation.

    Use mouth rinse and gum after you had your meal.

    Do not be lazy, because your breathing is the first thing, which decides whether you are going to spend this night alone or in the nice company.

    It takes you almost 45 seconds.

  • You need to wear shoes on a small platform.

    Let all your girlfriends say they are interested in personality first of all, they still find more attractive those, who are higher than they are.

    It does not mean you must become a professional basketball player to be popular with the ladies.

    You may simply look up to the girlfriends lower than you on 5 centimeters.

    Moreover, you can simplify your task and buy shoes on 1-cm platform.

    It’s a mere nothing, but still a pleasant thing.

    It will take you 5 seconds (if you do not count the time you need to decide, which shoes to buy).

  • You must always have your back straight.

    Women like not only tall men, but those who have good posture.

    Straight spine has several advantages.

    Firstly, standing straight you seem taller.

    Secondly, good posture will definitely add confidence and dominance to your appearance.

    Moreover, you are likely to attract for communication more.

    It takes you just a second.

  • Emphasize your chin or hide it.

    Men with distinct chin are more attractive to women.

    Moreover, scientists assume it is connected to the thought that men with such faces seem stronger, healthier and more enduring, i.e. they are suitable for continuing the family.

    Moreover, those who have small chins should better start wearing beards to emphasize the line.

    In addition, one can even get his beard to hide the small chin and add volume to the lower part of the face.

    It will take you about two weeks depending on how fast your hair grows.

  • Shave symmetrically to become more attractive to women.

    The researches reveal that women prefer symmetrical faces.

    In order to gain it, you should shave attentively and conduct some experiments.

    Those who wear mustaches and beards have especially great variety of space for experiments.

    It is going to take you about 10 minutes.

  • Try to create the V-shaped figure with the help of your clothes.

    V-shaped figure is said to be more attractive to women.

    In the perfect V-shaped figure the proportion of the waist to the hips is 0.9 – 1.0, and the proportion of the chest to the waist is nearly 1.33.

    One can gain such proportions in the long-term perspective by the physical exercises, but in order to save the situation right away and become more attractive, you are going to need the proper clothes.

    In order to make your shoulders seem wider, you must spend a pretty penny on a couple of blazers of high quality and always wear them.

    Another option is to buy a long-sleeved jumper with V-shaped neck, which is not very tight for you.

    It will take you 5 seconds.

  • Do not overuse your cologne.

    Smell plays a significant part in whether a woman will find you attractive.

    The researches have showed that women use their smelling senses to determine how much men differ from them on the genetic level (and accordingly, the bigger is the difference, the more attractive the man is).

    The whole focus is that your natural smell must not be completely hidden by the cologne: otherwise, you risk losing the woman, who matches you the most.

    So, use your cologne carefully.

    It will take you a couple of seconds.

    Why are Men Attracted to Women?

  • Do some exercises to become more attractive to women.

    If you are interested in popularity with the ladies, it’s high time you went to the gym.

    Women prefer sporty men to start light relationships.

    Fortunately, if you go in for sports regularly, there is nothing impossible here.

    Be careful and do not go too far: the researches show that ladies find more attractive men with tight bodies, but not the monsters with enormous muscles.

    This is going to take you an hour or more, but every day.

What you should do to become more attractive to women?

  1. Awake a gentleman inside you.

    Do not think the era of gentlemen was left far behind in the ancient England and now they are not valued.

    It’s a very big mistake.

    Gentlemen are always popular and girls like them. Knighthood has not become extinct, it just gave ground.

    It’s true, but due to this it became even more valuable.

    That’s why if you want to earn good reputation, there is nothing better than becoming a gentleman again.

    It concerns not so much the clothes you wear (though it’s important what you wear), but your actions and behavior.

    Hold the door for her, turn off your phone on a date, always take her home, even if you live on the other side of the city, watch what and how you are saying things (a gentleman will never talk nonsense and is definitely able to express his thoughts without abusive language).

  2. Make her interested in you.

    You need a little more than just to shave and go to the barber.

    Here you are going to need the skill of listening, because if you want to become interesting for somebody, you should firstly become interested yourself.

    Rely on your sense of humor, if you have one, and talk to her about her interests, because she definitely likes to talk about herself.

    It does not matter how much you are going to spend on the date, the main thing is how comfortable she feels communicating with you.

    That’s why remember to listen to her, but do not keep silent either.

    Broaden your mind, because you must become an interesting interlocutor.

  3. Learn how to choose clothes, which fits you.

    Choosing clothes means not only selecting items, which fit your figure and size, but things, which will emphasize your strong sides and hide weaknesses.

    For instance, vertical stripes on the shirt are likely to make you taller, and clothes, which is of the same color as your eyes will make your image more balanced.

  4. Learn how to read her signals.

    It’s much more difficult to lie about something with your body, unlike words.

    Learn how to see the signs.

    If she is laughing a lot, tries to touch herself, bends to you, you must know she definitely fell for you.

    If she is instantly looking at you at the end of the date, she is waiting for the first kiss, that’s why do not be shy and take the bull by the horns, it’s your lucky day.

  5. Take care of your body.

    It’s not obligatory to become a muscleman, though it would be better to keep fit and get rid of the excess weight (or gain more weight if necessary).

    It’ll surely become your best decision.

    However, you should not go too far.

    If you are slim, you should add some weight, enough to take the lady in your arms.

    In case you are a bit on the heavy side, you’d better eliminate fat, carbohydrates and alcohol (it has many calories and no use for your body).

    Buy gym membership to get rid of the extra kilos and start running in the evenings.

    This way you’ll completely transform your body.

  6. The art of saying “no”.

    What does it have to do with it?

    Everything is quite simple.

    Girls love confident people, and does a person who agrees with everything seem confident?

    No, such person is usually depressed, but his life is still somewhere hidden in him.

    A man must stop going against his heart.

    He must value himself and his time.

    However, in order to live happily he must know how to agree and refuse.

    If he can’t say no, people will eventually be able to sell you land on Mars and you won’t need other things.

    Another way to equal the priorities is to add to your schedule things, which are as important as these people or even more.

    Then you’ll be able to say no to them.

  7. Learn how to play the guitar.

    At least learn one of the popular music programs.

    Girls are very attracted to those, who are connected to the music – and these are not just words

    An American magazine Psychologist sent two guys to the mall, and one of them had a guitar with him.

    This musical instrument let him get 54% more phone numbers from the unfamiliar girls.

Do not think that a girl is enough to see you once to understand what you are, read your thoughts, estimate your qualities and guess what you do for a living and how you can interest her.

You must open yourself and to do it you must know how to become more attractive to women.

We hope our pieces of advice will help you in it!

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