How to Enjoy Life?

You are stuck in the grey weekdays and don’t know how to enjoy life? Read our simple tips, which are sure to show you how beautiful and colorful the world is.


Why does a person live on Earth?

Partially, one may say for the sake of enjoyment.

However, you can’t limit yourself only by physical pleasures.

Much more important is the spiritual harmony.

If such harmony exists, one can actually speak about the true life enjoyment. It distinguishes the humans from the animals, because the body comfort is not determinative to them.

One may live in luxury and wealth, but often suffer from depressions; another may have a little, but wake up every morning and feel happy and cheerful.

So, how to enjoy life day after day and not to stand on one place focusing on all failures?

Let’s try to figure it out.

Areas, which influence on how much one enjoys life

There are many factors, which cardinally influence on the inner world of a person.

The main are family, love and work.

  • The family is considered to be the source of emotional and physical enjoyments.
  • The same may be said about love, though it’s on a different level.
  • Work, however, secures the well-being and provides with an opportunity to realize oneself.

Does a person always combine these significant factors properly and truly enjoy life?

Alas! People, who achieve a lot, often can’t use the results of their victories.

This is because they always want more.

They don’t value what they already have and aim to get more and more, though in most cases they can’t even explain why they need it.

There is another, less numerous category of people.

These citizens know how to value what they have.

They can be considered to be the optimists, because in any situation they can find something positive.

These people are initially focused on success and they ignore misfortunes.

Pessimists are inclined to accept negative situations as failures, when optimists see them just as another grain of life experience and a ground to get the future victories.

The first method how to enjoy life – improve your emotional well-being

  1. Take a pet.

    It will become your best friend and a life companion.

    You’ll love it; and it’ll keep you constantly busy, as you’ll admire its tricks.

    Besides, in the process of upbringing and communication between the master and the animal a unique connection appears, which gets only stronger with years.

    Especially, when you decide to take a pet from a local shelter.

  2. Start listening to the music.

    It develops the imagination and the feeling of self-defining, raises self-esteem and stupefies the feelings of loneliness and uselessness.

    The music brings colossal energy, which is likely to help you to open and acquire new possibilities.

  3. Start a day with a smile.

    Your face expression is a kind of mirror of your condition.

    Besides, it can influence your mood as well.

    That’s why your smile must be sincere and not the strained one, so that you were in the elevated mood.

    Even if in the morning you smile only to your reflection in the mirror, your happy face with become the source of the positive for the whole day.

  4. Take a break.

    It means to spend time cheerfully and go for a walk.

    Make yourself a short vacation; change the scenery, even if it is a simple picnic on the background or making castles with your children.

    Make a pause in the usual routine of your life and let yourself leave the routine behind at least to some extent – you are likely to notice the changes in your sense of humor and mood and will probably discover plenty of possibilities to fulfill yourself.

  5. Spend time with interesting people.

    People with the wide circle of friends are known to live longer.

    Needless to say, you should remember the proverb “If you lie down with dogs, you will get up with fleas”, because the behavioral model will influence you, too.

    You must communicate with interesting, positively focused people, who will inspire you to live life of full value and content.

The second method how to enjoy life – deal with your mental health

  1. Decrease the number of the stress situations you face.

    There is no need to be a great specialist in medicine and psychology to come to the conclusion that jokes with stress end badly.

    Are you aware that even its slight appearance may lead to the psyche’s disorders and long-lasting depressions, which in its turn ruins the immune system?

    The danger of the stress is not in its power, but in its duration.

    In order to struggle with it, one has to acknowledge what he actually feels and never try to cope with it on his own.

    Find ways to let the stored tension out.

    Sports, physical exercises, hobby, walks or strolls with friends can help you relieve stress.

    You may also enjoy yoga or tai-chi.

    If you feel emotional insanity, go to the doctor and get a consultation or, maybe, even medical treatment.

    Get rid of the stress and learn how to cope with it.

    Do you think it is possible to eliminate the reason of stress? If yes, then do it.

    The most often reason of stress is the mess at work. During the crisis it may be difficult to change the job, but it is possible to get rid of the stored tension.

    You must only become more persistent and assiduous and take the work seriously, but don’t overload yourself.

    Besides, you must use your working place more effectively, so that it served as the benefit instead of the threat to your health and well-being.

  2. Reach for the knowledge and open new horizons.

    Getting higher education will strengthen your self-esteem and the interest to life.

    It’s not a miracle cure, because there is no universal way to everything – reading, travelling, interesting workshops, visiting open lectures or meeting new people from different cultures may also be helpful for your world perception.

    However, you may attend online-courses, which will help you improve your knowledge and sharpen your skills.

  3. Find yourself a hobby.

    It does not matter whether you’ll collect stamps or start kickboxing, hobby or study group – this is a source of happiness and inspiration in your life.

    Do not subordinate your life to the monotonous schedule.

    Spontaneity and unexpectedness will bring bright colours to your existence.

    Make up a flexible timetable, lest you get stuck in the grey weekdays.

    Devote some time to the hobby, not because you can communicate with people this way or correspond to the generally accepted social standards, but because you actually enjoy what you do and it keeps you in tone.

  4. Read good books.

    Firstly, find a book, which you are going to read avidly.

    In case you don’t enjoy reading much, try to approach this task unconventionally.

    Maybe, you’d better look for the special literature, which relates to your hobby.

    Make notes out of phrases and ideas, which reflect your inner world.

    Keep the notebook close to the place, where you read books, so that you could write down the quotes, which inspire you.

    With the lapse of time you’ll save plenty of various ideas, which may become your life purposes.

  5. Meditate.

    Meditation allows you to get rid of the stress and calm down.

    During meditation you must watch your posture.

    It’ll make it easier to find your inner equilibrium point, calm down and blend with the world.

The third method how to enjoy life – improve your physical well-being


  1. Support your immune system.

    No one feels happy, when he is ill.

    If only you start taking vitamins C, E, A, selenium and beta-carotene, your immunity will raise.

    It’s also useful (and even more) to eat fresh fruits, vegetables, cereals and livestock products, as they fill the organism with the nutrients, with the complex of essential vitamins and minerals.

    Physical exercises, healthy sleep, and rest for the mind can make wonders and improve the natural protection.

  2. Do physical exercises.

    Morning exercises stimulate the emission of endorphine, the so-called hormone of happiness.

    Regular physical exercises do not only help to cope with depression, anxiety and feeling of loneliness, but also improve the immune system.

    Even walks on foot multiply the number of antibodies.

  3. Sleep well.

    The amount of good and tight sleep influences your health, resistance to stress, weight and the quality of life in general.

    Moreover, during the sleep the organism produces antibodies to fight viruses, inflammations and stresses.

    It means that lack of sleep increases the risk of appearance of different diseases and time for rehabilitation after the illness.

  4. Eat healthy food.

    It’s not a secret that in order to be healthy one must eat fresh food without preservative or coloring agents.

    Moreover, while cooking you may feel emotional raise: it smells delicious and looks tasty.

    That’s why when you become a professional in cookery, this process will be like a fresh air among the everyday fuss.

    In addition, cooking may become a way how to express your personality, and it lowers the expenses on eating.

    If you are a newcomer, start with simple reliable recipes, which won’t deprive you of the wish to cook anything for the rest of your life.

    The less processed food you have in your diet, the more healthy you’ll be, and consequently, the happier.

One more thing: in order to really enjoy life, you must be thankful for small mercies.

If the person has such affirmation, he is likely to become happy.

He doesn’t care about failures, which others accept very painfully.

Though you must understand, that pessimists aren’t born, neither are optimists.

People become this or that kind.

You are the only one, who makes a decision, how to enjoy life or, on the contrary, how to be sad all the time and be filled with indignation.

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