How to Spy on Someone without Them Knowing?

How to spy on someone tracking people using the phone + using a computer + in the street?


Unfortunately, in the modern society, many people have lost their trust to each other.

More and more often wives do not trust their husbands searching their pockets without them knowing and looking for traces of lipstick and pants, the teenagers suffer from distrust of their parents who often accuse them of all sins.

Psychologists try to discover what triggers this behavior while we’ll tell you how to spy on someone without them knowing if this someone does not justify your confidence.

How to spy on someone without them knowing using one’s phone?

The modern GPS systems of navigation offer really incredible possibilities of how to spy on other using cell phone and they offer the wide range of functions to solve this difficult task.

The GPS tracking system allows tracking the movements of a person anytime.

If you are not sure your child is going home after school but to his friends, or if you think your second half lies to you about his location, you should use the unique function and find people using satellite.

The GPS system will be the perfect solution to this problem.

Present your child (or another target) with a phone with GPS and install a spying system there.

If your spouse or child leaves the set territory, the spying program will notify you and you are sure to receive the text about this event.

Moreover, GPS tracking systems allow knowing the location of your close people which are on vacations somewhere abroad.

Traveling in the exotic countries, the most curious tourists might get lost from the group and fail to find their way in the unknown surrounding.

In such situations, the GPS spying system is sure to help.

How to spy on someone without them knowing using a computer?

The modern technologies make wonders.

Imagine the usual Saturday evening and you are busy with the usual things or even go naked around the house.

Your new web camera is simply looking at you.

You do not even think that someone somewhere is watching you using your own web camera.

Imagine that this is not a myth and the crude reality.

Surely, it is possible only with the help of the Internet and special Program Software.

Unfortunately, this method to spy on someone is beyond the scope of mere mortals.

For such method to come true, one will need special equipment, a powerful server, and enough skills.

For those who wish to spy on someone’s actions on the remote computer, there have been developed the following programs.

How to spy on someone without them knowing using NeoSpy?

The program NeoSpy is another way how to spy on someone without them knowing.

It is full of different mechanisms which let you spy on people without them knowing.

There are plenty of possibilities which you can use in this program.

Having installed it once on your computer, you’ll always know for sure when and what programs were launched, which ones were installed and which files were edited, removed or created, which folders were used by the objects you are spying on without them knowing.

Besides, the program NeoSpy can make screenshots of the screen in the certain interval.

In addition, it saves in a separate file everything that was typed on the keyboard, i.e. the keylogger is also on.

This function allows knowing all passwords of the user easily and studying all of his correspondence.

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How to spy on someone without them knowing using Mipko Personal Monitor?

This software allows controlling the network activity of the user completely and remotely.

Mipko Personal Monitor has enough level of interactivity and it’s very easy to learn how to use it.

You do not even have to leave the office in order to find out what your husband or children are busy with.

The program performs the monitoring of all kinds of activities which were mentioned by you.

It records all visited websites and saves the corresponding from the programs of momentary messages, chats, blogs or forums.

The history of the emails is formatted so that it was convenient for you to read them.

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14 steps, how to spy on someone without them knowing in the street

  1. Prepare the suitable clothes and you’d better prefer black color.

    Any time of the day you’ll catch people’s eyes.

    Red attracts too much attention.

    We suggest you wearing gray or green.

    If the weather allows, you should wear a hoodie or a jacket.

  2. Get your mask ready and buy fake glasses, hats, changing clothes.

    If you have a possibility, go to the shop to change.

  3. Take a big bag (a sporty one, a backpack or a briefcase) and if someone notices you, you’ll leave your bag somewhere.
    It’s strange bu

    t people, who see a person with a bag, will not recognize him without it.

  4. Define a target and watch in which direction he moves and how fast.

    Mind that you should preserve the same tempo.

  5. If there are plenty of parked cars, you can draw ahead of your target.

    You must be on the opposite side of the street.

    Draw ahead of him a little and then slow down to the corresponding speed.

    Be careful and do not change your direction very vividly because it will attract unnecessary attention.

  6. If the street is rather empty, you should walk 10 meters away from your target.

    If it’s not too cold, you should keep your head naturally down as if you are looking at the watch.

  7. Look at your target not more often than it is needed to save him in your sight.

    Behave as if you were busy or playing or reading and so on.

  8. Be ready for the object’s stop and in case this happens, you must go on walking like nothing happened.

    If you are behind your target, you should move till you have these ten meters of distance.

    Hide behind the nearest corner, the parked van or any other kind of disguise and look around.

  9. In case someone saw you, you should not run away.

    Instead of it, you should walk away in a calm tempo as if you heard some noise behind you.

    Then you should go on walking as if you did not know the person.

  10. If someone sees you and approaches you, you’d better come up with the desperate plan of escape.

    Look at your watch or pretend to check the message on your phone and cry out and run past the target. Find the safe place and wait there.

  11. In case your target is entering a building, you should act according to the situation.

    If you plan to spy on someone after his return, you should walk away from the entrance and spy on the doors, lest you missed him.

  12. If you suppose your victim makes only a short pause, you’d better walk away far away and hide there.

    Make sure you are on the opposite side of the street and then bend your head, lest someone saw you.

    Let him pass and follow 15-20 meters behind.

  13. Go on spying just like before.

  14. Involve your friends and if you were noticed, you should send a sign (with your hand, text, etc.) so that they continue spying.

    Change your clothes and join later if someone notices your friend.

    Moreover, you will be less noticeable if you walk with your friend and talk to him.

3 main warnings, how to spy on someone without them knowing

  1. Spying on people at night in some cities can lead you to serious situations.

    If you are going to spy on someone at night, you should firstly make sure you won’t meet a thief behind the corner or any other dangerous man.

  2. You are the only one who is responsible for your actions.
  3. Never spy on the accidental passer-by.

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9 pieces of advice, how to spy on someone without them knowing

  1. Make sure you’ve hidden all your peculiar features.
  2. Train yourself in the circle of friends but mind that it will be more difficult as they will expect you.

    However, you are sure to improve your skills this way.

  3. You’ll be surprised how close you can approach your target is you behave naturally.
  4. Try to blend with the surrounding without hiding behind the containers, cars, etc.
  5. Make sure you look busy or you are waiting for somebody on the corner of the street.
  6. The buildings’ corners are the best options where you are able to hide and you can find them anywhere.
  7. Reading a book (as a way to seem uninterested) may have unpleasant consequences because people might recognize it and ask something about it.
  8. In order to reach your target, you should follow his steps and speed but do it very calmly.

    This way you are sure to come closer and avoid the noise of your approaching.

  9. Uncover your disguise if you are noticed.

Now you know how to spy on someone without them knowing.

Think twice if you really wish to know the truth and what can happen to your close people in case you fail and reveal yourself.

Act only after you considered all pros and cons.

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