Why are Men Attracted to Women?

Are you eager to find out why men attract women? Read the main women’s peculiarities, which will leave not a single man indifferent.


Men unconditionally like women, but why are they attracted to them? What kinds of women do men prefer?

There exist several kinds of women, which men worship and are always ready to carry in their arms.

Someone will definitely fall in love with them wherever they go.

Do you want to find out why they are attracted to those women and become one of them?

Speaking about affection from the first sight we may conclude that different guys are attracted to girls with the same peculiarities.

Now we are going to uncover the mystery of why men are attracted to women.

9 peculiarities why men are attracted to women

  1. The first peculiarity is beautiful face.

    Ladies win gentlemen over with the face expression – eyes, lips, smile, and mimics.

    Even during sex they tend to look at women’s face.

    That’s why the paramount concerns of every lady are thorough face care, make up and beautiful smile.

  2. The second one is deep gratitude.

    This is the very feature, which makes guys wake up at 7 a.m. on Sundays and run to buy fresh buns.

    Men value women’s ability to appreciate them and things they do for them.

    As soon as a woman starts criticizing and demanding something, a man loses interest in her.

  3. The third is the ability to sacrifice.

    Charity cases produce only positive impression on guys.

    They see in a girl not only a kind nice Nelly, but a future mother of his children, which is able to sacrifice herself for her family.

  4. Empathy is one of the most important peculiarity.

    Regardless how beautiful and cared-for a lady looks, the representatives of the strong sex pick for long-term relationships those, who are able to understand, emphasize and sympathize.

    Women-extroverts, who are able to demonstrate empathy, have the best qualities from male’s point of view.

  5. The next one is beautiful body.

    Beautiful, tight body is a symbol of femininity and sexuality.

    Besides, it signals that she is able to bear a healthy child.

  6. Lips and eyes.

    Guys are subconsciously attracted to girls with big eyes and beautiful lips.

    Those who have big eyes win those, who did not receive such privilege from nature.

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  7. Smooth features of women’s body.

    Charm of women’s hips and breasts is the everlasting reason of male’s jealousy.

    The most attractive figure for guys is when the waist is 70% of the hips.

  8. Grace.

    Graceful smooth gestures will not only attract men’s attention, but make them go crazy even.

    Some decades ago young girls learned how to be graceful.

    Needless to mention Japanese geishas, who could bring men to ecstasy without even touching them.

    Nothing has changed since then.

  9. Bitchiness.

    Yes, a definite level of bitchiness in character is rather attractive for guys.

    The main thing here is not to go too far, because a bitch is usually associated with constant dissatisfaction.

Why are men attracted to women by their looks?

  • The first reason why men are attracted to women is the beauty.

    Every male is an aesthete.

    All of them know for sure that male’s beauty will never beat women’s.They find the beauty of the fair sex heaven born.

  • Cared-for look.

    Guys do not really care how much time and efforts is needed to look beautiful and fresh every day.

    However, they enjoy the results a lot.

  • Clothes.

    Yes, they pay attention to the clothes.

    Moreover, it must not necessarily be a mini-dress, which shows all her assets.

    Quite on the contrary, such appearance will never be treated seriously.

    However, elegant clothes, which was chosen with good taste and is able to emphasize the individuality and the best sides, hiding all drawbacks at the same time, will make women very attractive.

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  • Women sexuality is art!

    It can win over any person.

    A woman is a cunning creature and rather cautious, too.

    She has long ago learned those things, which make men go crazy.

Why are men attracted to women and their actions?

  • Complete absence of dreadful habits.

    It is not about all ladies now, but sometime before they did not smoke or drink.

    Even if they did it sometimes, it was not displayed so brightly, as it is now.

    One may say the following thing: many men adore women, who touched neither bottle nor cigarettes ever.

  • Men are attracted to women by their unusual foxery.

    This kind of attraction belongs to the series of “this is quite something”.

    Guys admire how girls are able to find a way out of any situation, even the one, which seems completely a dead end!

  • They sometimes even envy women for their cheerfulness.

    Due to their logic guys cannot let themselves “decorate” the world like girls do.

    Maybe they could learn this cheerfulness from them, but they are afraid they won’t be able to succeed.

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  • Women’s tenderness can’t leave any man alone.

    Men are not allowed to show their tenderness because of their status.

    It’s just like showing how sentimental you are.

    They are afraid and ashamed to show their weak points and not only to women.

    To anyone!

  • Women sense of humor seems spectacular to them. Why? — Ladies can make jokes without dirty words!

    Not a single man could stand it.

    Men are used to speaking mostly abusive language, though they find it ugly.

  • Intellect, which “lives” in every woman, is a great gift from life.

    Even men agree with it.

    Though, they sometimes do not want to acknowledge it (aloud).

  • Guys are also attracted to girls because of their unpredictability.

    How can a quality, which surprises, fail to interest?

    A husband is never able to guess what his wife will wear on Sunday.The wife herself does not know it.Even her closet suffers surprises as well.

  • Men cannot care as well as women can.

    Surely, they wonder what the secret of such feminine “skill” is.

    They even realize they use this care and like doing it.

  • Men are interested in how a girl can be “touch-me-not”, when she wants it.

    They are impressed by the number of masks, which a girl can change within a couple of minutes.

    It’s not about pretenses, but concerns more the artistry.

Why are men attracted to the peculiarities of women’s character?


  • Men are shocked from the variety of women’s characters.

    Their number simply makes them mad.

    A lady is laughing and feeling happiness one minute and the next one she is crying and complaining on depression.

    These changes happen so fast that sometimes men cannot understand why they happened and, consequently, to react in time and get used to them.

  • Women tend to notice trifles, which men will never notice.

    They even care about the color of the frying pan!

    Men do not care how the dishes look like.

    They want it only to be full of food and clean.

  • “Where does the women’s reason live?” – Often ask men.

    They are afraid to offend the fair sex by their point of view, because they think women do not have logic at all.

    That’s because feminine “audience” is very vulnerable and mild.

    Men believe only strict and serious people can be logical.

  • Men are also interested to learn how women’s intuition works.

    Sometimes it works so well that men are completely shocked.

    Nevertheless, men are afraid that women cannot be tricked and it stimulates them to tell the truth, whatever it is.

  • Men are attracted to women by the way she saves money (regardless of their love for shopping).

    They cannot make head or tail in it…

    How can they spend so much money in the mall, but still have money for tomorrow?There is not a single man, who is able to do the same thing.

    Women can combine incongruous.

Now you know why men are attracted to women.

The representatives of the fair sex are still the most interesting mysteries, which are not so easily solved.

Men are obstinate and refuse to understand it, though they continue to fight things, which they do not understand.

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