38 Qualities of a Perfect Man

How does a perfect man look like? Let’s analyze 38 necessary qualities of a perfect man.


I guess this article will be more interesting for men, because today we are going to talk about qualities which are necessary for a perfect man!

Before writing this article I’ve looked through many thematic materials, spent hours reading posts on women’s forums, and eventually I’ve come up with 10 qualities which women would like to see in their beloved.

Why is it important to become a perfect man for your woman?

I’m more than sure that there will be some men who won’t even try to read this article preferring to sniff at it scornfully with such words: “Leave me alone with these talks about a perfect man! Calm down, ladies, stop wasting your time on the novels about princesses and their princes!”

Hopefully, such jerks don’t even dare visiting our website, because reasonable men understand the importance of becoming perfect for their beloved.

If you reach perfection, it will not only raise your self-esteem, but will also allow you to create a happy family.

Men, who are constantly improving themselves and know how to make their beloved happy, will not waste their lives on squabbles and scandals. As a result, they don’t live in fear of being alone when their wives get sick with them and run away together with their children.

A perfect man will not have to live with the understanding of the fact that his wife considers him to be worthless and dreams about replacing him. He will not have to watch his other half working twice as much as possible and making all decisions by herself because her husband is an impotent in all senses of this word.

Besides, a perfect man has more chances for marrying a perfect woman. He won’t have to put up with second-rate women whom nobody actually wants to marry, and thus, they are ready to spend their lives with any men in order to avoid being alone.

The perfect man: 10 necessary qualities

A perfect man has to treat every woman like a goddess and to take care of her like of his child. He has to prevent us from making huge decisions but to satisfy all our whims. A perfect man has to worship a woman and forbid her to have her own vocation. He has to talk about things which he doesn’t mean and avoid really meaning his words.

“Oh, the Ideal Man should talk to us as if we were goddesses, and treat us as if we were children. He should refuse all our serious requests, and gratify every one of our whims. He should encourage us to have caprices, and forbid us to have missions. He should always say much more than he means, and always mean much more than he says.

He should never run down other pretty women. That would show he had no taste, or make one suspect that he had too much. No; he should be nice about them all, but say that somehow they don’t attract him”. Oscar Wilde, “A Woman of No Importance”.

Dear men, I’ve got two pieces of news for you: a good one and a bad one.

A good news is that the overwhelming majority of ladies have the same picture of a perfect man, and thus if you correspond to certain qualities, you’ll be able to conquer any woman.

A bad news consists in the number of these qualities – there are 10 of them, which means that you’ll have to make some effort in order to reach perfection.

  1. Kindness.
    Forget about the image of the brutal guy who calls his girlfriend “bitch” and often gets into trouble.
    Only 15-year-old tramps like bad and rude boys, adult ladies prefer to date kind men.
    First of all, they are more interested in kind attitude towards themselves. However, women also want their men to behave kindly towards other people around. And don’t confuse kindness with flabbiness, these notions are completely different!
  2. Sexuality and skillfulness.
    Dear men, I’d recommend you to stop thinking that ladies don’t like sex and that they are not interested in having sexual relationships unless they hope to get married quicker.
    It’s nonsense!
    We also enjoy having sex, but we treat it as an act of satisfaction and delight instead of technical process of copulation.
    If a man thinks that “erogenous zone” is a name of some band and a foreplay should consist of one languid kiss, and if he considers all poses apart from the missionary one to be lecherous, there is no wonder that the only word “sex” gives his partner as much pain as a toothache.
    Good potency and ability to drive your sexual partner to an orgasm are necessary qualities of a perfect man.
  3. Good physical shape and health.
    Not every person has been granted good health since childhood.
    I understand that there are people who suffer from some injuries or try to cope with incurable diseases, but all of them also deserve to be happy in life. I’m talking about these stupid people who despite their inborn good state of health destroy it with bad habits, poor diet, or lack of physical exercise.
    I wouldn’t advise you to think that your beloved will be glad if you weigh over 300 pounds, you’ve got folds of fat instead of trained muscles, you don’t take decent care of yourself, or if you have a horrible stink from your mouth because you’re afraid of making an appointment with a dentist. Doesn’t sound like a perfect man to me!
  4. Ability to earn enough money and generosity.
    Don’t even bother talking about mercantilism; it’s a favorite topic of failures.
    A woman intuitively looks for a man who’ll be able to provide for himself and his future family.
    Thus, you’d better stop whining about economic crisis, absence of vacancies, bad fate and so on.
    You should look for new and promising sources of income. Moreover, when you start earning more money, don’t try to save up on your wife. Don’t make her report on every purchase! You’d better spoil her with small presents and pleasant surprises from time to time.
  5. Be a perfect family man.
    You should never prefer your job, your friends or your hobbies over your family. Remember: family is the most important thing in the world.
    Try to spend more time with your children, take them to picnics, visit your wife’s parents or go hiking together. All in all, the presence of family values is very important for every lady.
  6. Strive for success.
    No woman would want a man who spends 20 years working at a boring job with low salary, it simply doesn’t excite anybody. You should always long for reaching the top: make a successful career, earn more money, start your own business, etc.
    Women see this striving for success not only as the way to receive material goods but as a reason for being proud of their beloved.
  7. Be a defender.
    The saying: “Be as safe as behind a stone wall” will never become old-fashioned. Every single lady wants to feel protection from her man. She wants to be sure that her partner is able to solve any problem, protect her and their children from danger, cope with all difficulties and defend her from the offenders.
  8. Be an interesting interlocutor.
    As it turns out, ladies like when their men are the life and joy of every party. If you want to be a perfect man, you have to be in the centre of everybody’s attention.
    A surly guy who is standing in the corner of the room is an “Ugh!” while a jovial man in the centre of attention is always a “Wow!”
    Besides, your other half certainly expects you to find common language with her parents, relatives and friends.
  9. Faithfulness.
    I don’t even think this point needs a further explanation.
    Show me this crazy girl who will be excited to know that her other half cheats on her, unless we are talking about “free relationships”, though I don’t believe in such type of “love”.
  10. Briskness and activity.
    Yes, we are not happy seeing a stiff body lying idly on the couch!
    Ladies like when men are easily talked into helping about the house, or moreover, when they notice what has to be done themselves. A lady is happy when a man likes visiting her friends or relatives, attending theatres or restaurants and realizing all her dreams.

Qualities of a perfect man: the list of 28 more important qualities of a perfect man according to women

There have been conducted many sociological studies among women of different social status and age.
However, practically all of them have come to a common conclusion as regards qualities of a perfect man.

Here is how women see a perfect man. He has to:

  1. Have a strong spirit.
  2. Be respectable.
  3. Be generous.
  4. Always remember about his beloved.
  5. Be devoted.
  6. Be honest.
  7. Be far-sighted.
  8. Listen and try to understand.
  9. Be responsible.
  10. Be attentive.
  11. Be caring.
  12. Love children.
  13. Be sincere.
  14. Be optimistic.
  15. Be initiative.
  16. Be well-groomed.
  17. Keep his promises.
  18. Put up with his wife’s/girlfriend’s weaknesses.
  19. Be able to make a woman happy.
  20. Be persistent.
  21. Be determined.
  22. Be ambitious.
  23. Be able to control himself.
  24. Be disciplined.
  25. Be extremely smart (even genius).
  26. Be wealthy.
  27. Protect his family.
  28. Have a good sense of humor.

As you can see, a perfect man is a multicomponent collective image, that’s why I’d recommend you to work hard in order to become one of them, my dear men!

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