Physical Signs your Wife is Cheating

There are the following physical signs your wife is cheating: changes in appearance and behavior, meeting with new friends.


As a rule, men pay very little attention to their wives’ state of mind.

That’s why they very often find out that they are cheated.

It may be either accidentally or completely unexpectedly or when the infidelity becomes obvious to everyone, including the man himself.

How can you define the physical signs your wife is cheating at the early stages?

Can one predict women’s cheating?

These are the questions on which we are going to find answers in this article.

Changes in appearance are the physical signs your wife is cheating

Family life is rather routine and there is nothing weird that wife gradually becomes more in-home, wears less cosmetics and sometimes even neglecting the appearance.

If suddenly everything is changed, and you notice some physical signs of it, then it’s quite possible a new man appeared in the wife’s life, for the sake of whom she is ready again:

  • to spend more time in front of the mirror,
  • to take all efforts to become even more attractive,
  • to use provocative make-up,
  • to control her weight.

There is nothing weird about it, because it’s in women’s nature.

She is always eager to look beautiful for the lover, but not the husband.

Changes in behavior are the physical signs your wife is cheating

  1. Even the smallest changes in the usual behavior can indicate the first physical signs of the lover’s appearance.

    Men very often notice that a woman almost turns into a doll, which shows no emotions.

    There are no kisses and compliments, “hugs” are also in the past, flowers don’t make your wife happy, new underwear does not turn on anymore and oral sex does not attract, only if she was not initially against it.

  2. In addition, your way of life may change.

    A girl, who has a new lover, will definitely devote less time to clean the house, iron clothes, cook meals and do other things around the house.

    All thoughts and desires will be focused on the lover and their secret passion.

  3. What’s more, evaluation of the husband’s dignity may change, precisely his characteristics as a man, lover, breadwinner and the head of the family.

    If a woman suddenly starts to complain, she starts reproaching husband, indicating his drawbacks, there is no need to test your wife – it’s sure to be woman’s cheating.

    Comparison is a natural reaction, and when the wife compares husband and lover, the second one is obviously winning.

  4. Sudden woman’s jealousy will help you uncover cheating.

    Yes, it’s precisely woman’s cheating, because from the psychological point of view, a woman feels guilty and starts defending herself, surreptitiously feeling jealous of the husband to the whole world.

    Such somersault in the behavior can show physical signs that she has a lover, and she feels good with him, but only in physical sense.

    Emotionally she feels torment, which she is trying to hide by jealousy.

  5. Simple, but sudden remoteness of the wife may also indicate she experienced some changes, which her husband is sure to dislike.

    Now she does not care to learn how her husband is, what new happened at work, how his day was.

    A married couple does not gather in the evening to talk and discuss their future plans.

    It’s quite difficult to see the sign of the lover in such remoteness, because the wife may be simply tired, and it’s called mode of life.

    However, it’s quite reasonable to get suspicious, because nothing happens without a reason.

    If the wife is not interested in the husband’s life, her thoughts may be occupied by the lover’s life, especially, if these are the relationships with the married man.

  6. Actually, any abrupt transformations not only in appearance, but also in woman’s behavior, may become physical signs your wife is cheating.

    Let’s refer to such changes the following ones:

    • Sudden appearance of new interests and hobbies, which require being out.
    • She began meeting with “friends” too often.
    • Office parties happen too often, she has unplanned meetings and unsociable hours. It’ll be extremely interesting, if she has not been noticed as a workaholic before.
    • If the husband is late from work, it will only be encouraged.

    You should agree that it’s at least suspicious, suggesting that “mons veneris” has become the site of pilgrimage, figuratively speaking.

Physical signs your wife is cheating: changes in love life

From the point of view of the sexual family life, there is nothing easier than to recognize the third party in bed.

Moreover, the changes may be extremely opposite.

Some women, as soon as they got a lover, thrive in bed with husband too.

One should notice that his wife shows the following physical signs:

  • hypersexual;
  • insatiable;
  • dissolute.

Such simple truth will easily help to define whether her love life has some changes, which she transfers to the intimate life with the husband.

Perhaps, the lover is always at his best and she wants to get the same things from the family life.

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The second option of physical changes in sex must alert you.

If the wife suddenly stopped satisfying her husband in sex, she became cold and avoids intimacy, a woman’s cheating is sure to hide nearby.

It’s difficult to catch your wife cheating this way, because there may be plenty of reasons: she is tired of routine, similarity in sex, she may have lost interest in sex, but it won’t be excess to become alert.

Obvious physical signs your wife is cheating


  • Some new expensive things come to her possession.

    Women use the fact that men are not very attentive to their wardrobe and can either buy things on their own or receive expensive gifts from other men.

    You can always say you have had it for long or you got tired and switched your old jewelry in the exchange fund.

    Eventually, your mother or friend presented you.

  • She changed old perfume and cosmetics on the new, more expensive trademarks, though the income has not increased.

    What is the least thing your man pays attention to?

    Correct, what kind of cosmetics or perfume you use.

    He is more interested in the result than in the way it is reached.

    However, these pretty things cost a lot and they usually go to the category of intimate things.

    That’s why very often it’s the perfumes or cosmetics that become the gift from the beloved man.

  • She lets herself go to the café or restaurant with the friends more often, though she should not have obvious money for it.

    Very often women spend on entertaining unexpectedly more money, because they saved it from the money the lover gave her.

  • Your wife began to solve the problems on her own.

    If earlier she called you, when she broke her heel or bumped in another car, now you can surprisingly find out she does pretty well on her own.

    As a rule, she does not cope with it alone.

    She simply gets the needed help from another man.

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  • She stopped calling you all the time.

    Do not be happy about it!

    She just found another person to call and now calls him every day and every hour.

  • She spends more time with her phone.

    When she reads texts, she smiles and becomes happy because of something, and she answers on the questions about her good mood somehow uncertain, does not she?

    It’s quite possible you should not know about it, because you won’t like what you’ll learn…

  • Coming home from friends, from work or from the walk she quickly goes to the shower, though it’s not too hot in the street.

    Is it possible she tries to wash away the smell of another man?

    Very often women use water as a kind of universal cleaner.

    They need to wash away the traces of the previous relationships before going to another life.

No matter how many guesses and signs you have, real physical signs your wife is cheating appear in her revelation, in the work of detective, or if you check your wife on polygraph.

The rest will stay guesses, which will not help you to learn the truth, but will definitely make you think and wonder how to find physical signs.

That’s why you should not do anything in a rush, but think why your wife did it.

Perhaps, everything is hidden in your relation towards your wife.

Save your relationships and be happy.

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