What Do Older Men Want in Relationship?

What do older men want in relationship and what kind of women do they want to see by their side? Let’s make head or tale of it.


A famous saying that all the men are the same and want only one thing is just a horror story for young girls.

In fact what men want in relationship with women depends on their age.

Let’s make head or tale of what older men want in relationship with women and which ones they want to see by their side.

What do men of different ages want in relationship?

16-25 years.

It’s the age of increased sexual activity. In this period young men don’t want a stability in relationship yet and look for constant adventures.

The character is being formed and not settled features may change the man’s behavior from a “romantic prince” to a “rude Neanderthal man” in a matter of minutes.

25-30 years.

The period of adolescent increased sexual activity is behind.

At this time men are not content of easily accessible women but determine on those whom they may consider as a future wife.

They start thinking of creating their own family and to “build a nest”.

30-35 years.

In this age almost all men get tired of established way of life and drab existence in relationship with wife.

They often get not dangerous married mistresses.

They aren’t going to divorce with wife though impose strict requirements to her in terms of household and concern for them.

34-35 years.

In this age many of them want to “prolong youth”.

The desire of stability and understanding is confused with the desire of drive and new discoveries.

At this time men need to be admired and worshiped.

They want their success and achievements to be appreciated. Such admiring appraisers are as a rule their mistresses.

45-55 years.

Passing youth and degradation of sexual activity makes men to dam their ardor. Now they have some gratitude to the wife and an easy disposition.

A woman may appear which is able to stir up his dying sexuality and make plunge into the pool of “forbidden love”.

But not many risk to diverse at this age and romantic relationship is over very fast.

Why Do Women Like Older Men?

After 55 years.

Understanding of own wife makes men of respectable age complaisant and faithful husbands.

Older men who are lonely may experience the most sentimental and romantic feelings in their life.

At this age they have a desire to take care of a woman, to give her all their concern and attention which they just can experience.

Next to beloved woman they bloom and start to wish and dream again.

Which Women Do Older Men Prefer?

  1. Self-confident.

    It’s a kind of guarantee for them that the woman chooses them because of her feelings but not the desperation – neither material nor emotional.

    Herewith they like when women need them but it doesn’t mean she must depend on them.

    That’s why the best piece of advice for women is to arrange their own life but not to forget to spend time with the man as well.

    Then both will appreciate more the moments of life spent together and there won’t be any suspicions concerning sincerity of reasons of their emergence.

  2. A good listener.

    Older men appreciate women able just to sit and listen. Yes, it needs some patience but the result is worth doing it.

    The ability to listen and to hear what says the interlocutor is a demonstration of support, concern and interest towards him.
    Not to speak of the fact that it strongly improves the chances of mutuality.

  3. Those who has a good sense of humor.

    Older men like women who can laugh at their jokes and joke in response.

    Funny and flirty giggle can melt even the stoniest and the most courageous heart.

    That’s why positive but not very attractive women always have a lot of admirers unlike sulky and stern beauties.

    Truly, sincere and cheerful laughter is the best Aphrodisiac.

  4. Those who can pay a complement.

    There is a stereotype that men don’t need complements.

    It’s not true.

    Every person is pleased when his deeds, words and features are considered and appreciated.

    Complement is one of the steps to increase the level of credibility. It isn’t certain to be verbal.

    An admiring glance at his biceps or nice shirt also will be perceived as a complement. There is only one condition: the praise must be sincere.

  5. Those who don’t manipulate.

    Men don’t want to read women’s thoughts and try to interpret their signs.

    They don’t want to move in relationship faster than they are ready to and don’t want somebody to impose them guilt if something’s going wrong.

    Women’s mistake is that they think the only way to have their wish come true is doing it with help of manipulations that’s why they remind men that relationship should move further and nag at them for difficulties faced in their life.

    However older men can’t endure manipulations of any kind whatsoever.

    So in order to create healthy relationship you should be able to identify your needs in every moment of your life and to carry your wishes to the man without laying down conditions and unjustified critics and to learn to praise the man, to admit his right.

  6. Emotionally mature.

    It’s very important for older men that the woman next to him could laugh at herself, take criticism and work for personal advancement.

    Her emotional stability is also very important because not many men can charge themselves with woman’s emotional stress.

  7. Faithful.

    Faithfulness is an absolute necessity as older men need a woman who doesn’t make eyes to anyone and who intends to build serious relationship.

  8. Able to support in the hour of need.

    Even the strongest men want sometimes to be approved and comforted.

    They want to know their woman will always approve their life choice whether it’s changing of job or moving to another city.

  9. Don’t hesitate to ask for help.

    Older men like women who ask for help very much.

    It makes them feel more courageous, gives a handle for conversation and awakes the basic instinct of defender.

    And when a nice lady thanks the gentleman for help with a flirty smile, there is a chance that he’ll cope with his embarrassment and ask her the telephone number.

  10. Who praises and appreciates.

    Men want women to praise them more, admit their superiority in some questions and appreciate.

    Women are assured men don’t need their opinion, them, their support and praises.

    You should remember the majority of men want admission and women’s high praise.

When a Man Wants a Woman?

Why Do Older Man Want Relationship with Young Girls?


  • Older men think a young girl is a life which is on its way to wake up, full of energy and power.

    A man enjoys the passion and youth of his partner and in such way he harks back to his own youth.

  • Older men having met a young girl become children again.

    They get their appetite to life again, light-heartedness and desire to commit crazy actions.

  • Young girls don’t consider experiments in bed disgraceful or indecent.

    Conversely, in such way they demonstrate their special attitude to the man.

  • Older men think if they have relationship with a young girl they should keep up with her – body, appearance, clothes – everything should be at a high level.

    And it’s true a young girl won’t abide a degraded old man with wan sight next to her. She’ll make her man pull himself together and wake up again for a new life.

  • Relationship with a young girl is a new world for older men.

    To be more precise it’s a world which they have already forgotten.

    It’s the world full of joy, craziness and passion.

So we’ve studied out what older men want in relationship with women.

Make conclusions and build harmonic relationship with your man as you deserve it!

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