How to Flirt with a Girl over Text?

Do you want to learn how to flirt with a girl over text? Win her heart over by pretty messages and texts.


Relationship between a guy and a girl is a very interesting and funny thing.

The first look, meeting, communication, kiss…

A very important component of these relationships is flirt. Earlier flirt was over SMS, but now it shifted to social networks and messengers.

However, the rules of flirt have not changed so far.

Read in our article how to flirt with a girl over text.

The peculiarities of how to flirt with a girl over text

  • You must do everything in time.

    Someone from the famous people said long ago: «It’s better to heat the event on the flame of time only a little than to serve it overdone.»

    Too long expectation usually ruins the impression.

    You may drive to the following conclusion from it: before you begin communication with a girl over texts, study her in a good way at first.

    Learn her tastes, habits, timetable and relation to life.

    You’ll see how essential this information will become, if you dream of turning the virtual flirt into real relationships.

    Besides, you should only imagine how nice it is to receive the fulfilled dream on the silver platter as soon as you make a wish!

  • The conversation must be interesting.

    By no means be a boring interlocutor.

    It’s really important to be unpredictable from the beginning of your communication.

    You’d better not start the conversation from trivial and boring – Hello. How are you?

    Try to ask her some unexpected question or start your conversation with a weird word.

  • All girls love with their ears.

    Yes, they really love with their ears and it’s significant to take it into account during your communication.

    Address the girl by her name.

    Addressing by a name is sure to make any person friendlier to the interlocutor.

    Another option may become some kind of gentle or funny nickname.

    What’s more, this nickname must know only two of you.

  • Do not neglect the most important men’s weapon – compliments.

    You should not spend an hour of communication without compliments.

    However, mind that your compliments must be sincere.

    There is no need in flattery and falseness.

  • You can make jokes on a girl, but only a little bit.

    Come out with an innocent joke concerning something she did or said.

    You can also remind her about something funny that happened during your previous meeting and cut a joke about it.

  • Be tactful when you flirt with a girl over text.

    Don’t be too obsessive and do not take long time without answer as a reason to get disappointed or even worse – to start a scandal.

    Perhaps, a girl is thinking how to answer you or is simply very busy.

    That’s why, mind it and put it in your practice.

    If you write something beautiful, do not send her texts every 2 minutes:

    “Why are you not answering? You did not like it, did you? You keep silent; you do not like me anymore.” and something like this.

    Wait and give her some time.

    More often than not time is your ally on the field of flirting over texts.

  • Learn how to present yourself.

    Be mystique.

    Every person is curious by his nature.

    People are always attracted to riddles and puzzles.

    Perhaps, this is why detective stories are so popular.

    Do not answer her question directly; do not uncover all your plans and answer a bit detached.

    Show your initiative.

    Men are historically obliged to make the first step, being the first to kiss and do other things first.

    That’s why you should show initiative in your texts as well.

    Make ambiguous hints and help a girl by creating all necessary conditions to make those very hints.

    For example, writing that you just stepped out of shower gives a girl all the cards.

    Do not push too hard with communication.

    The number of your texts must not be much more than the number of the girl’s texts.

    Your communication must always be cool.

    Who is interested in long discussion of the weather?

    If the conversation is not going so well, you should try to finish it.

    However, do it mysteriously and cryptically.

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  • Do not be illiterate.

    Always check your messages before sending them.

    Plenty of spelling mistakes have never won over any woman’s heart.

    Punctuation is also very important, because they can fully change the sense of your text.

    Do not keep your emotions down.

    The text “Cool” differs a lot from the text “Cool!”, though it’s just one sign.

    The same case is with the emoticons.

    A couple of pretty brackets will definitely transfer your emotions to the girl.

How to flirt with a girl over text: 5 tips

  1. Write short and expressive texts.

    Long texts will definitely be boring and will indicate how impatient you are.

    Due to this reason you should write short and impressive texts.

    Let your text have not more than 2 or 3 sentences.

    Try to make every text funny, but cool.

    Moreover, your texts should never concern discussing the weather.

  2. Send the same amount of text.

    You should not write more texts than you receive.

    Too many texts prove how impatient and available you are.

    It may seem to her you are pushing too hard and she is going either to be scared or to lose her interest in you.

    On the other hand, too short texts are not so good either.

    It may seem that you are not interested enough or she might suppose you send texts to many girls at once and will decide to stop communicating with you.

    Thus, you’ll have to find the golden mean.

    You should also pay attention to who is the initiator of the beginning of the conversation and its end.

  3. Mind your grammar and spelling.

    You must produce an impression of a smart and literate interlocutor.

    Teenagers may not pay attention to it, but if you are more than 18, you must do your best at writing literate texts.

    You should not search for the difficult words in the dictionary, just to seem smart.

    The only thing should do, however, is to look through the message before sending it.

    Punctuation is extremely important to how the text will be understood, too.

    For example, if a girl sends you a photo in the new dress, the word “wow!” will seem more enthusiastically than if you simply write “wow”, and “I like it…” is going to look more intriguingly than “I like it”.

    Nevertheless, do not write too many exclamation points, emoticons and other things – they are efficient only if they are used properly.

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  4. Stop the conversation if it gets boring.

    The ability to end the conversation beautifully is a wonderful skill.

    If you’ve been sending each other texts for long, the conversation is likely to become boring and fade away.

    Finish your conversation beautifully. It’s the great farewell that a girl remembers the most.

    Finish your conversation with something like this: “I have to go, baby. We’ll talk tomorrow. Take care!” or “I need some sleep. I’ll see you in my dreams!”.

  5. Flirting goodbye is going to finish the thing you started.

    Do not use text flirt instead of real flirt.

    Communication over texts must only be the addition to the real flirt.

    Regardless of the fact how cool it is to send texts (sometimes in a text you can say what you feel awkward to say in person), there is nothing better that flirting face-to-face.

    Fix the meeting using texts.

    Then your texts will have sense and both of you will await the future date.

    Remember that long visual contact, stunning smile and hand touching are much better than the words on the screen.

We hope that after reading the information on how to flirt with a girl over text, you will be able to win over the woman’s heart.

However, you should mind that real flirt is much more pleasant and interesting.

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