Why Do Women Want to Get Married?

The main reasons why women want to get married. Let’s define all of them.


Men repeatedly heard from the familiar women that they want to get married.

It can be compared with the worldwide women mania or a woman axiom.

Even now, in times of the impetuous growth of world’s modernity, free love, heterosexual marriages and so on, the women’s desire to get married hasn’t decreased.

So, why are women so eager to get married?

It seems that the life of representatives of the fair sex is easier than of a married woman.

No one demands tasty dinner and supper and nobody grumbles at trifles.

You don’t need to iron shirts in the morning and prepare clean socks.

You don’t need to wait for somebody from work till 3 a.m. in the morning, feeling nervous and torturing the phone.

All in all, not a life but a paradise!

Still, we want to get married for some reason!

We dream to hurry home from work with the tongue hanging out.

We want to feed our bumpkins with some delicious dishes and, later, while they are lying on the sofa, we wash the shirts till the morning.

It’s kind of masochism, isn’t it?

Friendly speaking, it’s really so.

It’s better to be single in theory.

Nevertheless, we all tend to this masochism and are really afraid of solitude. Let’s discover why it is so.

Why do almost all women want to get married? – It all goes back to the beginning of the history.

Thousands of years women had no rights for education, social or professional self-realization or, at least, some acknowledgement as a personality.

So many years women didn’t mean anything and could establish themselves only as wives and mothers.

In times, when only physical power determined everything (i.e. till the beginning of the modern technological progress), a woman was completely dependent on a man.

No husband – no right, no protection, no food. It has been so for many years…until recently.

Why do women have such a strong desire to get married? – One of the reasons is the society’s pressure.

The behaviour scenarios acquired by many generations still define our collective thinking.

Society secretly imposes even unwanted opinions to a person.

According to the laws of the crowd, a person must as soon as possible create a family and get a child.

It concerns women as well as men.

Society isn’t interested why a woman can’t get married.

Is it beauty?

Or financial aspect?

Or maybe just moral unreadiness?

Surrounding people are interested in only one thing, when and where a woman will get married.

The problem of humanity is this silly habit to consider most views as a norm.

Three friends are married and one is not, so this very one will fall behind from the company and it’s not a norm.

Such women usually do the most widespread mistake – they marry the first more or less decent man they met.

If it didn’t happen, married friends would introduce to this lonely woman their husbands’ friends, their friends and would tell her how wonderful family relationships are and how great it is to be married.

They would probably hurry her saying that time is running, we get older day by day and she would stay alone, or she should marry him until he changed his mind, etc.

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To get rid of such pressure many women get married or start having inferiority complex.

Parents can also put pressure on their unmarried daughter, meaning no harm.

They admire strangers’ kids and wonder, when they would admire and nurse their own grandchildren.

You shouldn’t feel offended by this, because parents really want to become grandparents, and many of them are afraid lest they would live long enough.

Moreover, parents are a bit ashamed in front of other relatives and friends, especially if those have married daughters.

Why do women want to get married? – They do it to spite their parents.

No matter how strange it sounds, this possibility also exists.

Having far from perfect relations with the older generation, a daughter in defiance of her parents marries a man they don’t like.

When parents excessively control their daughter’s life, she may marry a young man just to get rid of the parent custody.

The strength of this marriage depends on the couple’s feelings, if they exist at all.

However, the possibility of a happy ending is rather small.

It’s unlikely your chosen one would be happy with a girl, whose main purpose wasn’t marriage itself, but the wish to irritate her parents (in which she actually may have succeeded).

Some women want to get married because they are afraid of solitude.


An unmarried woman is usually called lonely, while an unmarried man is called a free man.

Many women are actually afraid not to marry at all.

They are afraid of solitude, social reproaches, pity.

This fear is one of the most important factors, which forces a woman to get married.

Why does a woman wish to get married? – The reason may be the material welfare.

Material welfare is a pretty significant argument to become eager to marry someone.

Most women aim to have “a strong shoulder” nearby, who can support you any minute.

On the other hand, there exist women, who would like to be on the spouse’s hands.

All women want this “strong shoulder” and “hands” belong to the beloved man.

However, there are some girls, who agree to a marriage with a man, who at least doesn’t provoke disgust.

Why do women decide to marry someone? – They want to become a mother and a wife.

This reason, why women want it so badly, is more understandable and wise.

I guess, it’s the most widespread and perfect variant among the representatives of the fair sex, who met a man of the dream, want to get married and enjoy the family nest with nice kids.

However, the way how the relations between spouses will be built is one question.

Speaking about the desire to become official husband and wife because of the mutual deep feelings, we can say that it’s natural, when a future housewife is eager to get married, as the only thing she needs to be happy is to have the dearest person, who also values their relationships high.

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Why do women want to get married? –The desire to be the bride.


It’s in such a feminine way…

Oh, this gorgeous wedding dress!

Most girls dream to have a luxurious outfit at their own wedding ceremony, to have a wedding cortège and honeymoon.

To fulfill all these dreams girls aim to play the part of the bride one day.

Only later they wonder, whether it was worth putting a stamp in the passport, just to understand how she would feel on a wedding day, which may become the most prominent day of her life starting with getting pregnant in the first wedding night and ending by the disappointment in family lifestyle.

Why do women desire marriage? – Just because it’s convenient for them.

Unmarried women are known to face difficulties finding a job.

It’s a proved fact that because of fear to lose a local macho in the depth of the international marriage, unmarried women are often refused in visas for the tourist trips.

Besides, it’s not a secret that banks are more likely to give a credit to the women “in the status”.

That’s why it’s much easier to marry someone, than to explain every time that your boyfriend is a reliable one.

A credit for the car purchase is easier to get, the visa is easier to draw and the employer never doubts that a woman takes a leave of absence not for a light-minded date.

Why do women want to get married? – Just out of curiosity.

Women want to decorate the life, to bring something unusual in it, to try something new and spontaneous.

For example, to live in a marriage and become a wife.

For most of them it’s like to taste a new dish in a restaurant.

In most known cases such marriages fall apart in few years, but there are some exceptions.

Women perform an experiment and get experience.

To sum everything up, the main reason why women get married is to become happy and loved!

They wish to feel the partner’s love and care and to give it back.

Isn’t it happiness?

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