How to Know if She Loves You: 3 Secrets

How to know if she loves you learning 7 behavioral indications + 3 types of the look + 5 gestures + 3 secrets?


We guess every young man at least once in his life faced the question “How do you know if she loves you?”.

Surely, one can ask his girlfriend directly.

Still, what should you do when you have plenty of doubts and you do not want to look silly?

How do you know if she loves you – is the topic which we are going to discuss today.

The indications that she really loves you

The unconscious actions of your girlfriend which she may not even notice are sure to help you.

However, if you study them and ways how to read them, you’ll easily define if you really have a chance to have the mutual feelings.

All unconscious actions can be subdivided into 3 groups:

  • the behavior,
  • the look,
  • the gestures.

Now we are going to discuss each group.

The behavior which lets you know if she loves you

In order to understand if a girlfriend is in love with you, you need to observe how she behaves.

Here are the main indications she really loves you:

  1. Interest.

    In most cases, a woman who is attracted to you listens about your business with great pleasure.

    A definite symptom is when she asks others about you and is interested how you are.

    When a girlfriend is ready to help and support you in anything, regardless of what she is busy with, perhaps she likes you.

  2. Communication.

    A woman who likes you will search for the ways to communicate with you.

    She is sure to prefer talking to you than to her friend.

    Pay attention to the way how she behaves: if at some parties or other gatherings she sticks closer to you and tries to start a conversation – it’s a bright indication.

  3. Self-sacrifice.

    You know how much she is afraid to drown.

    Nevertheless, if she bravely goes with you in the cutter, she definitely likes you!

    A girl in love very often sets the interests of the boyfriend ahead of hers and forgets about her own hobbies for some time.

    In addition, you must keep in mind that she’ll expect the same things from you, so do not disappoint her.

  4. Gifts.

    A present without any reason is a sign you should think about the character of your relationships.

    This is the most obvious way for a lady to show how much she likes a guy.

    If you are presented with some handmade thing, which took much time and efforts, this may become the ground for the long and serious relationships.

  5. Jealousy.

    Have you caught a look full of discontent when you start talking to her friend?

    Have you helped a stranger in the street and now you cannot understand why she is so disappointed?

    She is simply jealous.

    Even if you are not in the relationships, a girl in love has no desire to share you with others.

  6. Care.

    If you are ill and she visits you even more often than the rest of your friends, or if she wants to take care of your health, she likes you a lot.

    All women have a maternal instinct which makes them care about others.

    Though, it concerns only special, dear people.

  7. Happiness.

    There is one more indication which is the least obvious.

    However, you should also pay attention to it: a girl in love (even if it is not mutual) looks like a small sun.

    She is happy for every small trifle and it seems nothing is able to disappoint her.

3 types of the look which are likely to tell you if she loves you

  1. Can you catch her look on yourself when you are in a big crowd of people?

    Observe how often it happens.

    In case you notice it three-four times, she is definitely interested in you and she wants to look at you.

  2. If the pupils of the woman’s eyes are increased, this is a very specific physiological symptom.

    However, you should not try to notice the changes in the girls with dark eyes.

    Even if you succeed, you risk embarrassing or scaring her away.

  3. What does it mean when you looked at her and she immediately looked in another direction?

    It means she is in love but she is embarrassed.

    She wants to see you and date you but she is afraid you do not have the same feelings.

The body language which points at the woman’s love

  1. Touches.

    A girl who loves you will always search for a possibility to touch the object of her feelings and very often it happens at the subliminal level.

    She’ll try to sit closer to you in a café, all amusement rides, cinema and other places.


    She is hoping that your hands will eventually meet.

    If a girl is always trying to tidy your hair, touch your shoulder or remove an invisible dust, you can bravely tell her about your feelings because they are sure to be mutual.

  2. Excitement.

    Any woman finds the meeting with the beloved person to be very exciting.

    Having looked at her at that very moment, you can easily discover whether she has feelings for you.

    A girl in love might have a blush on the cheeks or the shallow breathing.

    She won’t know where to put the hands or can answer not to the point.

    In order to notice these slight, almost invisible indications, you must learn how to develop the perfect observation skills.

  3. Flirt.

    The bright examples of flirt are the complements.

    They may be direct or veiled in the conversation.

    Very often a girl is teasing you or making jokes.

    Nevertheless, you should not be offended because she tries to let you know how much she likes you.

    Movements and gestures are not less important facts.

    If a woman makes eyes at you during the conversation, or she is waving the locks or smiles too cute – be certain she loves you and she is flirting with you.

  4. Rapport.

    Another symptom is when a girl subconsciously “reflects” your poses.

    She might walk in step with you, sit in a café in the same pose or keep the hands the same way – all of it is considered to be a sign of attraction.

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  5. Personal space.

    How do you know if she loves you?

    If a girl calmly treats your invasion into her private space, it may also be considered a sign of sympathy.

How to know if she loves you discovering other symptoms?

  1. A girl will take care of you even more.

    You might notice that she is dressed for work casually but when she is going on a date with you, she looks gorgeously irresistible – she puts on a beautiful dress and high heels so that you liked her even more.

    She will make sexy makeup and spend several hours in front of the mirror to surprise you when you two meet.

    Surely, if a woman always pampers herself it does not mean anything.

    However, if she looks this way only when you meet, it means a lot.

  2. Loyalty.

    A girl might fall in love so much that she won’t have any desire to cheat.

    Nowadays, it’s rather difficult to find such ladies but if she is really in love, she will never think about sexual interactions with other men.

  3. Confession of love and gentle names.

    It’s hard for a girl to say she loves someone and if she says these three words, in most cases – it means a lot to her.

    She felt with her heart that she is actually in love.

    The same thing happens when she calls you in a special way.

    Surely, a girl might play a little but it’s easy to get it.

    Feel if the words come from the soul or simply because she knows she has to say them.

    If they come from her heart, this is a sign she really loves you.

3 secrets of how to know if she loves you

  1. If she starts calling you every day, writing you on the Internet or text messages, she really loves you much because she gives her time and interest to you.
  2. The best way to understand and know if she loves you is to observe her actions.

    How often is she late for the dates?

    How often does she call you first?

    How often does she offer to meet you?

    Does she stick to the promises?

    If she respects you, is attracted and interested in you, she really loves you.

  3. Listen attentively to the way she talks to you.

    Usually, girls talk calmly to all people and when they are talking to the guys they like, they often stumble, embarrass, lose the words, and think for long not knowing what to say.

These are the main symptoms how to know if she loves you.

It’s important to be noted that all women are different and you must never judge by one sign.

A woman may say she loves you but it’s not necessarily true all the time.

You must come to the conclusions when you observe at least several signs which were mentioned above.

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