Apps to Spy on Spouse: 5 Useful Apps

Our article on the apps to spy on spouse includes 5 useful apps and the instructions on how to use them.


Spying on a spouse using mobile apps is one of the simplest ways of private espionage.

It’s rather effective and, at the same time, the least conflicting.

You save the money because the spy program which you install on the cell phone is free.

That’s why you won’t need to hire a private investigator to spy on your spouse.

In the article below we are going to discuss the apps to spy on your spouse.

The reasons to use apps to spy on spouse

You should use apps to spy on your spouse because of the following reasons:

  • Your second half started to devote much more time to his appearance;
  • He began to be often late from work;
  • You accidentally noticed how he is flirting with someone over the phone;
  • A spouse offered to spend the vacation separately;
  • He suggesting living apart for some time.

What are the apps to spy on your spouse?

If your partner is cheating on you, undoubtedly, his phone will have no excessive information because every spouse believes he is very smart.

Then you’ll have to be even smarter and a spy app for cell phone will help you and become an answer to the question of how to spy on your spouse via the cell phone.

Spy apps always watch the phone in which they are installed and send to your account on the Internet all the details of communication including calls and messages.

All the information appears there instantly.

So, when you gather enough evidence, you can go on resisting your partner because now you have the ground which lets off the leash.

The possibility to check your spouse’s cell phone is not limited and the program works very effectively.

TrackView is one of the apps to spy on your spouse

Let’s discuss such mobile software as TrackView.

With its help you are sure to spy on your spouse successfully because it lets you track the location of the object, watch and record the images from the camera; control the movement in the nearby surrounding, listen to the sound and many-many more.

How use apps to spy on a spouse?

So, firstly, you need to download a spying program TrackView from Play Market and install it on Android, on which you are going to spy.

It may be either a smartphone or a tablet.

In addition, there is a version for Apple devices or computers which operate on Windows.

These apps can be downloaded from the official website.

The second condition is that all devices must have access to one Google account, which you created to use the service of the corporation – Play Market, YouTube, Gmail, etc.

Finally, the third condition is that in order to work successfully, all gadgets must have access to Wi-Fi or mobile Internet.

The source of the Internet actually does not matter but it must be turned on all the time.

We launch the app and sign in our account from all devices.

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After you added every phone or computer, you’ll start to see all of them in one list.

In front of each, there will be a control panel with 4 functions – watching the picture from the camera, exploring the location, controlling the sound and the movement detector.

4 functions which are accessible in apps to spy on spouse

  1. The camera allows us to see the picture which transmits the corresponding device.

    You also have a possibility to reach another control panel and change the camera, record a video or activate the device’s microphone in order to get the voice calls.

  2. Geolocation is activated after you pushed on the corresponding icon.

    You’ll open Google Maps and see the current location of the object which is defined either by means of the Internet or GPS module (depending on what is activated on the phone).

  3. The sound signal is the button which creates the sound of the incoming call.

    Now, let’s discuss the menu on the upper panel of the program.

    In the second page with the icon “Play”, you can see and watch the recorded files.

    The next icon looks like the exclamation point and means the setting of the filter of messages, where you can set how you’ll receive the notifications from this or that device.

  4. Movement detectors are also included in this app.

    If this function is activated, any fixed motion in the camera will send a notification signal to the rest of devices.

    You can also change the settings and remove the sound of the signal.

3 apps to spy on your spouse

Interesting and universal mobile apps to spy on a spouse (including via SMS).

  1. SMS Mobile Spy.

    One of them is SMS Mobile Spy.

    In order to install it on Android, you must download it from Play Market and when you first launch it, the program will demand your Email and password.

    Then we set the access to SMS and GPS module to resend the texts to the email.

    After it, you’ll have access not only to the map of the owner’s travel but the possibility to read the texts which are sent from his cell phone.

  2. Spy To Mobile.

    Another similar software program for the mobile phones is Spy to Mobile.

    Its work consists in the interception of the incoming calls and texts, the list of contacts and the call history.

    All data is sent to your personal profile on the server.

    To receive the intercepted data the phone must be connected to the Internet via GPRS or Wi-Fi.

    However, there is a drawback because the access may be unsteady and you’ll get the data only when the phone can reach the Internet.

  3. Talklog.

    This is a service which provides us with the possibility to track SMS on the phone.

    In order to use this service, you need to access the Internet and a smartphone with Android (on which you’ll spy).

    Having registered on the official website, you’ll receive a link which you must insert in the browser of the spouse’s phone.

    Then you’ll be able to download the program.

    From this moment on you’ll be able to control the phone remotely and track all calls and texts.

    You’ll know the time of communication, the numbers of the interlocutors, their names (as they are listed in the phone book) and the content of the texts.

    Besides, you’ll be able to read MMS and their content.

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Spy on your spouse app Droid Watcher

Droid Watcher is a service which allows you watch the activities of the phone remotely.

The installed app is completely unnoticeable for the user; it has no icon in the list of apps and is launched by the special number.

You can see the gathered information through the website of the service or use the app called Droid Watcher Viewer.

Besides, the app can send the data to the needed email.

The characteristics of the app to spy on spouse

  1. Transmitting incoming SMS (including the information about the sender);
  2. Transmitting the call history;
  3. Transmitting the SMS and calls’ logs to the inserted email;
  4. Remote control of the setting of the program.

Nobody but you knows your spouse so well and if it’s getting really tough, you must figure everything out.

Perhaps, spy apps will help you do it.

When you are sure you have enough evidence, you should throw the light to this matter.

You must be extremely careful picking the apps to spy on spouse because you need the best and most reliable option.

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