How to Find a Best Friend: 7 Simple Pieces

How to find a best friend using the pieces of advice + the advantages of having new friends + the search of acquaintances in the various social networks?


The best friends are always with you and will always wait for you.

There exist plenty of reasons why people become best friends.

Just continue reading to discover how to find a best friend.

How to find a best friend discussing the beginning of the friendship

If you truly wish to find a real friend, you’d better look for him among the ones you already have.

Almost everybody has some acquaintances, that’s why you should consider the candidature of each of them.

Come up with a plan how to start the conversation rolling.

The conversation about nothing is said to be the initial stage of friendship development.

The topics for such communication are trivial – the weather or profession.

One more approach is to discuss something which is near both of you.

Besides, one may try to introduce himself simply to begin the talk.

Get to know person’s hobbies to discover whether there is an activity with which you may be occupied together and to learn whether you have common interests.

Be certain you really get on well with the person and know his preferences and dislikes, his hobbies, the favored pastime, colors, and so on.

Take an active part in the conversation and avoid being the one who only asks questions and on the contrary.

In case you ask too many questions (or too personal ones), it is sure to irritate some people.

If you have no questions at all, your interlocutor could feel awkward because they’ll have to figure out how to maintain the discussion.

Develop your friendship so that your new friend became the best one

  1. Take his phone number and occasionally call him – one or two times per week, not more.

    Do not call the same weekday every time and choose the dates at random and be unexpected.

  2. Present him with some gifts if he has a birthday or any other holiday.

    It should not be something big or expensive.

    A present which was made with your own hands will be the perfect option.

  3. Write a handwritten letter.

    We also understand that it’s easier to write emails or leave messages on Facebook.

    However, there is a definite charm in handwritten letters and cards.

    It does not only mean you spend some time to pick the proper paper, write on it and send it via post instead of the electronic substitute.

    It shows how many thoughts you put in it.

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  4. Ask whether you may pay him a visit or how you should do something funny together.

    Firstly, you must make sure you’ve known this person for some time.

    In case you know each other a day or two and ask to pay him a visit, it will definitely seem strange to your acquaintance.

  5. Some friendships begin easily and it’s not very difficult to develop them.

    Others, on the contrary, require more attention and actions.

    When you put some efforts to your relations, it just indicates your friendship differs from the rest and you must work to preserve and develop it.

5 reasons to find a best friend

  1. New people in your life open new possibilities both physical and spiritual, personal.

    They push you to the new ideas, interests, and hobbies.

    For example, you can visit an unusual place where your acquaintance lives or try yourself at the unusual craft on which he is keen.

  2. Friends are able to discover new talents in you and awake the skills you did not even think you have.

    In your turn, you will share your kindness and positive attitude to life.

  3. You can start everything with a clean slate with new friends.

    For example, they will never call you fat only because others called you so when you were a boy.

  4. Every new friend means another circle of communication and, consequently, the possibility to get more new friends and possibilities.
  5. Communication with new people will definitely make you leave your comfort zone for some time.

    Eventually, it will bring you huge dividends.

    It is known that a person actively develops and grows only when he meets something new and unusual.

How to find a best friend on Facebook?

The social network, called Facebook, is very popular and this makes it the easiest way to receive plenty of friends.

If you have no account there, you need to make it and start communicating with others.

There is a bigger possibility you’ll find the common language with a less popular person on this network.

It means he does not have many friends. Otherwise, he simply won’t have time to answer everyone’s questions and messages.

Start your friendship from afar.

You should not write him a long message that you are looking for friends and he might be the right person.

Do not impose yourself on others.

Firstly, you should start leaving comments under his photos, statuses, links he shared, etc.

Perhaps, you’ll start your conversation right in the comments.

Do not forget to put “Like” on the photos you like and share the funny links on your page.

It means you must do everything to show how interesting this person is.

The compliments in the comments are likely to serve you well.

However, spend time not only on his page but on yours, too.

Try to share the most interesting news, pictures, personal photos, interesting thoughts, and events.

How to find a best friend on Twitter?

Nowadays Twitter is considered to be one of the most popular services on the Internet.

Almost all modern people, from the schoolchildren to the worldwide famous Madonna, have it.

Due to its popularity, you’ll easily understand how to find a best friend.

Here you can quickly find acquaintances by the interests, especially if you are fond of something unusual (collecting dry butterflies, learning the history of vampires, studying magic and so on).

In order to have a successful search, it’s quite enough to use the search bar and look for the tweets on the topic which is close to you.

When you discover the interesting personalities, you should follow them at once, adding to your list of news.

When you gather 10-30 people, you must stop and try to read their posts.

Perhaps, you’ll find appealing far from all of them.

When you cross out the half of them, you should continue the search using the same method.

Then you should start watching after them by reading their tweets, making retweets, asking questions, giving some pieces of advice, expressing your thoughts on this or that matter and so on.

You must do everything possible to be noticed as an interesting person who is keen on the same topic.

Within such communication, you should remember to publish your own tweets.

If they are unique and interesting, people are likely to follow and read you, too.

2-4 weeks after such communication you are likely to have 5-15 people who express interest in your profile.

You have a good opportunity to make friends with them.

Write them messages in private and ask to write to you their social accounts or contact information where you could communicate better on the common topics.

How not to be Boring?

How to find a best friend with the same interests?

You can find such best friend not only on the Internet but in the real life, too.

In order to do it, there still exist various clubs and courses where you can go in for dancing, fitness, aerobics, martial arts, modeling, painting and other things.

Here you can meet your new friends.

However, if you find online acquaintances better, we can suggest you registering on the theme websites.

There are websites already devoted to different hobbies and the whole portals where you can communicate in chats and discuss interesting topics.

7 simple pieces of advice on how to find a best friend:

  1. Check whether your friend is always there for you in all kinds of situations – both good and bad.

    Support him when he needs you and be a good friend, too!

  2. Assure you do not suppress him.
  3. Develop a good sense of humor and mind that many people like those who have an excellent sense of humor because it’s always funny to spend time with them.
  4. Do not laugh or get at things which are sure to make him uncomfortable.
  5. If your friend finds himself in an awkward situation, you should not laugh but simply say something to comfort him.
  6. Try to laugh at his jokes (even when they are not funny) and it will make him feel at ease.
  7. In case you became the fifth wheel, never hesitate to talk to your best friend about it.

How to find a best friend?

You surely need time.

Firstly, make a new acquaintance and when you communicate well, do not hurry your relationships as it will only bring harm to you and your friend.

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