How to become a woman: mini-guideline

We offer you 5 tips from a true lady how to become a woman. Keep them in mind!


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It is not enough to have primary and secondary sex characteristics in order to be called a true lady.

Even if happy parents of the newborn are told: “Congratulations, it’s a girl!” it doesn’t necessarily mean that this baby will eventually become a real lady, who will be admired by men and envied by women.

On the contrary, she can turn into the exasperated creature with shapeless figure, greasy hair and dirty nails.

Such, sorry for saying the word, “ladies” can be found in every single city.

Usually they carry huge bags with products, cook soups, watch soap operas and stupid shows, hate their ugly and lazy husband, and yell at their children.

They are angry and irritable and they suffer from stress, which happens in their lives for no reason.

What is the scariest thing, is the fact that they consider their life to be normal, and wish other women to follow their example. Moreover, they think of such articles as “How to become a woman” which are read by their acquaintances who want to change their lives, is nonsense.

“They’d better cook jellied minced meat, – say these “elephants” in holed robes, — or their husbands will soon find other women”.

By the way, despite these tasty pies and jellied minced meat, their husbands do escape to other women.

Some of them don’t run away anywhere, but due to the only reason – their idleness.

How to become a woman instead of degrading into a monkey?

To tell the truth, I’ve always been afraid of becoming one of these women, whom I’ve often seen in the streets, shops or on the public transport.

Since being a teenager I’ve been anxious of the issue how to become a woman without going against the nature.

I’ve known one woman whom I sincerely admire. Her life is a real example for all women.

She is a happy wife and mother, good-looking beauty and a valuable employee with high salary.

Natalya’s husband looks at her with eyes full of love even after 25 years of marriage, and he’s not the only one who truly admires her.

Being 45 years old, she attracts more attention from men than young charming girls in mini-skirts.

Moreover, in order to make even greatly cooking housewives envy her, I can say that she makes the tenderest meat in the world and the most wonderful cupcakes ever!

Her life seems to be the most perfect life ever; however, it is actually the result of hard work and constant self-development.

Instead of lying on the couch she goes to the gym, instead of watching soap operas she listens to the classical music, instead of watching the zombie-set she attends theatres and exhibitions, and instead of wearing a greasy robe she walks around the house in the nice sportswear.

Moreover, she has never read stupid romance novels in paperbacks.

How to become smarter?

How did I become a woman?

“A woman can soften a man; she can weaken him and choose what else to do with him. This is what is scary about women”.
Sigmund Freud, psychoanalyst.

Natalya was born in a small town in Cherkassy region.

Her mother and all of her friends looked alike: tired, unloved, poorly educated and exhausted women.

Even their celebrations looked featureless: first women baked, fried and boiled to the point of trembling, and then they complained to each other about their lazy husbands and naughty children, while their husbands played dominoes in another room; afterwards they cleaned and washed the dishes.

They had no hobbies, no interests, even their care after themselves included only perm once in 6 months.

When she was only 12 years old Natalya made a confident decision of not becoming one of them. She was trying to grasp how to become a woman who will be different from her mother and all of her friends.

Natalya entered Kyiv National University and met her husband when she was 19. When she graduated from the university, they already had a two-year-old child. However, Yegor and Marinka (who was born 5 years later) didn’t prevent their mother from making a successful career, taking care of herself, participating in cultural life of the capital city, and remaining a perfect wife and mother.

At first she had some difficulties trying to cope with that, but later Natalya got used to it and continued maintaining the same lifestyle.

How to become a lady: tips from the true lady

I asked my friend to share with me and my readers several tips how to become a woman who would be admired by the others. My acquaintance was glad to share with us 5 components of her successful life.

  1. You should love yourself.

    “First of all, we are talking about appearance. You have to make a habit of taking care of yourself. You should not ignore this rule even if you don’t leave your house. Obviously, it doesn’t mean that you have to get up early in the morning and cover your face with tons of make-up or wear a mini-skirt from day to day. Choose your own style of clothes and type of make-up that you feel comfortable with, do manicure and pedicure, always take care of your face and don’t let overweight stick to you”.

  2. You have to become a successful employee.

    “My husband could afford to take care of the whole family, but I couldn’t imagine myself being a housewife. Even if there is no financial need in it, you should work for your own pleasure and self-development. You have to work in order to afford buying things for yourself and in order to take care of your family if your husband suffers some difficulties at work”.
    By the way, a successful wife stimulates her husband to work harder. Nobody wants to watch how his wife earns more money than he does”.

  3. You should make your house comfortable.

    “My husband and I established the rule of splitting our responsibilities between us, and thus, we take care about our children, cook and clean whenever one of us has spare time. However, I didn’t forget about the responsibilities of a wife and always cook or bake something tasty on the weekends. We’ve also made a tradition of spending weekends together: we take a walk to the forest or park, attend the theatre, visit our grandparents and simply have fun, enjoying each other’s company”.

  4. You have to be interesting.

    “Marriage is not the reason for you to stop attending theatres, concerts, museums, become dull and uninteresting, and not paying attention to anything except new recipes, cold medicine and love story of Hose and Carmelita.
    I’m still attending all premieres, presentations and exhibitions and follow the newest tendencies in art. My husband and I have a lot more to talk about that just our kids and house redecorating”.

  5. You should always stay nice.

    “Bitchiness is very popular nowadays, however, I’m sure that a woman should always be amiable. She has to be caring, kind and thoughtful. I can stand up for myself, but I do this only when I really need to, and it happens very rarely. I always allow my husband to take care of our family and decide all problems.  I’ve never tried to prevent him from being the head of our family”.

It is not very difficult to become a woman, though you have to make some effort for that. Choose your own life principles and follow them despite the stupid opinion of miserable women in robes: “You have to live like we do!”

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