How to Attract Beautiful Women?

7 efficient ways to attract beautiful women. Find your way and stop being lonely.


Many guys really consider that if they look good, there is no reason to worry about the ways how to attract beautiful women. Yes, partially they are right. Appearance is very important, but the emotions during the acquaintance are much more important for ladies, especially beautiful ones.

A handsome and stately man, who only exists near a woman, will never impress her in the future and she will never fall in love with him. But an ordinary guy, who is quite talkative, emotional and is fond of jokes, has much more chances to succeed with the opposite sex.

Here are 7 most efficient ways to attract attention and get to know a beautiful woman you accidentally met.

How to attract beautiful woman with sense of humor?

Humor is the oldest known and most effective way to win other people’s favour, moreover if they are unfamiliar ones.

For example,

  • Miss, aren’t your legs tired?
  • No, why?
  • The thing is that you don’t go out of my head all the time.


  • Miss, what shoe size are you?
  • Why are you asking?
  • Not long ago I found a glass slipper and now I’m looking for its owner.
  • And I’ve got 45. Nice to meet you.

The beginning of the conversation by such phrases show spectacular results, but only attracts women, who are in good mood or are inclined to communication.

Sometimes women just don’t have sense of humor. In those cases you’d better chose another way to attract beautiful ladies.

Speaking about funny methods one cannot fail to mention the so-called “greetings conveyor”. What’s so special about it?

Regardless of the direction the woman is going, catch up with her and walk a couple of dozen meters. Then turn to her, smile and say “Hi!”.

Irrespective of the answer go with her the same distance again and repeat your actions – turn, smile and say “Hi!”. Do it few times until she smiles or gets irritated.

Continue your persistent friendly behavior till you attracted woman’s full attention.

She will probably decide you are a humorist, crazy or even the major irritant, but still check if you know some other words except “Hi”.

Answering this, be calm, smile and say “Good afternoon!”. Thanks to this technique you will get a smile from 9 out of 10 women. And this is a marvelous sing.

How to attract beautiful women: intrigue and fascinate.

It’s clear that most male are searching for some kind of a magical trick that would definitely bring success.

As a rule, they are inexperienced of meetings in the streets.

Look at one of the methods to begin it:

  • I’d like to ask you an unusual question. Have you ever tried meditations?

The word combination “an unusual question” will certainly make a woman curious and attract the attention, and the usage of fuzzy words, which not everybody even understands, such as “meditation”, will inspire this beautiful woman to give her own definition of it.

Remember: this technique requires skills to keep the conversation rolling. It’s crucial for it.

For instance, if you ask “Miss, have you ever seen a flower called edelweiss?” you are sure to win her attention over. But it’s necessary that you tell her something interesting about it to keep her attracted even more. And if you read a poem “Edelweiss” by Eduard Asadov by heart, you’ll receive a one-way ticket to woman’s heart.

How to attract beautiful women by non-standard behavior?

Every non-standard behavior attracts attention.

But if your aim is to succeed, you’d better differ from others in a good way.

So, during breaks and leisure time think of what you can do to stand out of the herd in positive manner, what can draw the attention of gorgeous ladies.

For example,

  • link your arm through the girl’s arm and walk her across the street;
  • offer your hand to women who get of the escalator or public transport;
  • show strangers (girls) some tricks with coins;
  • light up Bengal lights and give them to the pretty girls.

It also concerns “souvenir method” that is extremely effective.

Present a woman with some simple, funny knickknack – a nice key ring, a flower, a beautiful card, a simple picture and so on.

The souvenir is given without any reason.

Sure thing flowers bring best results. They are the perfect things to approach to a pretty woman in the street for the first time.

Say “This is for you” and then we suggest you add “I’d very much like to show this rose how beautiful you are”.

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How to attract beautiful women with compliments?

Beginning the acquaintance with a compliment is very effective, but not if they are trite and she hears them every single day. Admiring beautiful skin, neck or hands would do.

Classical example of such meeting technique is a “compliment conveyer” which belongs to Ross Jeffries. Mr. Jeffries is a very famous American specialist in the sphere of acquaintance and seduction. Many people underestimate this technique, though the results of the survey showed great results. It is very easy: you are to chose a beautiful girl, come up to her, chose something you can truly praise and say:

  • You have really beautiful hands.
  • Thank you.
  • I like your hat.
  • Thank you.
  • And the colour on your nails is very attractive, too.
  • Thank you.
  • Actually, I like everything about you.
  • …(smile)
  • My name is John (Max, Alex, etc.) And what’s the name of such an exquisite pattern of excellence?
  • …(laugh)
  • And your laugh is especially pleasant to me. I’d record it, chose as a wake-up signal and get up with it every morning.
  • …(laugh)
  • I really believe you have a exceptional taste. And you know why? Because you are laughing at my jokes.

How to attract beautiful women? – Pretend to be her acquaintance.

Have you ever heard about the so-called rule of three seconds? Remember that if you come up to any woman during three seconds after you saw her for the first time, the possibility of the talk increases twice.

This rule relies on the situation where the beautiful lady doesn’t have enough time to analyze what’s going on and to think everything over. That’s why it is much simpler to involve woman into the conversation.

According to this rule, one of the finest situations for such kinds of acquaintance is when a man recognizes in a passing-by woman his old friend. Sure thing you may not know her.

Such phrases like “Hi, it’s my lucky day that I met you…” or “Hi, where have you been?” will unwittingly attract and involve a beautiful girl in the conversation.

It would bring even better result is you really believe that you know her, for example, by confusing with someone who looks alike.

The acquaintance takes place just because it seems like the talk between old friends but not strangers.

You can call this girl with any name and then describe the woman you confused her with.

Some girls even start to play up – they are the most fascinating.

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How to attract beautiful women by a heroic deed?

This way you can make the acquaintance of literally any girl on the Earth. There are countless amount of bright examples from literature and history, so many stories and fantasies told by women, that prove the fact that every lady is virtually destined to fall in love with her saviour. And this is really so.

Tolerant care and nobleness can’t leave any girl indifferent.

Use every chance and possibility to help a woman deal with the hardships and the gratitude would be limitless (but not beyond). Though you must realize that is you are eager to meet the girls and take good care of them, you must be always alert and remember about your readiness for meetings and don’t miss your fate.

How to attract beautiful woman by “guessing” a fact from her life?

This technique is suitable for the observant ones. When looking at a woman you can make an assumption about her lifestyle, pronouncing your guesses aloud can draw girl’s attention to you and the small talk will start naturally.

For example, you see a beautiful young woman with few scratches and ask:
— Do you have a cat?

Of course, you must hit a target using this method.

But don’t get disappointed if you are wrong. Try something else. Talk to the woman about how amazing it is to have a cat or something like that.

These were 7 ways to attract beautiful women. Chose one for you, try it, practice it and forget about loneliness!

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