How to Make a Man Feel Loved?

Would you like to know how to make a man feel loved? You have to learn commonly used gestures, words and behavior.


Success in relationship depends on many things. But the only thing which is so important to each of us is to know that we are loved.

If you want to know, how to make a man feel loved, you are to learn commonly used gestures, words and behavior.

And your beloved will be really happy to be with you!

How to make a man feel loved with your behavior?

  1. Do what he likes.

    Probably there is one hobby which your man likes but you absolutely don’t.

    Find out which hobbies he has and tell him that you would like to do it together.

    Take part in it without expressing any displeasure.

    Your willingness to place his needs ahead yours shows your feelings.

  2. Cook him with pleasure.

    You don’t have to be a great cook, you don’t have even cook any delicacy dish.

    Time and efforts which you spend preparing any dish demonstrates your attention and care.

    This only one thing tells him about your love better than any other words.
    So some dish prepared by his woman is nice to make your man feel loved.

  3. Call him when you are in different places.

    It’s important even if you live together and are leaving for your job.

    A short phone call telling that you’re thinking about him, makes your man feel that you are “here” even if your are physically far from each other .

    One call during his working day is enough to make it pleasant. But calling every hour can make him irritated and angry.

  4. Write the notes.

    You can write a letter if you live far from each other.

    A love letter is a good idea even when you live together and see each other every day.

    Try to leave a note in the trouser pocket or his bag.

    Probably it will make him smile when he chances to find it.

  5. Buy his favorite food.

    If your man has his favorite sweets or any other food, you can buy it for him, especially when you know that he had a difficult and stressful day.

    Such an attention demonstrates your love to your beloved.

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  6. Sudden kisses.

    As long as two people are together as much risk to face the routine they have.

    One kiss or some other kind of your tender feelings demonstration can be more expressive if you do it at the unexpected moment.

    Make your man feel loved by kissing him without any special reason.

  7. Give him a massage.

    You don’t need to have any special skills to give a good massage.

    Read what to do and then surprise your man after a long working day. Suggest him giving a massage which will make him forget all the difficulties and problems.

    Such a gesture itself says more than any other words. As far as it is an intimate physical act, your man will feel how much you like his body.

How to make a man feel loved with words?

  1. Tell him how important for you he is.

    One of the simplest things to let your man feel loved is to say him: “I love you”.

    Of course it’s better to express your feeling with your behavior but it’s important to express them with your words.

    Both the words and the behavior express your love so add your real state of feelings with such a sweet phrase.

  2. Pay compliments concerning his look.

    As a rule, women are paid compliments from men concerning their appearance.

    Men less often hear such things about themselves, but taking into account their visual perception they want to know that we also like to look at them as they do.

  3. Let him know how much you want him.

    Tell him that he arouses you.

    If you want to have strong romantic relationship there should be both feelings and bodily love.

    You are to learn to express your feelings on both emotional and physical levels.

    Let him know how much you like his body and how important for you is to feel his touches.

  4. Make boast to the other of him.

    When you are in company praise him.

    Tell the others how splendid he is at his work, how keen on his hobbies he is, how amazingly he can make you feel loved.

    All these words are fantastic to say them in somebody’s face. And if to say them to the other people in his presence you demonstrate how much you are proud of him.

  5. Thank him.

    Thank him sincerely and often for making him feel loved.

    Tell how much you appreciate his little demonstrations of his care.

    If he does something for you regularly without your thanks, find another way to tell him how you appreciate it even when you don’t say it so often.

  6. Apologize.

    Conflicts happen among all the couples.

    If you quarreled, be the first one who tees off to peacemaking and apologize even if you aren’t guilty.

    You don’t need all the time to be the first to apologize, but it’s important to do it from time to time.

    Apologies make him understand that your relationship is important for you.

  7. Remind him that you are on his side.

    In stressful situations tell him “I’m here, with you”.

    He can be afraid to show his weakness with you.

    So you encourage him telling how much you love him even if he is weak.

  8. Don’t «nag» him.

    Don’t nag everything what he does. Don’t criticize him and his behavior. Of course such a behavior won’t make him feel loved.

    Take it easy. Be patient and forgive him his weak points.

    If there is anything that you would like to change in him discuss it in the trust-based dialogue.

    Cry and abuse won’t help you to make him feel loved.

  9. Ask for his advice.

    Ask for his advice is the best way to make your man feel worthful in the relationship.

    He will be full of pride especially if he really has a good understanding of this

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How to make a man feel loved with your care?

  1. Make him your priority.

    No matter how busy you are, let him feel loved showing that you have always time for him and you will do everything to find free time for your man in your time-table.

    Don’t make him feel as he should try to get your attention.

    Let him see what a key role he plays in your life.

  2. Express tenderness and affection.

    Kiss him every morning, while saying “goodbye” and before going to bed. Cuddle to him while sitting together. Hold longer in his arms when he hugs you.

    Physical desires demonstrate physical love and physical measurements of love in romantic relationship for men are as important as emotional.

  3. Wish to know each other better.

    It is important no matter how much time you spent together. But it’s most important if you have just fallen in love with each other.
    Find out what he likes and dislikes. Ask him about his past and about his future plans.
    Your interest to know him better tells about your serious intentions.

  4. Contact his friends and his family.

    If you have never met with them, ask him to get acquainted you with other people who are important for him.

    Having done it, do your best to come in contact with them.

    Inviting these people into your life, you demonstrate your wish to see them in it in the future.

  5. Be closeted with him.

    Sometimes your man needs to remove from the world. If he invites you then join him.

    Probably he doesn’t want to tell you that something is wrong and he can be a little indifferent to you.

    But if you can be with him in such a moment, your image in his memory will be associated with safety and comfort.

  6. Dress up for him.

    If your relationship lasts a great while, probably you have already come to the moment when everyone is relaxed enough and doesn’t need to dress up before each date.

    But from time to time you need to surprise him with some sexy dress or a nice make-up.

    In response to his compliment let him know that all these efforts were made only for him.

Use our advices how to make a man feel loved and they will certainly help to achieve your aim. Love and be loved!

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