How to Spy on Your Spouse: 11 Recommendations

How to spy on your spouse using a cell phone or other devices to detect the unfaithfulness?


You have already noticed the first symptoms of your husband cheating and now you are suspicious, aren’t you?

Does your second half come back home later than usual saying he has lots of work in the office?

Our article is sure to help you figure out the state of family relations and explain how to spy on your spouse to discover whether he is cheating on you.

How to spy on your spouse cell phone using the apps?

Lest you went too far, you should firstly try to solve all the problems right at home – using his cell phone.

Nowadays, people use phones for various purposes so you may sure whether he is really unfaithful because he’ll reveal it in his phone.

Install on your spouse’s cell phone the app to spy on him.

There are plenty of free apps which you can easily learn how to use and spy on your spouse.

Using a spy app you can observe your husband using the following methods:

  1. Monitoring the calls means that the app registers all dialed numbers and incoming calls, including the date, time and GPS coordinates of every call.
  2. Interception of SMS means that you’ll get the report on the numbers of the sender and the addressee, the date, time and the texts themselves.
  3. Tracing the activities in social networks allows you tracing the exchanged messages on Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp.

    In addition, you’ll be able to learn the list of the watched videos on YouTube.

  4. Tracking GPS coordinates presuppose that you’ll always be able to know where your partner is any moment using the GPS coordinates, which are reflected on Google Maps.
  5. Photos and videos from your spouse’s cell phone will be saved for you and you’ll have access to them.
  6. The list of contacts means that every contact is going to be registered and delivered to you (including the newly added numbers).
  7. Bugging means that you can make the tape of what’s going on around your husband’s cell phone.

How to spy on spouse by means of other methods?

  1. Use all things at hand like the hidden camera which you can buy anywhere.

    They can be of different colors and forms, for example, a camera which looks like a clock, a flower pot or a table lamp!

  2. Buy the miles’ counter because this is a cheap and simple device which will simply record the number of kilometers his car drives every day but shows you another way how to spy on your spouse.

    You’ll easily count whether your husband went only to work and home or drove somewhere else on his way home.

  3. Pay attention to your spouse’s friends and define with whom he communicates most of all.

    Do you know this person?

    Observe how he is talking to you.

    Do not ask directly what you are interested in.

    Just ask him where he is going to go and suchlike things.

    Even silence will tell you more than a conversation.

  4. Analyze how he behaves and decide whether it has changed lately.

    Perhaps, his interests suddenly changed or he started to wear different clothes or he lost a couple of pounds or simply started to treat you cold and without any interest…

    Has he lost interest in sex?

    The changes in the behavior and how he treats you clearly throw some light on the situation.

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  5. Watch your husband and find out whether he tries to hide something from you.

    Does he have secrets with friends?

    Or does he have the second cell phone?

    Study the content of his PC basket because people often forget to clean it after they delete some files.

How to spy on your spouse to catch him red-handed?

If you actually think your husband is cheating on you but he is very careful (no phone call, texts, letters which you could find), you should conduct the final check!

In case you wish to spy on your spouse, you’d better learn how to do it in the following way:

  1. Arrange everything so that you caught them red-handed.

    Borrow a good photo camera or a video camera from your friends, plant a GPS tracker in your husband’s car (or in his jacket) in order to trace his movements.

    Hide in his car or a bag a dictating machine which is activated by the voice or hide it behind the bed at home and leave for a business trip.

    Be persuasive and tell him some details about the business trip and go to your friend or any hotel in the suburbs.

    Do not go too far from home.

    Besides, you may even order train tickets or plane tickets to show to your spouse and then cancel them and return your money.

  2. Leave the house and call your spouse from the airport saying that you successfully got there.

    You may also add you have plenty of things to do and won’t be able to call him often.

  3. Observe what your husband is doing using the GPS and you may even follow him (in a rented car).

    If your spouse stayed at home, you should simply sit and wait when someone will pay a visit to him.

  4. If you did not succeed this time, you may also try another time.

    In case nothing happens but you still have some suspicions, you can call your beloved one and tell him you’ll be one day later.

  5. In case you find out your spouse is really cheating on you but you did not manage to get the proof, you’d better try once more.

    This time you must definitely have a camera or a dictating machine because if you wish to part with the cheating spouse, you’ll need more than your words.

    You’ll need evidence.

    That’s why you should pick the proper technical equipment before thinking how to spy on your spouse.

What should you do after you checked him on faithfulness?

  1. Get ready that it’s extremely unpleasant to find out your partner is cheating on you.

    If he is actually unfaithful, you’ll feel bad and offended and it is sure to change your life.

    Get ready to have difficulties coping with your feelings.

  2. If you find sufficient evidence that your spouse is cheating on you, you risk falling into depression.

    However, regardless of all this, it’s better to know the truth.

    You should ask for support from your friends or perhaps even consult a family psychologist. It’s only up to you to choose whether you’ll divorce him or not.

  3. If you fail to find evidence your spouse is cheating on you, you should give up this business.

    Perhaps, your beloved one does not do anything bad.

    Even if you are sure he is unfaithful, you should just wait more.

    Later, he won’t be so careful and is sure to reveal himself.

    You should never accuse your husband of cheating because you have not found anything.

11 recommendations, how to spy on spouse

  1. You should never ignore your premonitions.

    Devote some time to check your suspicions, only to calm down.

  2. Smell your husband after he is late from work and define whether he smells somehow different or has a new scent.

    Is it a woman’s perfume?

  3. If you ask him questions like where he was, he touches his face, nose or mouth, he is probably hiding something.
  4. Seek through his car.
    Perhaps, you’ll be able to find somet

    hing unusual – a thing which belongs to someone else.

  5. If your spouse bought a second cell phone, it is definitely suspicious.

    Moreover, if he is hiding it, it’s completely weird.

    Has he set or changed a password on his phone, email or computer?

    Does he usually have his phone on mute?

    He is sure to wait for a call.

  6. If answering your usual questions he is nervous, you should not stop the conversation.

    Continue in the same direction and he might admit everything on his own.

  7. Make jokes that he is probably cheating on you and laugh watching his reaction.
  8. Is case he started to wear different clothes, lost some weight, changed his haircut or bought new outfits, you may consider it a sign that he has someone else but it’s not necessarily so.

    Perhaps, it’s just the middle-age crisis.

  9. If your beloved person suddenly began working late, often goes on various business trips and work on weekends, you should consider these facts as symptoms of a hidden affair.
  10. You can buy a special blue lamp to find the traces of the semen and check his car and clothes.
  11. If he receives plenty of texts and answers them (more than usually), something must be going on in his life.

In case your worst expectations do not prove true and it turns out you just have the paranoid inclinations, your beloved one may learn about it and the fact that you spied on him will seriously damage your marriage.

That’s why you should think twice before thinking how to spy on spouse.

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