How to Forgive Infidelity?

How to forgive your infidelity and continue relations? Our recommendations will help you to jump through this hoop.


If your husband or your sweetheart was unfaithful to you then you must feel pain and shock and be uncertain of what to do further.

Someone will break up even without thinking of making up, others are ready to forgive and move further.

If you want to continue your relations then it’s high time you sorted out your feeling, made head or tail of the relationship between you and your sweetheart and worked at how to forgive infidelity and move further.

It’s always uneasy to forgive a deceiver but the following recommendations will help you to go through it.

Before you forgive infidelity you should think well over everything has happened!

Step 1 – Make up your mind whether you should forgive infidelity.

Before you forgive infidelity you should decide whether it is worth doing. No matter how much you love your sweetheart you should know: to forgive infidelity may be one of the most difficult and emotionally hard deed you have ever had to do.

But if you really want it there are some weighty arguments which will help you to forgive infidelity:

  1. If it was a moment temerity.

    Maybe you had a little quarrel or it was an alcohol impact or he met someone special to his mind… for that moment.

    That’s why there is no important reason for infidelity if it happened only once. Think well whether you may just forget it.

  2. Pay attention if your partner feels guilty, is upset and emotionally down, does all his best to show you he’s discouraged because of his behavior and promises it will never happen anymore.
  3. If you had long healthy intimate and incredible relations.

    Though your relations may seem not so wonderful after you found out about your sweetheart’s infidelity but if there weren’t such cases while being together then probably you should save your alliance.

    In which cases you shouldn’t forgive infidelity:

    • Infidelity as a habit.

      If your partner was unfaithful to you before it’s high time you said him goodbye.

      And what if it’s the first time you disclosed infidelity but you suspect him of stepping out a few times before? Then you must be right.

    • Don’t forgive infidelity at the beginning of relationships.

      If you only started dating and he was already unfaithful then the centerpiece of your relations is too rocky to be continued.

      Feel relief thinking that it happened only at the beginning of your relationship when it doesn’t hurt so much yet.

    • Don’t forgive the traitor if his infidelity is a mark of your relationships ending.

      If you think infidelity happened because you had nothing in common with your partner anymore or you stopped attracting each other then consider it as a pretext to let him go.

    If you see your relationship coming to its end then break up and it will be the best variant for both of you.

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Step 2 – Take a break to calm down.

If you can’t cope with your emotions after you disclosed infidelity it’s time you took a break.

Spend some time walking, working or just crying in your room. Do everything you need to “let off stream” and help yourself to think clearly.

You may even need some weeks to spend apart from your sweetheart. You’ll have some difficulties if you live together. So try to spend more time with your friends, family or even to live at the hotel for some time if it’s necessary.

Step 3 – Don’t blame yourself.

«A good marriage would be between a blind wife and a deaf husband.»
Michel de Montaigne

Don’t think your partner stepped out because you are not so good-looking or sociable or because you are too occupied with children or job and that’s why can’t pay due attention to your relations.

Your soulmate stepped out and it’s his or her guilt and that’s why you could do nothing to prevent it (only if you stepped out first but it’s totally another case).

Besides that you should never let your partner blame you. If he did – go immediately.

Step 4 – Sum up your relations.

When you feel forces you should think about the relationship with a person unfaithful to you.

There are some questions you should ask yourself:

  1. What’s special in your relationships?

    Do you really want to forgive infidelity because you want to save wonderful relationships or you are just afraid of staying lonely?

    If you can’t find the reason why your relations are special then you need to stop them.

  2. How would you describe the development of your relationship?

    Was everything good during a long period of time and then just changed at once or it was lapsing slowly for some period?

    Think of the reasons which provoked it.

  3. Can you guess what resulted in infidelity in your relationship?

    Remember that it is something else. You shouldn’t blame yourself.

    Think well what could provoke infidelity of your partner. He might be jealous because you are more experienced or because you are together since school days, ten years passed since you left school and he thinks that he “ranged himself” too fast.

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Step 5 – Make sure that your partner longs for set up your relationships.

If you decided to forgive this person for some reasons and your relationships are worth saving then before make sure your partner feels the same setting about months or even years of hard work on your relations.

Make sure your partner is indeed sorry for his infidelity. There is a great difference between saying it and truly feeling.

Make sure your sweetheart not only regrets it but also wants to move further with you.

5 actions to forgive infidelity:

  1. Examine your feelings.

    It’s important that your partner accepts your feelings. He or she may be sorry for his infidelity but it differs from understanding your heart pain and confusion you have to feel.

    Tell your partner about your real feelings and make sure he or she really understands what’s happening in your mind.

    Before going forward your sweetheart should realize that he put you in a terrible position.

  2. Have a heart-to-heart talk.

    A straight talk about what happened is the only way to move forward.

    You should plan your day beforehand to talk with your partner about what has happened.

    Here is what you should do:

    • Find out what he or she feels to another woman/man.

      The best answer is: “I feel nothing to her”.

      The worst answer is: “I don’t know”. Your partner must tell not only about his feelings but feel indeed nothing to her/him.

    • Ask your partner if it happened before.

      When you are aware of everything you can take the right decision.

    • Ask what he feels about your relationship.

      Ask him why he stepped out and what he thinks of being together with you.

    • Discuss the ways to set up your relations.

      You may take the question in a businesslike manner and even make notes.

  3. Work on frank communication.

    You should be open and honest with each other, find some time to listen for what every one of you wants to say.

    Here are some ways to establish open communication:

    • Find some time to talk every week.

      Be outspoken talking about the relationship you had this week and what you can do to improve them.

    • Tell each other what you feel.

      Though you could drift apart after you got to know about his infidelity you should work on being able to talk about your negative and positive emotions when you are ready.

    • You shouldn’t be passive-aggressive.

      If you are angry with something you should mention it in the right moment.

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  4. Work on improvement of your relations.

    There are a lot of things that can help you to form a tight coupling between both of you and to try to start everything from scratch.

    There are some of them you could try:

    • Choose one joint hobby.

      Every one of you should try something new that he has never done even if it’s climbing or ceramics.

    • Try to share your interests.

      You could have drifted apart because you decided that you have nothing in common and nothing to talk about. Agree to read the same book every month or to watch a new TV program.

      Even the share of a few interests may influence your relations.

    • Learn to make a compromise.

      Don’t let everything be as your partner wants and remember that it shouldn’t be as you want as well despite you managed to forgive infidelity.

    • Go for a rest together.

      Though a rest isn’t a long-term decision of the problem but it will help you to feel far from deception.

      You should do that only after you thought over and decided to spend much time with your sweetheart.

    • Stop blaming your partner.

      It may seem impossible but if you really want to set up your relations then you shouldn’t remind every second your partner of his infidelity.

    • Limit the praise of your sweetheart.

      Though you may enjoy the compliments, flowers, hugs all the time try to size up as much as possible.

      Though your partner is really sorry for his infidelity he or she can’t pay you compliments or assure you of his love all the time.

  5. Don’t be obsessed with another man or woman.

    It’s the simplest way to go mad or to break up your relations.

    If you know who’s this man or woman do everything possible to avoid meeting him or her.

    Say yourself you must concentrate on your own relationship but not on relationship with another person.

The question how to forgive infidelity can’t be settled in a matter of days. It  may take some years.

But you shouldn’t forget the deceiver can step out again. If it’s repeated you should go! Don’t be a milksop.

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