Why Does My Husband Hate Me so Much?

Why does my husband hate me so much: 10 signals of hatred + the analysis of a situation + 2 solutions to the problem.


Why does my husband hate me so much?

This question is asked very often by women who built their family lives not as successful as they wished.

What should a woman do in such situation?

How should you act to solve the problem?

Why does my husband hate me so much and the possible changes in the husband’s attitude?

If a family faces such situation, a woman will definitely react much harder and more painful to it.

As soon as a wife notices some changes in the spouse’s attitude toward herself, in most cases, she continues to pretend as if nothing changed and she is desired and loved.

Moreover, it may continue for some time.

Nevertheless, a spouse becomes estranged more and more while the wife just refuses to see it believing she is having a perfect marriage.

You should never behave like this because some time later this game won’t be called a happy marriage but simply the parody.

The complete inaction in this tough period and the wife’s submission will never bring back the husband’s feelings.

On the contrary, he is sure to get only further.

If you stop seeing the perfect marriage and pay attention even to the slight changes in the attitude and analyze them, you are likely not only to save your family but to make it stronger, too.

When the husband grows apart and his second half takes all efforts not to notice things, nothing good is going to happen.

In a certain moment, one will be able to say with confidence that a husband hates his wife.

The first signals of hatred

There exist several signals which show why your relations began to ruin.

10 signals which prove your husband hates you:

  1. If at the beginning of the life together the spouses do everything in common and a husband always listens to the wife’s opinion and then he suddenly starts to make decisions and solve problems on his own without even sharing.

    It is likely to be the first sign he does not care about her point of view.

  2. A woman should pay attention to whose interests the husband puts in the first place.

    If his, some time later she’ll understand she’d never get so much reliability and support anymore.

  3. If he starts to find faults and reproach and it leads to irritation and indignation, this is a sign something needs to be changed, otherwise, hatred is sure to appear in your relationships.
  4. In case a husband does not respect his wife but does not say it openly and just constantly criticize her as a woman, mother, housewife, she should also pay attention to why he is doing it.
  5. A special attention should be devoted to the situation when spouses, being together, do not have anything to talk about.

    Needless to say, you cannot simply sincerely laugh at the simplest joke together.

  6. You should not ignore the moments when a spouse does not want to touch his wife.

    If you ignore it at first, some time later when a wife shows a little caress, she won’t cause anything but irritation in the return.

  7. Besides, you should also wonder why your beloved man does not hurry home.

    It seems that everything is made for him to feel comfortable but yet he finds it better to meet with friends after work instead of coming straight home.

  8. The changes in the attitude of a husband are definitely observed when he starts protecting his private space from the wife.

    At first, a woman turns a blind eye to it trying to find an excuse but seldom thinks why it is so and how it will eventually end.

  9. The absence of sexual interactions, regardless of the trustworthy excuses, must push a woman to change something.

    Otherwise, the results may be deplorable.

  10. Very often one may hear a lady saying the husband hates and offends her having no idea how hurt she is.

    Nevertheless, only a few of them actually think about the possibility that they provoked a man to treat them this way by certain actions.

Why does my husband hate me so much: the analysis of a situation

In order to choose the future tactics of behavior and do not make the situation worse, firstly, you must analyze why it could happen.

3 most widespread situations when a husband hates his wife:

  1. The first thing that comes to head is that he has another beloved person.

    However, when a man often changes his mistresses, he is not going to leave the family, and his second half finds it difficult to notice everything.

    Even if she finds out about the mistresses, her husband is sure to have the answer – he wanted someone for a change.

    Signs of a Cheating Spouse: The Main Reasons

  2. Perhaps, his attitude changed after you got a baby because in general most mothers are focused on children then.

    A spouse feels indignation in this period and he is offended because he does not get the same attention anymore.

    In such situation, he tries to attract it with the help of aggression.

  3. If for example, a woman is working and has not as much time for the family as he wishes, the spouse is likely to be unsatisfied.

    He would definitely prefer his wife to sit at home and pay all attention to him instead of the career.

    If you really wish to save your marriage, you should quit your job in this situation.

After you analyzed the situation well and from all possible sides, you must come to certain conclusions and define whether you wish to continue living with this person.

Perhaps, the best option will turn out to be a divorce, after which she’ll gradually find peace, calmness, and self-confidence, which she lacked being married.

What should a woman do when she says that the husband hates her but she loves him and does not want to lose?

Perhaps, you should try to change something and add all your efforts and patience to it.

Why do my husband and I hate each other?

What is needed to be done when both spouses hate each other?

The problem here is that the feelings got a little blurred or they turned into a habit.

The thing is that from the very beginning of a family life the couple did not have that emotional intimacy, which is hidden behind love.

When love goes to the background, misunderstanding is sure to appear at the same place.

In this case, even the slightest trifles lead to indignation and disengagement between spouses.

They accumulate and eventually destroy everything that united them.

When a woman asks her friends and relatives why the husband hates her, people give the most various pieces of advice.

Most of them believe she should openly talk to her husband.

However, she should do it carefully lest he refused to discuss his feelings and this attempt turned into another scandal.

In order to avoid it, you should express your thoughts reasonably and calmly.

It’s better to get this talk (perhaps, the unpleasant one).

Then the result will definitely be obvious and the wife is sure to understand whether there is a chance to save the family.

Otherwise, she will have to face real facts.

How to solve the problem?

  1. Divorce

    If a woman says that the husband hates her and it’s getting more difficult with him every single day, perhaps, the best way out of this situation is to let him go.

    As a result, two people won’t be tortured and won’t hurt each other anymore.

  2. Save the relationships

    The decision of whether to save the family or, on the contrary, to break up must be made by both spouses.

    The possibility that trying to save the marriage the wife will interest her beloved one (just like in the beginning of their relations or even more) is extremely high.

    Then the family life is likely to go on like on the constant honeymoon.

    If a woman complains about her life and says the husband hates her and the relations go nowhere, you should remember that there is no certain answer to the question why it happened as every situation is unique.

Now you know what a woman should do if she feels disengagement and is worried by the question “Why does my husband hate me so much?”.

There are plenty of options how to solve similar problems and you should only pick the most optimal for you.

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