Signs of a Cheating Spouse: The Main Reasons

Signs of a cheating spouse: 6 signs of the husband’s cheating and 5 signs of the wife’s cheating.


A cheating spouse is a complicated process which includes not only certain relationships with another partner but also the assumptions of the similar situation, its results and the feelings of the betrayed wives and husbands.

There are plenty of signs that your spouse is cheating and if you are attentive, you can notice the problems in time and try to save the relationships.

Signs of a cheating spouse and the reasons why they cheat

Surely, every case has unique reasons, which pushed the spouse to be unfaithful, but there are some common reasons, too.

The main reasons which usually lead to adultery:

  • The crisis of the family relationships;
  • The search of one’s true self when the second half interrupts it and does not support;
  • The desire to renew the marital relationships and add passion to the long-standing relationship;
  • To improve self-esteem;
  • To increase sexual libido when there are some signs of their extinction;
  • Cheating as a way to get distracted from the hardships in life;
  • To get revenge;
  • “A cold shower” before wedding, as a result of which the marriage will either become bright or a couple will decide to get divorce;
  • Aging crisis of both spouses;
  • To justify the fatigue and the desire to relax;
  • Acquiring the sexual experience one did not have before getting married;
  • Choosing a more suitable partner;
  • A possibility to realize the material needs.

There may be only one reason but there may be a group of reasons, too.

Signs of a cheating spouse and things that contribute to cheating

The list of the most widespread reasons for your spouse to cheat on you:

  1. An acquaintance with a person, with whom he has a mutual understanding, if he lacks it in the family.
  2. The presence of the common interests and shared activities.
  3. The presence of too much of free time.
  4. The orientation on the search of another partner when the present relationships do not satisfy.
  5. Alcohol intoxication which is a very widespread event in the modern world, unfortunately.
  6. Feeling irresistible attraction.
  7. Fortunate circumstances.

6 signs your husband is cheating

You can find out whether your husband has a lover by discovering the usual signs of a cheating spouse.

It’s quite enough to analyze the husband’s behavior to make sure he is faithful or discover the first warning signals.

Frequently occurring signs of a cheating spouse:

  1. The first sign is that your husband began to be often late from work and to leave for the long business trips.

    Nevertheless, there is not more money in the family.

    When he returns from the “business trips”, he looks detached, tired, gets irritated, is confused in the statements and cannot answer the questions.

  2. The second sign is that the man started to look better.

    If earlier you could not make him wash every day or put on something but the worn out jeans, now you notice that he renewed the wardrobe, takes shower every morning and regularly goes to the gym and bathhouse.

  3. The third sign your husband is cheating is his sexual cooling.

    Surely, it may be caused by various reasons, including the age.

    However, if your husband is too picky, compares you to attractive, successful women, it may be considered as a bad sign.

  4. The fourth sign is the change in the man’s sexual character.

    He became impatient, rude, tries to finish the sexual interaction faster, and cares only about his satisfaction.

    He may even push you to the forms of interactions you never practiced before as if he already tried them.

  5. The fifth sign is the appearance of the cautiousness and discreetness.

    He blocked his computer from you, is irritated if you answer his phone, deletes all texts and calls history, talks to someone in a subtle and quiet voice and always tries to call somebody back.

  6. The sixth sign is the evidence.

    Women, who coped with a cheating spouse, usually remember various things in the car, photos on the phone, women’s items of clothing in the wardrobe, and small nice souvenirs, which appeared out of nowhere.

5 signs a wife is cheating

You should be suspicious if your wife’s behavior changed abruptly.

Signs of a cheating spouse among women:

  1. The first sign is that coming home she seems lost, at a loss, too emotional or happy and cannot explain the reason for such behavior.
  2. The second sign is that her hairdo after the working day looks too good as if it was made recently, or on the contrary – too wind-blown.
  3. The third sign is the increased secrecy.

    The phone is always hidden from a husband, the talks with “a girlfriend” started to look like the text with the answers “yes, no, do not know” without any jokes, talks about the cosmetics or new dresses.

    You may also find out that her tablet or laptop is blocked with a password and the access to the social networks is partially or completely restricted.

  4. The fourth sign is that a wife is staying in the office for too long, starts unusual hobbies which can be the alibi for her absence from home.

    It will be especially suspicious if you fail to meet the beloved one in the gym she told you about or to find out that she has been leaving from work earlier for more than a month.

  5. The fifth sign is that she became irritated and callous or, on the contrary, controlled by the feeling of guilt she tries to compensate everything by wonderful dinners and treats you softly even without the obvious reasons.

What to do with a cheating spouse?

The choice of the further way depends on the personal decision.

The offense may seem too big and prevent you from restoring the relationships.

In this case, you’ll have to divorce at least to save the friendship.

However, the family can be restored if you are open to the dialogue and are ready to discover the real reason for the current situation.

You’d better involve a family therapist in this process.

The least perspective options are:

  • Revenge,
  • Ignoring the happened things,
  • The constant search of the answers among friends or on the forums.

In order to save your marriage, you can use a couple of options:

  1. If you have children, you should go to a resort together.

    Pick a journey or an excursion to show your husband what a wonderful family he ruins.

  2. Return to the origins because sometimes it may be enough to reconstruct the surrounding which brought you close for the first time.

    For example, walk your favorite route, visit the restaurant you used to go to together, do the things which will leave the brightest and lightest memories.

How to Forgive Infidelity?

Cheating spouse signs which can be prevented

  1. Communication is very important.

    You should try to talk to each other more, tell your partner about your feelings, worries, anxieties, etc.

    Do not keep silence if you do not like something.

    Try to talk calmly about the things you want.

    Do not accuse your partner of the things you do not like.

    Otherwise, he won’t hear you and will simply start looking for the excuses which will definitely lead to a conflict.

  2. Common interests mean that you should spend some time together doing the family hobby.

    For example, you can go in for sports (skiing, skating, riding bicycles and so on) or choose any other interesting activity.

    Nothing unites people more than common interests.

  3. Trifles should not be paid attention to because they only lead to irritation.

    Our life consists of trifles and being constantly obsessed with them will turn your life into a nightmare.

    Try to react calmly to the left socks or shoes and the unwashed dishes.

    This is your life and you must enjoy these moments because once you may not have them.

    Constant irritation and screams will make your spouse look for someone else on the side.

  4. Obligations mean that you must share the duties around the house and children care.

    This is a very important moment because often a woman does everything on her own (housework, children) and becomes too loaded to devote some time to her beloved husband.

    Discuss this question with your husband as he might take the children to school and home, throw away the trash or wash the dishes sometimes, and devote some time to play with children or check their homework.

    Such agreement will make the family much friendlier.

    You’ll quickly cope with all businesses and have some time for yourselves.

  5. Pastime you have together must be valued.

    Very often we spend time blaming and accusing others of something, but when we understand we might lose a beloved person, we realize how much important he is.

    We often regret the things that happened too late.

    That’s why value what you’ve got.

If you suspect your spouse in cheating, you should test him using the signs of a cheating spouse, which were described above.

The unreasonable accusations will destroy the trust between the spouses, which is extremely difficult to rebuild.

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