How to find love: 3 steps

Take three steps and you are sure to find your love!


Having asked a question «How to find love» you will never get an answer. Why? Simply because love is not like a mushroom that can be found in the forest. You can hardly find it on the street or even in a big city.

Love can only be found once. And even if this meeting is fleeting and not romantic at all, you will immediately have this feeling.

In most cases, love comes only once in life. And it is vitally important not to miss your happiness, so grasp it and never let it go!

And the website «Motivational tips” will help you to find your love and will give some practical tips on how to do it (believe me!) 🙂

What is love?

Before you start looking for your love and soulmate, let’s talk about what love is.

Nowadays, youth count almost anything as love.

But this is wrong!

Love never means orgies, sadomasochism or buying a fancy car for a cute little chick.

Love is a special state of mind that compels us to great accomplishments for the sake of another person. For the sake of love we are ready to change ourselves, and even to reconsider our principles.

In ancient times, cities were taken, heroic feats were accomplished and the world was changed for the sake of love.

If you think you have found love, answer the question: what are you ready to do for a loved one?


Then stop talking about love. You do not feel it and have probably never experienced this feeling!

How to find love. Start searching

Before deciding how to find love, you must open your heart and be ready for a meeting with your soulmate.

You also need to get rid of the past that is pulling you back. Otherwise, even if you find love, it can easily slip away from you.

And now get ready!

To find love, you only need to take three simple steps:

  1. Ask the universe about it.
  2. Believe in love.
  3. Take the first step towards love.

Let’s discuss each step in details.

Step 1. Ready for finding love? – ask the universe

“When you reach the end of your life, the only thing that will matter is the love that you have given and received. In your journey to the next world the only thing that you can take with you is love. The only valuable thing, which you will leave in this world is love. Nothing else. I have known people who easily endured many difficulties in their lives and were happy, but I am still yet to meet a person, who could endure their life without love. That is why love is the greatest gift in life. It gives sense to life. It is for the sake of love that we should care to live”.
Adam J. Jackson.

Many psychologists give standard and useless advices to people who are lonely: be confident of yourself, take care of yourself, exercise, etc.

But tell me, aren`t there enough people who are successful, beautiful and athletic, but lonely at the same time?

There are millions of them!

People listen to advices, take care of themselves, go to the gym, but do not change their souls.

They can still remain avoidant, arrogant and whining, still live without understanding their own ambitions.

So if you really do want, but don’t know how to find love, just stop and ask the universe about it.

Ask sincerely and from all your heart, and then let your thoughts wander.

Our thoughts create our reality so your dreams will come true very soon.

Step 2. To find your love – believe in it!

Let me tell you a secret: love only comes to those who truly believe!

Improve your self-esteem, start to love yourself and you will soon be able to believe in love.

Accept a simple truth: no one is going to fall in love with you if you don’t love yourself. So learn to love yourself, praise yourself for achievements and never criticise yourself for small mistakes.

When you stop having complexes, when you love yourself, you will understand that you are worth loving. And love will not keep you waiting!

Step 3. Take the first step towards finding love

This will probably be the most difficult step. In this case, your best allies will be positive thinking and faith in love.

To find love, you should not be idle. Also, you shouldn`t make a contest among candidates.

This will only frighten your future soulmate off.

So, if you are in the cafe and a nice young man offers to buy a cappuccino for you, do not imagine he is only looking for a partner for one night. What if he really likes you? Your rude behavior can scare the young man, and you will bitterly regret it.

The same applies to men.

If you are in the gym, and the girl is asking for your help with her dumbbells or offers to make an exercise together, take it as a sign and don`t be rude to the lady! 🙂

Also, do not be afraid to walk alone, do not push people away from you and do not be rude.

If you feel confused or extremely worried meeting somebody for the first time, if you don`t know what to say — just smile and say «Hello».

And your new friend will probably take the situation in his hands.

So you see, to find your love is quite simple.

The main thing is not to lose faith and open your heart to this wonderful feeling!

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