My Husband is in Love with Another Woman

My husband is in love with another woman: 13 signs of infatuation + 4 reasons to refuse the divorce + 3 options of how to solve the problem + 4 wife’s actions.


Many women analyze their family life and realize that their husbands are in love with another woman.

It does not always turn to be true but sometimes our marriage is not an insurance of man’s faithfulness and devotion.

Our article will tell you what to do if my husband is in love with another woman.

The signs my husband is in love with another woman

It’s quite easy to uncover the truth.

If your common life or your man has changed at least in something, this is a reason to look more attentively and analyze the last weeks of your family life.

All signs are likely to reveal themselves.

The situations can be very different but most of them have the hidden or open character.

Open is the case when you know about the existence of a woman which is the potential lover.

The signs of the open infatuation of your husband towards another woman:

  1. The husband emphasizes the attention on the lady.

    He speaks about her profession, life, and well-being.

  2. He calls her home, visits her and meets outside the working atmosphere.

    It’s possible this is a gesture of gallantry but it should definitely be to a certain extent.

  3. He communicates with her with SMS or texts on the Internet.

    You should be concerned if the texts contain smiles, kisses, etc.

  4. He never lets go of the cell phone even for a second.

    He does not give the phone to you either.

  5. He spends time with the potential lover at the expense of your relationships.

The hidden form is characterized by the complete silence of the husband about the existence of another woman.

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The signs of the hidden infatuation of your husband towards another woman:

  1. The husband has distanced lately.
  2. He hides all communicative devices from you.
  3. He started to take a better care of his appearance.
  4. A husband is often in good mood.
  5. He gradually loses his alertness.
  6. A man attends some meetings very often and gets ready as if he is going out on a date.
  7. He refuses to have sex with you.
  8. He stopped sharing his feelings.

My husband is in love with another woman: why he does not leave?

The deceived women are often at a loss: why does not he leave the family?

He is torturing himself and his wife.

How can one understand the logic of a husband who loves one woman but continues to live with his wife?

The thing is that for most men divorce is never an option.

The reasons may be different:

  1. Children.

    A cheating husband can be a loving father.

    He feels the responsibility, especially if children are little, or is afraid of their judgment if they are the grown-ups.

    The image of the perfect father is a wonderful way to hide weakness and fear.

  2. The fear of being judged by the close people.

    In this situation, a man is afraid to lose the respect and love of his friends and relatives who will definitely be on the wife’s side.

  3. The convenient routine.

    It’s rather difficult for a man to change his habits and passions.

    However, it’s convenient to get passion on the side and have the ironed clean clothes, favorite food, and cozy slippers at home.

    When a woman thinks “my husband is in love with another woman”, it’s quite difficult to change something in life.

    Nevertheless, it’s quite enough to remember how seldom a man leaves his family being in love with another woman for years.

    The romance for three can continue endlessly.

  4. The loss of property.

    During the divorce, a husband has to give one-half of his property to his wife.

    If they have gained a lot together, a man has a lot to lose.

    That’s why he’ll hide the romance till the last moment.

The possible courses of events

As soon as the first burst of emotions is over, it’s time you decided how to move on.

Actually, there are three possible options.

  1. The first option is radical.

    Gather a suitcase, show the door to the unfaithful husband, get the divorce and cut him out of your life.

    You can cry to your friends and say that he loves another woman and you divorced.

    Read the messages from your friends on the social networks; receive some pieces of advice and support.

    Having suffered a little, you can start to look for your new love.

  2. The second option is optimal.

    He’ll understand his mistake, break the relationships with the lover, make penance and return to the family.

    He is likely to delete all pages from the social networks, ignore the communication with other women and realize what he could have lost.

  3. The third option is perfect.

    A husband understands that he truly loves his new woman but has feelings for his wife: gratitude, tenderness, respect.

    A wife understands that her husband loves another woman and suffers because staying with her he won’t be happy.

    She loves him so much that she is ready to let him go and turn into a friend.

    They have common children and the dad takes an active part in their upbringing.

    Perhaps, he even solves some household problems, helps with money and advice.

How to change the situation?

In case a wife does not imagine her life without this man, she’ll have to make certain actions.

Here is what she has to do.

  1. Completely reconsider the relation towards the husband.

    It’s wonderful but in most cases, this is the root of all problems.

    A man loves the organized family life not less than the usual care and tenderness.

    The lover gives him the things of which his wife deprives him: gentle words, soft touches, absolute support, and complete acceptance.

    The instruction for a wife, who decided to return her husband, has the following points:

    • Immediately turn on all your feminine charm;
    • Actively express endless tenderness;
    • Thoroughly study all his hobbies and it would be perfect if you share them;
    • Forget about all offenses.
  2. Stop those constant reproaches.

    A man will be grateful for the delicacy, will value the tactfulness, and start to fix the family life to make amends.

    It’s unlikely possible to fix the broken vase, but you should try to start with the clean slate.

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  3. Completely give up the critics.

    It’s important for a man to feel not only strong but smart.

    Give him this feeling of importance, express sincere respect and the result may be even better than you can imagine.

  4. Bring your appearance to order.

    Things you need to do if your husband is in love with another woman:

    • Bring your figure to order;
    • Make a new hairdo;
    • Renew the wardrobe;
    • Change the comfortable clothes on stylish and feminine;
    • Find something to do outside of the family;
    • Go out more often;
    • Go in for yoga or self-development.

    The list is rather big but it is a very pleasant path.
    Having changed a woman is sure to change the world around.

My husband is in love with another woman: the tips from psychologist

  1. Being ready to forgive.

    Women who faced unfaithfulness decide for themselves whether they should forgive their husbands.

    In this case, many things depend on the woman’s character: whether she forgives easily and fast, how vindictive she is and what her attitude to the unfaithfulness is.

    If regardless of the realization of the fact of unfaithfulness, a woman is able to reconcile with it, the forgiveness is sure to take place.

  2. The difference between “love” and “infatuation”.

    Firstly, one should be certain in these terms.

    The situations when a husband is in love and when a husband loves are actually completely different.

    The infatuation, as a rule, appears suddenly like a whirlwind but can disappear suddenly as well. It is fleeting and is not as dangerous as love.

    A man must firstly answer to himself with all responsibility whether he loves or is just attracted.

  3. Children.

    Children must be raised in the family – this truth works only when the relations between the parents are if not an example, then the certain ground for the future child’s perception of the family values.

    It has some sense only in this case.

    If they hide behind the fact that the marriage is for the sake of children, both a husband and a wife demonstrate complete disrespect to each other and children live in the constant scandals and reproaches – the preservation of such marriage has no sense at all.

  4. The assessment of the circumstances.

    Unfortunately, nowadays the dependence from each other can be not only emotional but financial, too.

    There are frequent cases when a wife forgives cheating only because she realizes she’ll lose all financial well-being and confidence in the future.

    That’s why when she finds out he is in love with another woman, it’s better to analyze all circumstances including financial and household questions.

  5. Non-admission of cheating.

    Lest the husband fell in love with a lover, you should reconsider your relation towards him and yourself.

    A woman needs to stop scandals so that the husband does not need to look for the peace on the side.

    She should pay attention to her appearance and relation towards her man.

The situation “my husband is in love with another woman” turns the life of the offended lady upside down.

What should you do in this situation?

Having figured out the state of things, you need to realize what you want.

If you wish to save the family, you should calmly treat the situation and no matter what avoid a scandal.

If not, you should definitely start a new life.

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