Why Do Men Cheat and Lie?

Every woman sooner or later asks herself why men cheat and lie. There are 7 major reasons of men’s cheating.


Why does a man lie to a woman? Is it because he doesn’t want her to know the truth? Actually, if it were so simple, why would this question be brought up so often?

Most women, if not all of them, deal with men’s cheating and they start thinking why they lie and cheat so much.

Sometimes men lie even in such cases, where they could tell the truth.

Men’s cheating may have harmless consequences, but may hurt women as well. It depends on what the lie was about and which purposes it had.

Men’s cheating statistics

87 % of people lie to the others every hour.

Statistics reveals that an average man lies more often than an average woman. Men lie 5 times a day, while women do it only 3 times a day.

Social survey shows why men cheat or lie:

  • he is hiding sympathy to another lady – 51%;
  • he is diminishing the amount of the drunk alcohol – 26%;
  • he was unfaithful – 21%;
  • he went to the party and left his wife alone – 14%;
  • he wants to justify an expensive purchase and exaggerates its value – 13%.

7 main reasons why men cheat and lie

  1. Lie as an instinct.

    Men cannot explain why they lied about this or that, because the truth was not so bad.

    Women in most cases feel cheating and it makes them worry a lot.

    Ladies should remember this peculiarity, which is common for all men, and be lenient with it, because it can simplify their lives.

  2. To avoid conflict.

    Male are persistent in their opinion, that’s why they always prove their rightness, but only arguing with other male.

    They do not like to conflict and argue with women and more often than not they avoid conflicts by lying.

    The problem is that women feel the lie and make the conflict even more vivid.

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  3. Fear.

    Men are afraid of changes, losing something they have or fear to flop.

    That’s why when they actually lose something or cannot achieve the goal they cheat.

    Can you justify the wish to seem stronger and more successful in the eyes of the others? – It’s an ambiguous question, but you shouldn’t blame your man for such kind of lie.

  4. To exaggerate their achievements.

    Men tend to exaggerate everything.

    “I had many mistresses…”, “I earn so much…”, “I can…”.

    This may be qualified not as a cheating but as a simple boasting.

    Why are they doing it?

    Males pursue the only aim – they want to look more important, successful and expedient admirer.

  5. Not to hurt women.

    This lie may concern appearance, some daily routine or even sexual life.

    Usually they do not criticize ladies but, on the contrary, try to encourage them, even when it was better to scold or at least say everything they have on the mind.

    Surely they do it because they are in love and do not want to hurt the feelings, but in every situation it’s better to tell the truth, speaking mildly and with tact.

  6. To hide the awkward truth.

    It’s a kind of truth that can interfere or ruin the relationship or just spoil the mood for some time.

    Usually it concerns previous relations, maybe flirtation at work or somewhere else, communication with other ladies.

    Sometimes men find it better not to say anything about it.

    Though it can have a sort of danger, because in some cases the thing a man withholds can lead to unfaithfulness or break relations.

  7. Not to explain something for a long time.

    “Where have you been? What have you done there? Who else was there?”

    Non-stop flow of questions asked by girls often make guys cheat a bit. Only lie can help to avoid non-stop questions and simplify the life.

    Sometimes guys tell the lie unconsciously, without even thinking about it.

What words does the men’s lie start with?


Men don’t want to bring unnecessary worries and anxiety.

Because of it they prefer not to tell them about all problems and difficulties in life.

Answering questions they use popular phrases that are known to everyone.

If you often hear from a man the following words, he is probably lying to you.

  • “I’m stuck in a traffic jam”, “I’m on my way now”.

    Men consider it a lot easier to say these phrases than explain why they are late.

    Such lies often hear jealous wives who demand a full report from the husband even if he is home 10 – 30 minutes later than usually.

  • “I bought the thing on the outlet.”

    Most men dream about having a saving and economic wife and do not like when they earn money and she squanders it.

    By such behavior he wants to show how responsible he is in spending money and usually tries to hide how pricy some of his purchases are.

  • “I haven’t heard your call”, “My phone was dead”.

    Cheating about missed calls and problems with the phone usually face women who control every move of the beloved one.

    They are constantly calling for work and give no opportunity to rest a bit away from her.

  • “I had only one glass with a friend”, “I’m not drunk”.

    Suchlike statements are not only false but dangerous.

    They warn that a person is getting addicted to the alcohol.

    If your man repeats them often, you should find a way to save his from alcoholism and only then ask him to be more genuine with you.

  • “No, that dress does not make you look fat”.

    All the time women want to know they look great.

    They want to make sure their men like them and often ask questions like “Do you like my new dress?”, “Do you like my new haircut?”, etc.

    Such question suggests lying to her, because otherwise he could hurt her.

    So, if you need someone’s opinion about your appearance or purchase, you’d better ask your friend or colleagues. Mind that among them you can meet hypocrites and liars who do not want to disappoint you with bitter truth.

Signs Your Husband Hates You

How do you know a man is cheating?

There are quite many ways to know if someone is lying to you. The most effective and simple ones are enumerated below.

  1. Some moves betray liars.

    For example, when a man scratches his nose, touches his lips or hides his mouth with a hand, he is probably afraid to say too much.

    Liars also may scratch chin and neck or just nervously touch these body parts.

  2. You can learn about cheating listening to his speech.

    Curiously enough, simple and calm speech is not a sign of telling the truth.

    It signals that a speech is thought over and has been already formulated.

  3. Liars usually prepare for the performance beforehand, think up the story in all details.

    Luckily, it’s so simple to unmask a liar.

    Ask an unpredictable question, like “You were at work. What color was your boss’s tie?”.

    If after such question his look starts rushing left and right, the possibility that the man is a liar is very high.

    If, on the contrary, the look rushes right and up, he is at least an inventor.

Having lived with a man for decades, you will stop bothering yourself with a question “Why do men lie and cheat?”. Psychologists believe that young guys tend to lie and cheat more than adults.

Don’t react violently to men’s cheating. Moreover, a man doesn’t consider it a lie at all. Just didn’t say, didn’t finish the story, didn’t find it necessary to notify – all these are sings of men’s amateur activities.

So, should you elicit the truth from a man? Can he possibly know better if you need to know it?

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