What Attracts Women?

Men often think, what attracts women in them, but are puzzled by their choice. Why is it so? We are able to figure it out.


Men always ask themselves what women like about them most of all. Why they, the representatives of the strong sex, having no considerable bank account or an exclusive car, still don’t feel lack of women attention? And others have to spend lonely evenings regardless of being well off.

The thing is, that the answer to the question “What attracts women?” cannot be short and precise, because every lady finds attractive different aspects and qualities.

The article below gathered a list of main characteristics which attract women so much.

What attracts most women? – Body and appearance.

The image of a handsome guy changes all the time.

In the past a perfect male was the so-called “Alpha male”. Most of them were strong, tough and usually not well-groomed. Taking care of the appearance was not a men’s job.

Presently, male’s appearance faced plenty of changes.

The dynamics of this process will probably continue, but now we are to concentrate on those parts of the body that prefer modern women.

  1. Shoulders and chest.
    A broad-shouldered man attracts daddy’s daughters, girls from broken families or women, who lack men’s protection. They dream of and pay attention to big and courageous partners in order to “hide” behind them.
  2. Neck.
    This is also a sign of manhood. If a woman has her heart set on a big and strong man, all parts of the body should match and be congruous.
  3. Bottom.
    Mostly female who like sex pay attention to male’s buttocks and genitals. And all the rest – height, weight and other data – interest them least of all.
  4. Hands and fingers.
    These parts of the body attract women-aesthete. They value beautiful men’s hands with long fingers, and nice form of nails. Hands can also say a lot about his cleanliness and accuracy.
  5. Muscles/Stomach.
    The absence of a beer belly attracts sporty women, who go to gym regularly. But, curiously enough, it’s also important for plump ladies. They have a complex concerning excess weight and dream of getting slim. That’s why they want to attract a slender and fit man.
  6. Eyes.
    Speaking about them ladies usually remember the well-known “the mirror of the soul”, but it’s not only about it.
    Women look not so much at the eyes, but at the look, with which a man watches and accompanies her. On the other hand, we talk about aesthetics again: women with big eyes prefer men with big eyes.

What attracts all women? – Intellect and skillful speech.

Women value men’s mind.

If a guy has an outstanding mind and intellect, physical data stays in the background. Sexologists believe that men’s intellect provokes sexual desire among female.

Let alone, it’s always interesting for every woman to spent time with a clever person.

The outward display of intellect is the speech. The intellectual limit is usually expressed by the poor vocabulary, wrong pronunciation, usage of the clichés and copy-book maxims.

Everyone knows that “a woman loves with her ears” and the speech can either attract her or push her away.

Women are not attracted to the type of men, who constantly use bad language and fling mud at others.

At the acquaintance women listen to the men very attentively, trying to understand what kind of person he is and whether he is worth her time.

What behavior attract women?

  1. Gentlemen-like behavior and appropriate actions.

    They are so rare among present-day men. There are, of course, many women, who don’t want to look fragile, but they do value men’s politeness and help.

  2. Good manners.

    It concerns table manners during dinner as well as behavior in society.

    Soft sex isn’t attracted by people, who are noisy at the table, who try to be in the spotlight and are rude.

    These actions seem impudent and indecent to them.

  3. Taking care and attention.

    One of the easiest ways to attract women is to do something for her.

    It doesn’t mean that you have to go and buy a bouquet of roses. But you can send her a note, when she feels unwell or has a hard day, or you can offer her your help with some work, or just give your regards to her.

    Though these gestures seem insignificant they are really important in communication with fair sex.

  4. Common interests.

    Every woman wishes her second half valued their hobbies.

    When he spends time to find at least something in women’s hobbies that could be interesting for him, it would definitely draw her attention.

What attract women? Top 10 personal qualities

  1. Ambitions.

    By the power of influence on the tender women’s hearts they can be put in one row with love potion.

    Ambitions are not just enormous ego. They are the sign of men’s purposefulness.

    Importance here bears not so much the size, but the direction of the development.

    And though today you may feel that everything suits you and you are satisfied with your life, you shouldn’t hide your other desires and aims.

    This is your potential.

    Diligence and ambitions always attract all women.

  2. Reliability.

    “To live as safely as behind a stone wall” – is the highest mark for every guy from a lady.

  3. Kindness.

    This kind of men evokes the feeling of confidence and calmness.

    She would know that he wouldn’t do harm to her and their future children, and would be sympathetic and attentive.

  4. Cheerfulness.

    A knack for elegant rest and positive perception of all spheres of life attracts women attention. It’s comfortable and never boring with such person.

  5. Sense of humor.

    Everybody likes to laugh.

    And, sure thing, women like it, too. They realize that only a confident person can easily and with no hang-ups make jokes of himself.

    Light irony, ability to notice funny and ridiculous things around will attract women, they adore it.

  6. Creativity.

    Girls like novelty and irregularity. It’s flattering for them to be with a clever and extraordinary man.

    If you win her over with some unusual action, be sure to stay in her mind for long.

  7. Honesty.

    Guys, be yourselves.

    And never ever try to pretend to be another person. When you lie and boast of yourself, you begin to believe it, too. But women tend to notice lies.

    Silly stories about your greatness prove only the fact that you are unaccomplished.

  8. Loyalty.

    A woman’s desire to be confident in partner’s affection is a kind of natural instinct.

    Every girl wants to know for sure that today, tomorrow and the day after that her husband would bring “bag” to her home, her children, but not go to that dyed baggage from the neighboring “cave”.

  9. Passion.

    Have you ever thought about the reason why pop-stars attract girls?

    Celebrities behave passionately and ardently.

    Women like the demonstration of passion.

    Want to win a girl’s heart over?

    Become a passionate fan of equestrian sport, art of impressionism, Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals after all.

  10. Boldness and confidence.

    Bold men and bad boys have always attracted and will always be attractive for a woman, that’s what the psychology says.

    Confidence for a man is like beauty for a woman – a necessary feature, a key to success.

    The most important thing here is not to confuse boldness and impudence and do not cross the border.

Now you know what attracts woman.

Work hard at self-improvement, perfect yourself and show the mentioned above qualities and your success among women is inevitable!

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