Why Do Women Like Older Men?

There are 7 reasons why women like older men. How can you attract the attention of older men?


It’s not surprising that men having entered their forties turn their attention to young beauties. But not many understand why women like older men.

Why do women like older men while their age mates stay off?

We’ll help you to sort it out.

7 Main Reasons Why Women Like Older Men

  1. The Electra complex.

    In psychology this term defines the woman’s desire to find a partner resembling to her father.

    Someone considers it’s enough a fleeting similarity, for example, some common habits, the same perfume or enthusiasm for hockey.

    But there is also another interpretation of this complex: it says that partner should be instead of father to the girl and that’s why the age plays an important role here.

  2. Extended youth.

    It’s quite easier to feel young, indispensable and incomparable near the older man.

    It gives confidence to women and the sensation of tranquility.

    The man won’t go to another woman, he will hold on to his little fairy if only she was with him. She will always be more dignified, more attractive and younger in his eyes.

  3. The feeling of shelteredness.

    With older men women can remain children who are humored, have no problems and needn’t to cling to life on their own.

    His strong shoulder and wise mind will defend her from any problems of life.

  4. All found.

    Not every girl is ready to fall in love with a student and then to watch him growing long while and bitterly, first becoming a frontline employee and then, many years on, a real chief.

    Isn’t it easier to build relationship with a man established in profession and life?

    Of course, such approach doesn’t mean all the young women are mercantile and provident.

    They just subconsciously turn to men who already have a certain standing.

  5. Not mush for brains.

    Young age mates are still going to clubs, talking of computer games and let life drift with the current.While older men, conversely, would like to have a family and stability.

    They are interested in something more serious, for example, in the stock market situation and think several moves ahead.

    They are more organized and intelligent. You feel as safe as the houses.

  6. A formed personality.

    Men stepped across some age line are experienced. As a result he’s an interesting person to talk with.

    You can ask him for advice. You can rely on him.

    You know what to wait for from this man.

    If your darling is an ambitious and purposeful person, moves straight from one peak to another and yesterday got a vice-presidency of the company then we can make a positive conclusion: he won’t stop and your children’s father will be the president of the company.

    Everything’s predictable.

    With a “young man” you wonder all the time: what he’ll be in the future and whether he finds his way in life.

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  7. The experience in relationship.

    Before he met you he had had some relationship and not once that’s why he knows well how to behave with a woman what we can’t say about the young men.

    The last ones don’t know when to keep silence and when to talk, which of women’s whims they should crush in the bud and which ones are to be easy on.

    The young men are maximalists.

    They easily fall to provocations and are quick on the draw while older men are capable to find forces and prevent the scandal from nothing.

Recommendations how to attract an older man?

  1. First you shouldn’t point up your sexuality too much.

    Older men like not only this aspect in relationship unlike younger men.

  2. Older man like mostly the communication.

    That’s why they are looking for such a woman who could become his companion and pupil at a time.

    That’s why you should be interested in your man’s achievements, discuss enthusiastically the situations he’s interested in and to gain experience due to him.

  3. Older men need an emotionally stable woman who won’t go into hysterics over trifles or be offended because of negligible reasons.

    However, you should keep some childish naivety and frankness expressing your feelings.

  4. Older men need some caress. They like tender women.

    Being young, men usually want to play a role of macho but at a mature age they lose contempt for tenderness.That’s why you should give concern and tenderness to your man – he’s certain to appreciate and like it.

    Older men like comfort.

    In this regard you should know it’s not necessary to say him tender words in public while at home it is.

  5. Older men are conservators in general.

    They want you to fill their day with pleasant trifles.For example, you can make him coffee in the morning and relaxing massage in the evening.

    Even if you can’t do it at the initial stage of your relationship, you should hint that you’d like to take care of your man and to see him happy.

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  6. If you want to conquer older man’s affection you should share his interests.

    You should inquire what he likes. Some like the music of their youth, some that style of clothes.

    You should by all means participate in minutes of his joy. If he has some difficulties try to comfort and cheer him up.

    The main thing is you should do it sincerely as it’s very difficult to deceive older men.

    It’s very important for an older man that you take care of his emotional condition.

    That’s why if you give him concern, tenderness and love your relationship will be very strong and long-standing.

Advantages and disadvantages of marriage with older man

If a man is older than his wife there is no harm in it! Such relationship may be easily designated as classical. But as a rule everything has its advantages and disadvantages.


  • An older man has a divorce under his belt and adult children…

    Not everyone, of course, but the majority does.

  • A family head in such marriages is usually a man.

    But it’s as a rule.

    However, we shouldn’t forget the exceptions as well!

  • Men become very jealous when they are older.

    It’s because of the contest with younger men which results in husband’s complexes.

  • Older men can’t be remade or brought up.

    So don’t console yourself with hopes.

  • Couple’s outlook on life may differ very much.

    It will be reflected in relationship.


  • Older men are better in sex than younger ones.

    They are more experienced.

    They know better how to indulge a woman.

  • The man is happier and younger being with young woman.

    One can say such marriage “prolongs” his life.

    Such marriages are more comfortable and are notable for their longer duration in comparison with others.

  • Older men are great fathers. It’s a big advantage which helps in family life.

It’s silly to confirm that the answer for the question: “Why do women like older men?” lies in searching the benefit in relationship with such a man. Probably a woman just falls in love with such a man.

An older man has a lot of positive sides so that a young woman could like and put the eye on him sincerely and answering the call of her heart.

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