Benefits of Long Distance Relationships

7 benefits of long distance relationships which will bring you courage and strength, in case you worry about staying separated from the beloved one.


Many people face difficulties when they need to keep the relationships on distance.

Some may have regular business trips; some may be involved during vacation in a love affair with someone living in a different city or even country; some even meet their second half on the Internet and start relationships on-line.

Anyway, relationships on distance are considered to be a serious challenge to love.

A stereotype affirms that these relations are destined to fail because there is nothing worse for love than separation. Is it really so?

Couples which are forced to be separated but still have long distance relations have their benefits, don’t they?

Let’s have a quick pick at all pros and cons of such relationships.

Drawbacks of relationships on a long distance

  1. No physical contacts.

    Most information about the world around a man gets from non-verbal mediums – mimics, gestures, touches. Long distance relationships exclude such perception.

    As a result, some misunderstandings happen. Even a video chat cannot provide mutual understanding as much as a physical contact.

  2. Lack of trust to a person.

    It’s one thing when you see a man almost every day: know where he is, whom he is with and what he is doing and quite another thing when you are at a distance.

  3. Not all people can express feelings with the words.

    Many people need to the eyes of the person, hold his hand. Usually these things bring only mutual understanding.

  4. You need to adjust to each other’s plans.

    Very often plans do not coincide and long-expected meeting happens not soon at all.

  5. Financial aspect.

    Financial component of relations is also extremely important, because a flight to another country or a trip by train or bus costs a pretty penny. Sweethearts do not always have such sum of money.

  6. Being jealous.

    When people are away from each other for long, they may feel jealousy. Especially when one of the partners gives rise to it.

    Long distance relationships presuppose one is not able to control movements and behavior of the other one.

    It may lead to rupture.

7 benefits of long distance relations

  1. Romance, romance and … romance.

    Whatever people say, this kind of relationships has their own charm and romance.

    In circumstances where a man and a woman cannot express their feelings and tenderness concerning each other through a tactile contact, they improve verbal communication.  

    These include love letters, endless texts filled with the declarations of love, web dates which seem so touching.

    Surely, two of them will feel lack of physical contact, but that passion and sensuality which is born in these relationships is worth it.

  2. There is no everyday routine.

    Many relationships just crash because of this routine which sooner or later starts torturing even the strongest couples.

    The benefit of long distance relationships is the absence of routine, which spares them from numerous conflicts that happen when a man lives together with a woman.

  3. Personal space and comfort.

    A lone person, who doesn’t accept when someone invades their comfort zone (even the most beloved person), can find happiness in such relations on long distance.

    They don’t have to change their habits or get used to the habits of the partner.

    Everyone lives the way he or she likes and enjoy it.

  4. Time for yourself.

    If people tent to freedom, long distance relationships may become a way out of the situation.

    It’s by no means egoism, but possibilities to live, work, and communicate with other people according to the personal schedule.

    As usual, free time is devoted to some useful things: learning, self-development, achievements in career, going in for sports, etc.

  5. The absence of control.

    Control often becomes the corrosion which destroys the relationships, slowly and gradually forcing the couple to separate for good.

    However, long distance relationships cannot be controlled. Surely, you risk meeting a paranoiac, who will demand the on-line report about every spent minute of the day, but is it worth having such relations?

  6. Voluptuousness of the meetings.

    The less time people spent side by side, the more valuable are the minutes spent together.

    As a rule, these meetings are filled with passion and bring real pleasure by the long-expected physical contact.

    It’s very difficult to create such a voluptuous meeting under usual circumstances.

  7. Strength of the feelings.

    Long distance relations are built not on sex, benefit or boredom, but on deep mutual feelings. Only this way they will be strong and long-lived.

    If a couple survives the parting test, it’s almost an indestructible one.

Virtual love affairs as a kind of long distance relations

In the era of modern technologies, when all sorts of chats, forums, social networks and on-line games are spread so much, there is no wonder the virtual communication of two people can grow into a strong affection.

Dozens of couple meet due to World of Warcraft and Linage II.

Nowadays many acquaintances happen in the social networks (the more so because there are plenty of them).

The prospects of such relations depend a lot on whether the partners can transfer them to the off-line, i.e. in real life. If there is no such possibility, it’s nearly impossible to save the feelings.

Epistolary games may seem entertaining in youth, but they can’t be played forever. Sooner or later someone from the couple will meet a person, whom he’ll be able to touch, embrace, kiss, but not just write: hug you.

Virtual reality is wonderful, but you can’t stay there forever…

What do you have to do to get married?

Four secrets of happy long distance relationships

  • The joy of communication.

    Communicate with your partner as often as possible using phone, Skype, e-mail or even snail mail.

    Try to exchange not only important news, but speak about some trifles as if you are so near.

  • The feeling of community.

    It’s important you feel that even at a distance your couple is not me and him/her, but we.

    Think up some romantic, sensitive and funny rituals, use your catchwords and share your memories.

  • Argue with benefit.

    Many couples, that see each other only at weekends or even more seldom, are afraid to waste precious time on arguments and quarrels.

    Nevertheless, arguments are important for all relations, especially for long distance ones.

    Avoid direct confrontation and try to direct your argument to constructive channel.

    Conflicts must be solved, otherwise they escalate and discontent is stored according to the snowball principle. Constructive arguments can make your relations bright and strong.

  • Build castles in the air.

    Discuss your common future. Long distance relation require prospects, otherwise sooner or later one of you will wonder whether to continue the relationships.

    It will be perfect if you discuss that one time or other you’ll be together.

    It’s better to set a term.In order to save relations both partners must make enormous efforts.

    Hopefully, these pieces of advice brought you enough courage and strength, if you are having such type of relations and worry about it.

Benefits of relations on long distance consist in the fact that you can not only check but also make your feelings towards your partner stronger.

Always try to find benefits in every situation and don’t be afraid – you’ll succeed!

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