Indicators of True Love

Major indicators of true feelings between men and women. How to differentiate it from a simple infatuation?


Love is the strongest feeling which goes beyond time and space.

It removes mountains and has no reasonable explanation.

It is something that makes us accept people as they are, regardless of mistakes and drawbacks.

When true love settles in your life, you’ll do your best at saving it, but at the same time you’ll want to know if the feeling is true and everlasting.

There are some fake feelings which may seem quite real.

They are actually insincere and pretended expressions of love, like illusions that keep us from searching true ones.

The article below is sure to enlighten you as to all indicators of true love.

How to distinguish true love from a fake one?

  1. Love’s foundation is trust.

    The more solid this foundation is, the stronger are the relationships.

    One of the indicators of true feelings is trust.

    Though, sometimes it’s scary to trust someone, but as soon as you open to love (being vulnerable but believing that the other person won’t let you down) you can feel this wonderful feeling where you let another person in your inner world.

    It’s the feeling when you close your eyes and fall, knowing that you’ll definitely be caught.

    In other words, having faith in someone you love.

    Remember – distrust won’t keep relations long.

    If you realize that distrust and lies are the ground for your relationships, you must also realize that this contradicts love.

  2. Love is always protective.

    When you feel love towards someone, you fully open your heart to him and deeply care about the person.

    You worry about the same things, the other one does, even when you are there and simply hear him out.

    Even the smallest hardships and problems of the beloved person trouble you, too.

    On the contrary, the imitation of true feelings is control and neglecting.

    If a person does not think about the other one – about his safety, health and true happiness – it’s a fake love.

    Besides, if a person is ignoring problems’ background and is not trying to find out some ways out because he does not care, it’s also an indicator of the true feelings’ imitation.

  3. Love is a kind feeling.

    Tenderness, comfort and kindness are likely to help you to gain mutual respect and understanding in your relationships.

    It’s extremely important that every person is listened to and taken in consideration.

    Fake love expresses impatience and rudeness.

    It’s always exacting and often harsh.

    If your relations are not filled with kindness, they are surely not true.

  4. Love is never selfish.

    When you feel love, you constantly devote all of you to someone else. Instead, you get time, true understanding and support.

    Nonetheless, an indicator of fake feelings is a kind of relationships where one only gives and the other one takes.

    It’s rather selfish, when a person insists on getting support and doesn’t give it himself.

    Besides, it proves that a person knows how to manipulate people and uses this knowledge on the beloved one.

  5. Reliability is an indicator of true love.

    This quality means you’ll always be near and will never let a person down, regardless of all hardships.

    This person is going to be with you in your dark times in return.

    As a result, your relationships will grow.

    Lack of reliability isn’t an indicator of true love.

    If someone turns away from you when you are in trouble, he only pretends to love you.

  6. Love is patient.

    If you are really in love with someone, you’ll learn to be patient in difficult situations.

    Patience permits supporting the one towards whom you have deep feelings.

    True love teaches listening to your lovers without blame, notwithstanding their thoughts, culture, system of values and principles.

    Expressing true love towards someone you let him be himself instead of trying to change him.

    A pretended love is searching for control, manipulations and the ways to change another person.

    It tries to propagate only one opinion, diminishing the other.

    Moreover, it doesn’t stand when something goes wrong, other views are not taken in consideration and relationships, as a rule, fall to pieces.

Indicators of men’s true love

  1. Sexual affection.

    Sexual instinct is known to be the basic human engine and there is nothing weird that this is the main indicator of men’s love.

    You should keep in mind that though love is always accompanied by sexual affection towards the partner, sex itself doesn’t prove the presence of love.

    That’s why making a decision about such mystique feeling judging only by this indicator is far too soon.

  2. Desire for spiritual contact.

    In such case a man begins to seek for your company by all means, starting from phone calls to communicating on the Internet.

    Notwithstanding the fact that it may seem burdensome, the desire for your company not only for sex is a bright indicator of lofty feelings.

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  3. Access to the private space.

    From a psychological point of view, men differ by their conservatism and interpret any penetration in personal space as an indicator which is limiting their freedom.

    So, if your beloved man let you in his life as well as tried to make you a part of it, he is 100% into you.

    Though you shouldn’t expect that you’ll become a center of his life, you are sure to have a leading part in it.

  4. Readiness for changes.

    If the chosen one is ready to give up a habit only for your smile, he is sure to love you.

    True love reveals itself by self-sacrificingness towards the beloved one.

  5. A wish to separate you from pain and offences.

    Such an indicator presupposes that the man will never hurt or offend you consciously as it’s simply impossible for him.

    Surely, some situations may happen when he makes troubles for you, but all of them will be accidental and not connected to what he was going to do.

    If your chosen one is indifferent to your pain and offences, he does not actually love you because you are just a toy to play with him.

    You’d better leave him as soon as possible.

  6. Meeting with family and friends.

    Speaking about serious relations, a man feel urge to introduce his woman to people he loves: family and friends.

    It means he is going to develop your relationships.

  7. Plans for the future.

    If, while planning the future, a man takes into consideration a woman, it is the indicator of his strong feelings towards her and considers the relationships as something important and everlasting.

    Plans may concern a visit to a museum next week, a vacation next month or even common rent of the apartment.

    It’s not so important what he plans as whether it concerns both of you.

Indicators of women’s true love


  1. Loyalty to one man.

    There are simply no other men for a woman.

    There are no men to have sex, flirt, coquetry or naughtiness.

    Other men are sexless creatures.

    She is reserved and calm with them.

  2. Readiness to small sacrifices.

    A woman will always sacrifice secondary things for something truly important.

    She’ll skip a TV show so that she can go on a date.

    She won’t go to meet her friends in order to help you with the presentation of tomorrow’s report.

    She’ll postpone the purchase of earrings, if the whole family is saving money to cover your expensive learning.

    She’ll sacrifice her sleep to sit near you in the hospital.

  3. Fear of loss.

    She thoroughly comes up to creation of comfort and harmony between you.

    She does her best so that her man feels good spending time with her.

  4. Delicacy.

    If a woman doesn’t like something, she’ll tell you about it and will be ready to listen to the explanations.

    Then, she’ll probably even change her opinion.

  5. Well-groomed.

    A woman in love strives for her man to like her in all aspects.

    She can easily go to work wearing casual clothes, but will put on her best dress and heels to go on a date.

This knowledge of the mentioned indicators of true love is very important at the beginning of the relationships.

Later you’ll be able to feel love subconsciously and nothing will make you doubt your feelings and choice.

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