How to overcome depression: symptoms of depression

These ten ways will help you to overcome depression once and forever!


Each of us has encountered a situation when, as if for no reason, our job became dull, we turned apathetic, reluctant to work, gloomy, and sad. Even the simplest things like cleaning or ironing turned into physical and emotional toil.

If you’ve just recognized your symptoms, congratulations, you are depressed!

Though some people can cope with depression on their own, others dive in it deeper and deeper with a drowning feeling of pity.

In this useful article, I will share with you very simple methods for overcoming depression.

You will learn real, working ways that have helped a lot of people to get rid of their pitiful state.

Any time you feel sad or depressed, you can return to this advice and feel better!  🙂

What is depression?

“I can’t pull myself out of bed in the morning. I can’t make myself go to work, I am in the dumps and the whole world annoys me.”

“I have no appetite; I’ve lost much weight and think myself a loser. My colleagues tell me I am a valuable employee, but I am sure I’ll be fired soon.”

“I have frequent headaches and insomnia. I don’t understand what’s going on.”

Depression is a difficult psychological disorder.

The timely diagnosis of depression is very important for the effectiveness of further psychotherapy and counseling.

Symptoms of depression:

  • You get tired easily even after minor work.
  • You are in low spirits, pitiful and dreary mood.
  • You start thinking slower.
  • You are no more interested in anything; you don’t like things you used to enjoy a lot.
  • You think negatively of yourself and criticize yourself mercilessly.
  • You are less sexually active.
  • You feel weaker, notice the changes in appetite and sleep, lose weight. In some cases, on the contrary, your appetite increases leading to overeating and excess weight.

How to overcome depression?

Nowadays there are plenty of ways for overcoming depression.

Here you will find the most powerful working methods!

As we already know the essence of depression, we will now look for the ways to get rid of it.

First of all, remember never to lose heart, keep yourself in line and never give in!

Always preserve your motivation, continue going on and aspiring for the best in life even if depression holds you tightly in its hands.

  • Think positively;
  • distinguish a failure from a tragedy;
  • relax more;
  • do more sports;
  • change your environment;
  • praise yourself for every success.

Ways to get rid of depression:

Way # 1: Take a contrast shower.

Cool water or contrast shower have always been our true friends. You will feel a surge of energy and a pleasant shake-up. Get rid of depression!

Way # 2: Let yourself sleep more.

Sleeping works wonders. When you are depressed, sleep longer: slumber has a relaxing effect on your brain and frees you from thinking of your dispirited state. Never deny or ignore a good sleep!

Way # 3: Change your daily routine.

Don’t waste your time – grab your friend or colleague and go for a walk! Visit an exhibition, a theatre performance, go to the movies, buy some sausages and have a picnic – to put it briefly, think of something else. Even a walk on your own can be beneficial. Walk slowly, without haste, watch people and nature around you… Believe me, it will inspire you, raise your spirits, and help you get rid of depression!

Way # 4: How to overcome depression? Do sports.

Active physical exercise will make you cheerful and vigorous; you will feel proud of yourself, self-confident, and content.

Active physical exercise will sweep away your worries and negative thoughts. Besides, you will become an owner of a slim fit body!

Of course, your dreary mood doesn’t encourage you to any fitness. This cursed depression doesn’t let you do anything, you are overwhelmed with sorrows and pains and your teary emotions prevail!

Nevertheless, pull yourself together, get off the sofa this very moment (no laziness!), make it to the bathroom and wash your face with cold water.

Then put on your clothes and go to the nearest fitness centre! You will notice your result after the first training. While doing sports, people receive a dose of endorphins, our favourite “hormones of happiness” which, in their turn, have a favourable impact on pitiful mood.

Way # 5: Travelling helps overcome depression.

If you still don’t know how to overcome depression, take a trip!

New countries, places, and cultures will fuel your fun. Take a short vacation and go to an unknown place with your family or friends. It will be an awesome experience!

Even if a week vacation is temporarily unavailable, use your weekend. Take your friends and have a fascinating journey to unknown places. 🙂

Remember, any trips will distract you from annoyance and negative thoughts.

Way # 6: To overcome depression, read interesting books.

A captivating plot will divert your attention from depression and dull grey days. It’ll help you to stay focused and will recharge your spirit and soul.

Way # 7: To overcome depression, find a hobby.

Try to find an interesting activity that will occupy your free time.

It can be creative cooking (being inventive at the kitchen and making up your own recipes), breath-taking animal photography, learning Chinese etc.

And here is an example from my friend’s life!

When on maternity leave, she was constantly bored, sad and depressed.

It was so because every day of hers was the same routine.

As a young mom, she felt she was losing her professional qualifications and precious time with her friends.

Later, when we met, she told me about her boredom, and I advised her to start attending Russian language courses!

Up till now she has been attending them three times a week, spending there only one hour in the evening.

Meanwhile, her husband stays with their kid.

Russian language courses helped my friend to unbend her mind and temporarily put aside her household duties and child care.

Besides, after finishing these courses, she will receive an additional certificate that will add her significant qualifications.

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Way # 8: Meet your friends and sweep away your depression!

If you have a close friend you can trust and share all your secrets and troubles with, a friend that can support you, be compassionate and help you with a piece of advice, then you are a happy person!

If you don’t have one, then think of counseling and find a well-qualified psychologist. Believe me, it works!

A piece of advice from a good therapist or a close friend is a powerful antidepressant.

I am, for my part, highly motivated by the advice of successful people. It helps me to believe that hope prevails and everything will be fine!

Way # 9: Change your interior design.

You know, there are people that can get rid of their depression just by slightly rearranging stationery on their desk or pieces of furniture in their apartment. That’s how they get refocused and set their soul to a more positive mode.

As for me, I love decorating my room with various cool things J For example, I find a funny picture, buy an unusual frame for it, and hang it on the wall.

Or I buy a lovely violet, get a fancy pot for it, and, well, it helps!

After buying all this cute stuff, I rush home to find room for it and then, after redecoration and cleaning, I feel sweet fatigue, elevated spirits, and satisfaction from my new design. 🙂

Way # 10: Visit an aromatherapy session.

Believe me, I tried it personally! A single aromatherapy session can improve your mood, thus, lowering your level of depression and anxiety.

For this purpose, you would advise you to use orange, lavender, grapefruit, and geranium essences.

You can calmly breathe in these oils from vials, use them during massage, sprinkle them in your apartment, or add several drops to your bath. But best of all is an aroma lamp which will spread these charming fresh fragrances all around you!

Please, smile more, solve problems staying strong and resolute. Be a Person with capital “P”, a Person that has defeated his worst enemy – depression!

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