How to Get a Man to Marry You?

Effective recommendations how to get a man to marry you. You can do everything!


You have been a couple such a long period of time. You love him and it’s mutual. Nevertheless, the magic moment hasn’t happened yet.

You may have already made some actions to push your man to a marriage, but his reaction wasn’t how you expected it to be.

Surely, you won’t find an accurate instruction, but there are some things you’d better learn if you want to know how to get a man to marry you.

The most important thing your man must realize that you are the one and only he has been waiting for the whole life. Besides, there is something more you need to know.

Follow our simple tips and the expectations will not be so agonizing and long.

How to get a man to marry you? – Work hard on the relationships

  1. Love your personal qualities.

    Think whether you’d marry yourself.

    If you can’t be happy with a person you are, do not expect someone else will be.

    Study yourself and modify what you don’t like.

  2. Be communicative.

    Since the beginning of the relationships and after marriage communication has been a key to relationships’ maintenance and development.

    Tell him how you feel, express positive emotions as well as negative.

  3. Behave naturally.

    You want him to know real you, because he’ll live with real you after you get married.

  4. Preserve sexuality.

    Though sexuality is not the most significant thing in the relations, it’s still important.

    Let this aspect of your life be free, cheerful and alive.

    A man, who is eager to marry you, is not looking for just a roommate.

  5. Know your role.

    The important thing of any relations is to give partners know how big and indispensable part they play.

    Make sure both of you have the same concept of true relationships.

    If you need someone you’ll want a baby from, and he is searching for a one-night stand, you won’t make it right.

  6. Demonstrate your confidence.

    Be self-confident and ready to solve any problem you face.

  7. Be filled with happiness.

    Only women who have a happy life and enjoy every moment can seem extremely attractive to men.

  8. Express your unconditional love.

    Tight relationships must be founded on more than just comfort.

    To live and survive difficult times together, you need full understanding and deep commitment to each other.

  9. Do not make suppositions.

    Some men wait a bit longer than you wish before making a proposal.

    If he deserves been married to you, you should wait (within reasonable limits).

    However, if he is not interested in marrying you (what’s worse – finds excuses), even if you have been together for long, you should better revise the direction of your relationships.

  10. If you need a serious talk, see the approach again.

    Instead of beginning a conversation with a serious tone (which will trigger the inherent fear of pressure on commitments), start with an optimistic and positive note.

    Few examples: I really like spending time with you.

    I’m happy with you, but I wanted to make sure we are still alright.

    I know it’s too early to worry about it, but in future I’d like to get married and now I want to know if I’m dating the man who has the same value I have.

    As we get to know each other more and more every day, I wish to know if you see in me a person you can live the whole life with.

How to make sure that a man wants to marry you?

  1. Make certain he is ready for commitments.

    If you have been together for more than a year of even 5 years, it does not necessarily mean he is ready to marry you.

    Some men want to get married only when they are completely ready to do it.

    Term “ready” is difficult and often includes the feeling that a guy is done partying, has had enough adventures and entertainment, is financially stable, old enough and ready to settle down.

    All of these reasons are solid, so you shouldn’t ignore the guy’s opinion and hurry him into doing things he is not ready for.

  2. Make sure it’s his time to do it.

    If he is still trying to move up the career ladder, all his friends are bachelors and don’t have long-term relations, or he has plenty of personal problems, it’s not his right time to marry.

    If he doesn’t feel stability in personal, financial or physical sphere, his mind may be busy with some other stuff.

    Still mind there is no perfect time to get married.

    In case the felling of perfect moment doesn’t appear many years, there is a possibility of having more serious problems.

  3. Be certain he doesn’t see his future without you.

    If every time he starts discussing future he uses the word “we”, and mentions common resettlement, a purchase of the house or beginning of the family life, he probably wishes to live together forever.

  4. Feel his attitude to marriage.

    Many man treat marriage with indifference.

    They are not against marriage, but like being bachelors as well.

    If the situation is quite like this, you shouldn’t expect his excitement concerning marriage. Admit to yourself that he makes this step, first of all, because you want it.

    You’ll have to push a guy to actions in order to get the marriage of your dream.

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How to get a man to marry you? – Hint at wedding


  1. Speak by chance about marriage.

    It’s necessary you start a conversation about marriage in passing, which is not implying the direct discussion how you marry.

    For example, mention someone who got married not long ago or is waiting to marry someone, or comment the advertisement of the wedding service.

  2. Mention your common future.

    Make some light comment on how you see the common future regardless of whether you’ll marry or not.

    If he doesn’t react on hints, speak more straightforward. For example, what if you were together, or lived together, or were married.

    Observe the reaction on such conversations about future.

  3. If you don’t want an expensive wedding, say about it.

    Though the proposal don’t imply the immediate wedding, many men are worried they can’t simply afford a huge wedding with 400 guests, or just don’t want to get into this wedding fuss.

    So if you plan a modest wedding in a park with 20 friends and relatives and simple dress code, you should find a way to tell him this.

    It mustn’t be the criterion of making decision marry you for the rest of the life, but it may keep from starting this wedding process.

  4. Let him see a would-be wife in you.

    Show him how good you’ll be as a wife, just as a good friend you are now.

    Let him see you have your own vision of the future common life and you are ready to marry.

  5. He must understand what he’ll lose if he doesn’t marry you.

    If, judging by his talks, it becomes obvious that he is not sure whether to marry you or even says he needs time to figure out some things, give him time.

    But let him clearly understand you won’t wait forever and another guy may wish to marry such a wonderful girl.

    Do not make a guy feel bad for being indecisive and don’t make him propose to you feeling guilt and jealousy.

    Nevertheless, you should let him know that you put much time and love in these relationships and you also have limited patience, when he doesn’t understand what he wants.

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What shouldn’t you do if you want to get a man to marry you?


  1. Avoid countless repetition of talks about marriage.

    The more you talk about it, the less he hears you.

    If you are the one who is constantly bringing this topic and you speak only about it, you should cool a bit.

  2. Ban friends and relatives from speaking about it.

    It may seem that friends and relatives can help by the comments concerning marriage, but in fact they only make him angry.

    Let him come to the decision on his own, without advice and recommendations from your relatives.

  3. Do not present him with an ultimatum.

    It may seem the fastest way to push a guy to actions, but actually by saying this you will push too hard and it won’t fasten the proposal.

    However, if you have been waiting for eternity and are both ready to marry, let him know without sharp statements.

  4. Don’t start pushing until he is ready or almost ready.

    If you became a couple few months ago, you mustn’t emphasize marriage, as he is not ready to do it at all.

    Having done it too early, you may finish relations sooner than say you agree to marry him.

  5. Don’t give way to despair.

    Men are much more interested in confident and independent women, unlike women who fulfill all their whims and are ready to give up everything to feed them (especially if they are doing it to marry as soon as possible).

If you have healthy and serious relations with a man, do not waste them only because you haven’t got a proposal yet.

Your aim is to trigger his desire to marry you. We told you above how to get a man to marry you.

Follow out pieces of advice and be patient, because soon you’ll try on a wedding dress.

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